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By the wa<y, why is summoning only related to some dark, deadly figures ?

I mean that summoning Skeletons, Demons, Lichs, whatever is quite normal in an RPG. Everything nice dark and gritty.

Why aren't some lighter creatures to be summoned ? Fairies, for example ?

Are RPG players so that they just can'tcope with "cute-looking" creatures, especiually whwn they are summoned ?

And why do the big bad bosses often so poverly cool and the "Good guys" so boring ?

Time to recall some clichťs, I'd say ...

I think that comes from the fact that necromancy requires bodies, and bringing pepole back from the dead isn't particulary nice. The same goes for demons, they allready exist (and they're all evil! EVIL!), and you can bring them up by useing a gate. How would you summon (say) a fairy? Bring her here from Neverland through a gate? And wouldn't be cruel to rip her from that world into our cold, hard world?


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