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Baldur's Gate III - General
28 seconds ago
Originally Posted by OneManArmy
I don't understand anything, but I agree with everything! cyberspace
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Baldur's Gate III - Suggestions & Feedback
20 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Firesnakearies
Originally Posted by Uncle Lester
Originally Posted by KillerRabbit
His stories are amazing but they don't have replay value.

I'd take good story over replayability any day. I'm more likely to replay a title because it's just that good than to replay it because it introduced "features intended to make the game more replayable". The most important factor for me is "did I like the game a lot?".

This. I'll replay Planescape: Torment 20 more times in my life, but not because it has much traditional "replay value".

Originally Posted by Verte
I will replay some games for the story (need a break in between sessions tho) and to get different outcomes. But also I will replay games where combat is fun and challengeable. Won't lock myself in the category 'story or gtfo'.

Originally Posted by Sharp
The story in most RPGs don't tick my good story boxes, so I settle for games with engaging combat. There are a few (Tyranny is a good example) that I have enjoyed the premise of the story in, but most of them fall very far short.

I replay Baldur's Gate II every so often for many of the same reasons I rewatch the Star Wars movies, not because there are a lot of different endings to find, but because I'm enamored with the characters, the setting and the story, linear or not.
I never finished a replay of Pillars of Eternity because after playing through it once it was pretty obvious what exactly all the other paths would do and what wasn't apparent was uninteresting.
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Baldur's Gate III - Technical & Gameplay Problems
30 minutes ago
I'm having this problem, too. I'm on a Mid-2019 MBP, AMD Radeon 5500M, 8-core, 32gb memory. Have tried a number of different graphics setting and made sure nothing is running in the background.
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Baldur's Gate III - Suggestions & Feedback
33 minutes ago
Hit chance for melee weapons is based on strengh.
Hit chance for ranged weapons and melee weapons with the finesse attribute is dexterity.
Hit chance for spells is based is based on the casting stat ( int for wizards, cha for warlocks, wis for rangers and clerics)
The spells of the fighter and rogue subclasses with spells are also based on int.

Physical attacks and some spells target armor class (AC).
Many spells target a saving throw of an ability. (str, dex, con, int, wis, cha ).
You can right click and check characters and enemies to see their AC and stats.

examples: (I assume low lv chars with a profiency bonus of 2)
Your ranger with 18dex attacks and enemy with AC15 by shooting a longbow+1
4 (dex bonus) + 2 ( profiency ) + 1 (weapon enchantment ) + 1d20 needs to be 15 or higher to hit.
Your bonusses are 7, so you need to roll a 8 or higher to hit the enemy.
If you roll a 1 you always miss, if you roll a 20 you always hit and the damage that is rolled is doubled (only rolled damage doubled, not static bonusses)

Your wizard with 18 int casts grease on a rogue with 14 dex.
Enemy saving throw = 8 + 2 (dex bonus) + 2 (profiency bonus ) = 12
Your spell difficulty class = 4 (int bonus) + 2 (profiency bonus) = 6
6 + 1d20 needs to be at least 12
You need to roll 6 or higher to make the enemy slip.

Very importent are advantage and disadvantage.
Advantage means you roll 2 dice and take the result that is better for you.
Disadvantage means you roll 2 dice and take the worse result.
If you have at least one advantage and one disadvantage at once, it is rolled normally no matter how many advantages or disadvantages there are in total.
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Baldur's Gate III - General
41 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Goldberry
Originally Posted by Uncle Lester
I hope we get Sun/Moon elf split. At the very least in the form of separate lore palettes and NPCs looking one or the other.

I don't know, at least visually you can make one or the other and the rest is just picking whatever dialogue option feels more moon or sun.

True, though I always like when a game recognizes things (so to speak) and doesn't make you rely on headcanon. Reactivity and all that. And there's also the matter of NPCs; it would be a shame if they merged two different (visually and culturally) subsets of elves into one entity and placed only generic "high elves" in the world.

Originally Posted by Goldberry
I'd rather have Eladrin, they're different enough to have their own category and I'd be curious to see how they'd look.

Yeah, I think Eladrin are rather unlikely, but I'd love to see how they go about the seasons thing.
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Baldur's Gate III - Suggestions & Feedback
54 minutes ago
It seems to me the game is designed to be experienced more than once, and that it is purposefully made so that different styles of play- patient players who go slow, people in a big hurry who just want the highlights, that sort of thing, have entirely different experiences.

