<<<Besides, evil people don't always look evil. You, of all people, should know that. What with TNO being zombie-like and can still persuade people using those dark, murky, charismatic eyes of his - irrespective of his alignment.>>>

TNO is another story IMO.

First, he is still zombie-like, not angel like. Looking at him you barely can say his allingment is positive. Dead-skinned, tattoed and scared and actually people treated him according to his outfit.

People, who decided to join him, all had their own torments as TNO has his. They hoped, that walking his path, they can somehow solve their own troubles.

He just didn't care much for them and used them to achieve his goals. Even that girl Dejonarra, she loved him. TNO let her die just to give him possibility to escape Fortress of Regrets.

And last thing. Do you think art of persuation belongs to positive allingment?

"Endure. In enduring, grow strong." -Githzerai adage.