By the wa<y, why is summoning only related to some dark, deadly figures ?

I mean that summoning Skeletons, Demons, Lichs, whatever is quite normal in an RPG. Everything nice dark and gritty.

Why aren't some lighter creatures to be summoned ? Fairies, for example ?

Are RPG players so that they just can'tcope with "cute-looking" creatures, especiually whwn they are summoned ?

And why do the big bad bosses often so poverly cool and the "Good guys" so boring ?

Time to recall some clichés, I'd say ...

Yeah... I remember bitching about the cool and ugly stuff some time ago. Glad to find another mate who shares my sentiments. C'mon, even the most ordinary of soldiers will find ways to look presentable, so that the army can have self-esteem.

Why not just put in some light stuff like faeries, unicorns, etc.? That way... players can choose whether to summon them or not. I'd love to see monkeys or orang-utans, though. It gets boring having the same fantasy stuff again and again: isn't fantasy about having imagination?

Edit: Just 'cos the setting for a certain dimension is European medieval, doesn't also mean that other dimensions should be the same either. It'd be nice to see eh, Africans, Asians, etc.

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