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Speaking of demon, the design of demon in character design don't like it so much. Maybe it's the design.. I don't know how to describe it though. Doesn't look traditional demon. More like a modern demon.

i'm not sure what's wrong with larian's version of demon. was it too modern? too smooth? engine limitation? art direction? his clothes?


here are references of some of the very detail design of fantasy demon:


You aren't familiar with D&D, I think.
The character in the clip of BG3 is almost certainly a Cambion, an half humanoid/ half fiend (fiend is a word used to indicate both demon and devil), and if you look closely it's similar to the third image you posted that is called Cambion, only with more big horn, and dressed as a noble instead that as a fighter. The bigger horn could depend on the humanoid parent.. She/He could be a Tiefling, a race of umanoid touched in ancient time by demon/devil characterized by great horn in modern art... Also the tiefling themselves could be the descendant of cambion with other humanoid...
If you want to see some of the Demons Prince of D&D, take a look to this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k26idR0QYAY&feature=emb_title

you are correct i'm not really that familiar with D&D. however before posting this i was actually searching for reference materials for how demons look in D&D. i couldn't find much reference. what i'm trying to highlight here is the design of larian's version of cambion or demon-touched does not have that fantasy feel to it. perhaps the clothings are off or it's simply too difficult to transition a high fantasy demon to a 3D game? i don't know.