Of course. People, despite what they pretend, take things at face value first, for it is appearance that they first encounter.

Yes, and this is what I wanted to say.

<<IMO, most people use and manipulate each other to some extent. If you love someone, you want to be with him/her not only for his/her happiness, but also yours. It is a form of selfishness. Another thing is that, if they didn't at least care a little for TNO, they wouldn't have joined him in the case of Morte, FFG, and Annah. >>>>

Hmm, fiendling girl and thiefling had some feelings towards TNO. So they cared. They cared because they knew if he fails they fail also.

But, still all of them wanted to stay with him (even rogue modron), after accomplishing their goals. That's because he changed and they have changed also finding relief of their torments.
Look at my signature It is wrong at this point.

About selfishness of feelings. Ohh, yes, you right, I can add even more. People care on themselves first and on their beloved ones second.
One kind of black example, when beloved one passes away, what first thing people say ? - How will I live without her/him. (revisited - how will me and my ego live without), so they regret about themselves having hard times, not about their beloved ones. But, again, this is not 100% pure truth, this is RL.

Ah, but that's the Practical Incarnation, is it not?

<<<Hardly. I said, irrespective of alignment. Charisma can come in any form, with anyone. It is just a trait, nothing more.>>>>>>

Right, it is a tool, like cooking knife. You can cut tomatoes and God knows what else, depencible on your alingment, readiness for action, feelings, like hate etc.

"Endure. In enduring, grow strong." -Githzerai adage.