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Why not just put in some light stuff like faeries, unicorns, etc.? That way... players can choose whether to summon them or not. I'd love to see monkeys or orang-utans, though. It gets boring having the same fantasy stuff again and again: isn't fantasy about having imagination?

Edit: Just 'cos the setting for a certain dimension is European medieval, doesn't also mean that other dimensions should be the same either. It'd be nice to see eh, Africans, Asians, etc.

Ah ! A like-minded person !

But in fact I see that almost all european RPGs are rather dark somehow. Seems to be some kind of "[cultural] tradition" regarding RPG development.

However, Sacred was rather an exception of the rule. Everything felt and looked so "light" ... Maybe that also had to do with 90 % of all content sil "belonging" to the game called "Armalion", and was never moved out ...
Therfore I strongly believe that Armalion would've been quite a unique and different gaming experience.

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