this is my opinion. i actually LIKE baldur's gate 3 to have DOS2 maps. it's one BIG map without loading time. see? i'm not those fanboys claiming the person that due to nostalgia that it needs to play like same game 20 years ago. i also like DOS2 3D engine as it's really a big step in technology.

now as for gameplay.. i would have expected that it's RTwP but... being innovated with a turn-based mode. you won't be able to paused the game yourself. every turn is 6 secs and the combat will be auto-paused every 6 secs. you be able to queue all your actions for all your characters during your turn. but it turn out that it's exactly playing out as DOS2.

i would also have expect it as 6 characters instead of 4. 4 is not a secret sauce recipe. it's for the sake of multiplayer co-op. having too many players perhaps you need more creatures and monsters on screen? that possibly may deteriorate multiplayer experience? creatures taking too long for turn? PC gamers system spec possibly a potato? and hence the game becomes a crawl? so basically the real design goal for bg3 is for the multiplayer co-op experience and hence.. the single player experience will need to be sacrificed a little. it's my opinion basically.

and to the expect of why doesn't it looks like baldur's gate? well.. possibly the art reuse of DOS2 in the world? the character design? their hair? their clothings? the UI? those need major rework in my opinion.

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