In the same way that taking less direct paths results in whole different experiences, I suspect that Larian is well aware that some companions can be "missed" on the first playthough, and that this is a feature, rather than a detriment.

In any game that really features "choice" and "different paths", this is a desirable result. It's a credit to the designers that there are so many possible things to experience, in so very many ways. I know I've found totally unexplored areas, events, and characters on each of my 5 playthroughs. Each time I really thought I had covered most everything, but there are lots of areas that are quite out of the way and unexpected.

To me, this is all a plus.
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Baldur's Gate III - Technical & Gameplay Problems
58 minutes ago
Originally Posted by SmokinGun
Change the character you have selected at the bottom of the screen before entering into the dialogue. If it involves your main character, select him/her then enter the dialogue.

Thanks a lot !
But for the second one, I just open a door, and Shadowheart starts the discussion automatically when we get into the location
I'll try to select my main character before opening the door to see if it works better, but it would be good that Larian fixes this kind of bugs (I've seen after I've posted that I'm not the only one)
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Baldur's Gate III - Technical & Gameplay Problems
1 hour ago
I see what you gents are saying, but.......... There are obvious problems here showing disparities.

Firstly, the DC and the text in the chat window explaining the roles are clearly not using the same math causing this discrepancy. The DC in the inventory window should be exact to the DC used in the chatbox. Then they can allow the bonuses and penalties to mathematically take care of each other. What is done on one side of the equation MUST be done to the other during conversions. The chatbox does not even show the DC. My chat box lists all the bonuses separately to lead one to believe its all cumulative. It shows me verbatim:

"Skill check: 12 (1d20) -5 +2 (proficiency) +3 (Dexterity Modifier) and +5 ((Slight of Hand modifiers)) = 17"

Without repeating a DC in this chatbox, I am lead to believe its the same DC I am being shown in the victims inventory window. In this case I believe it was a DC of 15.

Mrfuji3, are you saying slight of hand is only proficiency plus dex bonus, and it is not additional to my proficiency and dex bonus? Then that would make picking the skill "slight of hand" during character creation useless right? I remember during character creation that I started with slight of hands as a skill and made some choices and it disappeared from my list. I made more changes to get it back on the skills list. And it appears like its a waisted skill selection.

I had Shadowheart pickpocket (a scroll with a DC8) the first trader you meet in hollow with her amazing 9 dex and this is what I see in the chat box:

"Skill Check: 13 (1d20) -1 +2 (Proficiency) -1 (Dexterity Modifier) +1 ((Slight of Hand modifier)) = 14"

This indicates that Shadowheart, my cleric is getting a +2 proficiency bonus in pickpocketing for some odd reason. And getting a +1 slight of hand modifier for another odd reason. Only things happening that are actually following some kind of legitimate logical structure here are the -1 to difficulty of the scroll and -1 dexteriry modifier for having a 9 Dex. Everything else is problematic.

My rogue had a DC4 for the same scroll. 4 points less than my cleric. But yet my rogue is supposed to have either 10 or 5 bonus points depending on how you look at the wording before difficulty subtraction. My cleric is supposed to have +2 or +1 bonus points depending on wording before difficulty subtraction. But my rogues DC is only 4 less than my cleric. This leaves me with the remainder of a 4 digit differential that indicates the numbers associated with "slight of hand" are meaningless.

I would like to suggest the following changes based on my limited understanding of this work in progress:

1- Remove the "slight of hand" skill from character creation, or give it a meaningful bonus. Because now its just wasted txt that adds nothing other than confusion into the game.
2- Replace the words "Skill Check:" with "Skill Check Rolled:"
3- Remove the words ((slight of hand modifier)) and its designated mathimatical recap and replace it with the original gross value for the DC. so it would look like "(DC: 20).

Illustration of recommended changes:

"Skill Check Rolled: 12 (1d20) -5 +2 (Proficiency) +3 (Dexterity Modifier) =12, (DC 20)"


They really need to get rid of the first roll shown on the inventory/dialogue. It serves no purpose. If they want to continue the practice of hiding the difficulty on the roll until they lock you into it like you have no idea and are always ambushed by how hard life is approach by showing you when you have already picked a dialogue option and can not back out of it, then they have no reason to have a first roll. Simply dont adjust the gross DC on inventories with regards to "Guidance" to discourage window shopping for best bonus and during the roll for dialogues would now show the true DC value because there is only one roll to for the code to choose from. Its quite possible this two roll thing is just the result of some one eating at ones desk spilling crumbs from their sticky bun on the keyboard, thusly causing the two roll dilemma.

