Why not just put in some light stuff like faeries, unicorns, etc.? That way... players can choose whether to summon them or not. I'd love to see monkeys or orang-utans, though. It gets boring having the same fantasy stuff again and again: isn't fantasy about having imagination?

Edit: Just 'cos the setting for a certain dimension is European medieval, doesn't also mean that other dimensions should be the same either. It'd be nice to see eh, Africans, Asians, etc.

Ah ! A like-minded person !

But in fact I see that almost all european RPGs are rather dark somehow. Seems to be some kind of "[cultural] tradition" regarding RPG development.

However, Sacred was rather an exception of the rule. Everything felt and looked so "light" ... Maybe that also had to do with 90 % of all content sil "belonging" to the game called "Armalion", and was never moved out ...
Therfore I strongly believe that Armalion would've been quite a unique and different gaming experience.

Yeah and conversely, a lot of rpgs by Asian developers are really light and cheery. I hope that the next gen game will simply just pave its' own way instead of sticking to some strict vision of "dark and twisted" or "light and cheery". On one hand, tons of dead bodies hanging from a castle's moat isn't a pretty sight. On the other hand, I really don't want to see some cheesy vision of a psychedelic dream: too many floating colours to count.

But going by the looks of the "test graphics" we've seen, you can bet it won't be "in your face: dark and grimy" but rather cool with likely mostly subtlety of grim and even horror.

Sacred, huh? Yeah it's definitely pretty for its' time.