I know when I see how low a DC is when I am looking at some ones inventory, I am tempted to continue with the ownership transfer program. But when I am shown a target and I exceed or meet it and then get told I failed. Well, I just get miffed and left with the feeling like I was not a smart shopper when I spent my $60.

I would like to recommend remove the first roll.

Keep up the good work Larian !!!
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Baldur's Gate III - Suggestions & Feedback
1 hour ago
Originally Posted by Etruscan
-A small complaint but the narrator’s voice distinctly reminds me of the kind of sultry female voice you’d get on a chocolate bar/food advert. Is it too sexy? I think a voice over with a little more age, wisdom and gravitas would be better…but again this is a personal preference.

I hate "sultry", but it hasn't made that impression on me? I know some people are saying this about the narrator, but for me it's just... "storyteller" narrator lady I found fitting for the game.

Originally Posted by Etruscan
-Regarding Early Access, is there any indication of just how much more content will be drip fed before final release?

We're supposed to get more classes, races, companions and "features". Afaik, no more story (just Act 1). Hopefully all the stuff people are discussing will be considered and at least some of it implemented... you've made a good list yourself.
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Baldur's Gate III - General
1 hour ago
Originally Posted by KillerRabbit
I don't know happens in 5th either. In 2nd you would be destroyed -- you don't actually have a soul, just the tainted shadow of one and the taint would return to the negative material plane (or become a vampric mist under certain conditions). In 3rd you would be claimed by Orcus or Vesharoon but I dunno if anyone has decided with 5th.

5th has lots of "legends differ" descriptions so my guess would be that its another "up to the DM" decision.

There is Jander Sunstar in 5e "Descent into Avernus", he is a good character still, and vampire, if memory serves right. So at least they've kept this exception without retconning AD&D novel canon.
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Baldur's Gate III - Suggestions & Feedback
1 hour ago
Originally Posted by Abits
And there is no justification for it. The game looks good, but it's not the Witcher 3

Certainly not in the fabric/hair physics department...
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Baldur's Gate III - Suggestions & Feedback
1 hour ago
I've already seen this suggested, would be nice.

A (probably very unrealistic) idea I had was that BG3 models would be great for online campaigns with software that can map a 3D avatar on your face in real time. (Like FaceRig, I guess.)
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Baldur's Gate III - Help Tips & Tricks
1 hour ago
Originally Posted by Nyloth
In the cave where there are gnoles there is a chest, in the chest there is an item, I do not know what it says in english, but in my language that item "turns enemies into friends", if u use it, then beholder appears. I thought maybe I could use it on a this drow... Idk. Has anyone tried to do this?

It's just faulty translation (as it often happens); this item's description says
"A flask that can hold friends and foes. Likely to make the former the later"

so friends - to enemies.

By the way, it's not a Beholder - just a Spectator (lesser type).
Actually, your English is good enough, don't ruin your playthrough with a poor translation:-)
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Baldur's Gate III - General
1 hour ago

Chose your sin


[Linked Image]
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Baldur's Gate III - Technical & Gameplay Problems
1 hour ago
Ok, I started over and created a new character. That seems to save and load again properly.

Hopefully all my old save files aren't corrupted!!
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Baldur's Gate III - Suggestions & Feedback
1 hour ago
Originally Posted by Phea
Originally Posted by Arne
Elminster & Volo are, to my knowledge, much older than Witcher.

Hah, now I'm curious. How old are Volo and Elminster? First Witcher short story was written in 1986, Dandelion was created in 1993.

I tried google when Volo first appeared and not getting it. I know he was in BG1 & 2 as a cameo and in NWN too? Oldest Volo Guide I can find is from 1992.
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Baldur's Gate III - General
1 hour ago
You know, a digression, but I'm really curious about the future of Bethesda. I'm almost optimistic after the acquisition. Which is extremely bizarre by itself. I've already discarded all hope for good (or just barely decent) TESVI, but maybe MS will beat some sense into Bethesda... Won't be worse than Zenimax, eh?
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Baldur's Gate III - General
1 hour ago
Sorry if this has been previously answered - but what about the other long-lived characters from the previous BG games?

Any word on Viconia, Aerie, Jaheira?
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Baldur's Gate III - General
1 hour ago
Originally Posted by vyvexthorne
Originally Posted by Uncle Lester
Wow. I read the whole list and went from "this is gold" to "seems the author of the list is the one who struggles with more entries". Mimics, drow, modrons, flumphs, atropals? Worst D&D monsters? Please.

The site is Ranker so Just clicky the little arrows to vote your monsters up and down.. don't need to sign up or anything.. I was also incredibly surprised to see Drow there as it never even occurred to me that there would be real world racial issues associated with fantasy characters.

First time seeing that site, good to know you can vote just like that. And yeah, I agree on drow, though I'm aware that drow (like a bajillion races and things in general) have been recently accused of having "racist" undertones (har har). Also orcs, for whatever reason. You know, they offend the huge green tusked humans.

Originally Posted by Argyle
The old AD&D "Vault of the Drow" module describes them as dark-skinned yes, but also with white/silver hair and orange-yellow or sometimes violet eyes. Their ears are also large and pointy. I have never met a human with these characteristics, but if I do ever see one, I will think it very cool. Heck, with all the custom color (colour) contact lens and hair dye stuff we have today, this could be the start of the next big thing in human fashion.

Yup. If the creators of drow wanted to insult real-life humans, they've failed hard. Drow are primarily seen as "cool" if you judge by internet popularity (ok, also "edgy").
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Baldur's Gate III - General
2 hours ago
Awesome work, Cactus. Please let us know whenever you add more models!
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Baldur's Gate III - General
2 hours ago
we want content to test , we don't care if its unstable. that is the meaning of EA games.

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Baldur's Gate III - General
2 hours ago
Credentials: 45 yrs old, played most all the old rpgs(BG1/BG2/ToEE/NWN/etc) also happen to love tactical games(Fallout Tactics/Final Fantasy Tactics/Jagged Alliance/etc). I've never played a Larian game before though and haven't played TT DnD since it was called AD&D. I'm 80 some hours into my first play through and nearly done( I just went down into the Grotto after clearing the Ruined Tower. After the Grotto I need to go speak to the Mindflayer and have it make the potion, and I still need to go back to the Druid Grove cause Halsin is waiting there for me after freeing him(I went straight into the UD after the Goblin City and haven't been back to the Grove yet).

So in my personal opinion, yes the game is super easy atm. Being afraid long rests would result in furthering the ceremorphesis process, I only took 3 long rests during my exploration of the surface world. I did nearly every fight with just cantrips and avoided using abilities that needed short/long rests. The only had 2 fights I had to reload. One was the Spider Boss, and I actually beat that one with just my MC left standing but thought..."Na I can do better" and fought it again. The other was the Goblin Priestess but after winning that one with the help of the giant spiders I reloaded it cause I wanted the spiders left alive for the next fight so I redid the fight without them so I could free them after.

I never exploded a single barrel(nor had any used against me that I remember) and rarely used shove(though I did use it once on the Spider Boss after she warped to right beside Lazeal up on a ledge then turned away from her to spit at a toon below...I was like ok if you are going to turn your back on me and position yourself perfectly, fine than).

What I did do that it seems many don't from reading various posts is scout ahead a lot with invisibility and hide and initiated almost every conflict on my terms with toons set in place before starting. I mean ya if you run right into things and every fight starts with the enemy having advantage then it maybe a lot harder. But going slow and careful can avoid most/all of that.

Personal thoughts on high ground advantage. To me it actually kinda makes sense. There is no cover rules in place in BG3. High ground would allow a person to see the enemy entirely(no cover), while being below something would mean your target is only partially visible because you can only see their head and shoulders. IDK seems like it makes sense to me high ground has an attack advantage.
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Baldur's Gate III - Suggestions & Feedback
2 hours ago
Originally Posted by Maximuuus
That's how Larian write things...

The game start in hell with mindflayer and dragons and cambions and you're going to the underdark at level 3 + there's another dragon and every creature is powerful and...

Everything is so sensational that nothing is really sensational anymore.... Whatever we're talking about the story, the visual effects, the surfaces, the combats,....

Well, you have to somehow grab the attention of potential buyers. It's hard to find the balance between a good story and grabbing attention.
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Baldur's Gate III - Suggestions & Feedback
2 hours ago
Originally Posted by Peranor

Thanks smile I did not know that. I own the game on Steam, but i havent tested any mods myself yet. I just keep an eye out on Nexus to see what the modders are able to come up with smile

Apparently, this weird testing area has come up with others on nexusmods as well. Seems to be prevalent among GoG users. But they don't know yet what causes it.
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Baldur's Gate III - Mega-threads and Guides
2 hours ago
Originally Posted by Maximuuus
Action RPG >< RTwP RPG

Both are RPG, I never said something else smile

Yes but action and RTwP are not mutually exclusive. An RPG (for example, DA2) can be both (or neither).
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