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Baldur's Gate III - Suggestions & Feedback
1 minute ago
Originally Posted by Tuco
What I found a bit... convoluted was some of the wording you chose to describe the controls, not the idea in itself.
Like, your last two points for instance could be summarized with "the party should move in formation", which once again is exactly what any other RTS or game of this type does.

Only the last point is about formation, and by that I mean the relative position of each character within the group. Some games allow to change it (V, column, and so on are the examples I gave, and are typical combat formations). So yes, the party should move in formation, that's for granted, no need to mention it. Should we be able to change the formation, I'm not sure.

The point before last is not about formation, it's about the group, I thought the description was clear but to elaborate: in some games, when one of the group changes area, or even passes some trigger, the other characters respawn too and the group counts all the characters again. For example in Kingmaker, when you don't select everyone and enter a cave, everyone spawns in the cave nevertheless. I'm not sure how Larian does that in BG3 anymore, in D:OS2 it wasn't the case, sub-groups remained at their respective locations, it feels more realistic.

The third item is about how characters move. When you select another character in Larian games, he/she becomes the "leader of formation" and all other characters do crazy stuff, running all over the place to fall back into the new formation. Doing so usually have them walk into fire, trigger traps and all sort of nonsense, it's obviously not what the player wants. So they should stay still when the selection changes.

Anyway, scratch that. To keep it simple, I just hate how they do it right now with the chain gizmo because it's not easy to manipulate, it's unnecessary, and leads to side-effects like the characters running in all directions when the group leader changes. With the shift-select all other games offer, it's simple, there's no "leader", and it's intuitive.
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Baldur's Gate III - Mega-threads and Guides
3 minutes ago
"I mean, if an enemy gets in melee range of one of my Casters, depending on the layout of the area, I'll either do a Leap/Disengage or I'll do a Shove. That gives my breathing room for casting spells. RTWP doesn't make such tactical decisions as easy of a decision to make."

I don't understand why RTwP doesn't make such tactical decisions as easy of a decision to make ?
I mean, if someone rush on my caster. First of all, I pause (xD) then I have a lot of possibilities.
1) sendig a mates to intercept him
2) using a mates to cast an interceptive spell
3) disengage and run away with my caster
4) shove with my caster
5) keep incanting, crossing fingers to not be interrupted before the end of it.
and there could be more possibilities depending of items, level, spells, etc.

As I already said, I dont get the point of Larian saying turn-based was more strategic.

I heard the question about how to implement it but I think it's a... it's not an unsolvable problem. Other games did it (and I loved them : BG, PoE, PKM, Temple of EE, etc) so it's not a real issue, it's just a question of will.
You said something about the Rogue. I don't see the problem. In RTwP he will move faster than the others. ^^

I completely agree with kingnothing69 !
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Baldur's Gate III - Suggestions & Feedback
6 minutes ago
AD 1. Personaly im strongly against it ...
First of all, they dont know that you are True Soul, until you use your tadpole on them ...
Secondly, i cant imagine how lowly goblin can even dare to adress True Soul like this, nor dare to give him any orders ...
And finaly, it breaks the whole wibe on that situation ... bloodthirsty goblins are attacking, then they see some traveler, and they stop to chat? Oh please. :-/

I could imagine the same situation as it is in game right now (sadly Kanon dies) ...
But forcing in this particular case player protagonist to have first strike ... then present choice to him, either he attack some goblin, goblin leader screams something like "Over there, theres another!" and battle continues as it is ... or he attack some defender, then goblin leader screams something like "Keep that one alive!" and Zevlor screams something like "He's/She's with Goblins, spare no arrow!"
And when combat ends, then its right time for Goblin leader to talk with protagonist ... where you:
- either are Drow(or Duegar if playable), or use tadpole powers on him, therefore you present yourself as True Soul ... all theese options lead to goblin bows to the ground and recognize you as one of his leaders ... tells you everything, and leads you to goblin camp just as Sazza did (and she will probably die) ...
- or you try your luck with dices to intimidate / persuate / etc. him to tell you what is going on ... and if you success, same story, he will take you to goblin camp
- or you just attack them aswell ... therefore you dont move forward in quest in this moment

Whole druid groove will be unaviable for you anyway, for now, unless you find that secret entrance.
Wich you should be able to tell Minthara about, to use it in your advantage when attacking.
Real tricky question here is, if player enters that secret entrance ... if people inside the groove should, or should not be hostile ... on the one hand, you just killed their gate guards ... on the other hand, how should they know ... and do druids even care? O_o

Then in attack scenario, i would imagine either Ogre throwing you on top of that gate, or just adding some steel siege ladder. smile

AD 2.1 Here im not certain ... yes, some reactions should be added, but not like you attack one Tiefling, and whole town imediatly turn hostile towards you ... i would imagine some circle around person, if that one isnt separated in building ... like in prison, or that warehouse ... those are cases that makes sence that no one will help them.
And yes, not reacting to destroy gate is kinda stupid. laugh
AD 2.2. +1 absolutely agree.

AD 3. Im not entirely sure if you really should discuss your problem with her ... either she can take it as abandoning the Absolute and attack you, or she can take you as possible competition and attack you aswell ... but i completely agree that you should be able to tell her, no matter what her reaction will be.

AD 4. Here i once aggain disagree ... just not in full reach.
I love the idea of betraying Lolth to join Minthara, that is interesting to be certain ... and using deception diceroll here sounds even more interesting!

But i would also like to see for Lolth-Sworn Drow to have use for that dialog option where you kill her, for her abandoning Lolth ... BUT! I would like in this case to stop fight right after her death with protagonist screaming "STOP IMEDIATLY!" at remaining goblins, then have some persuation / intimidation option for them, to tell something like "Everyone who dont wish to end like her, kneel before Zod!" (ehm ... before me i mean ofc. laugh )

AD 5. Love it, excelent idea. :3

AD 6. Here i would not say fewer situations ... since, as in point 1. this reflects their temper, so i guess its good thing ...
I would recomend to add some savespots, like you have with Crusher ... you can totally fight him, and rest of the Goblins is runing toward you, but they are just watching the show ... when Crusher reaches low HP, he yields, and everything is ok, unless you decide to kill him.

AD 7. I would not like this ... Minthara is clearly suppose to be elevated superior figure, and any show of liking the protagonist so fast will ruin it. :-/

AD 8. There is possibility to go without a fight ... it involves a lot of carefull stealting tho ...
Also that is one of obstacles in True Soul gameplay ... and obsacles, or challenges are in general quite good ... so i dont see how this is improving gameplay anyhow, except making it easier. O_o

AD 9. If you see the map, there is text in the bottom part, and it says:
"The region you're trying to reach is not yet avilable in Early Access."
So i gues, there is still some work in progres ... therefore we didnt get the video. wink

That is why i keep telling people that this is not whole Act1. laugh
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Baldur's Gate III - General
8 minutes ago
Kagha is right about him, but Halsin is a normal person like everyone else.

He still is one of my favourite characters though <3.
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Baldur's Gate III - Suggestions & Feedback
10 minutes ago
I feel like the game needs more encounters early on that require us to camp early on, so that we can get the story triggers.

Level 3 to 4 are loaded with so many cutscenes that play out of order most of the time. [HIDDEN SPOILER CONTENT]

Just one example of how out of order the story cutscenes play between companions.

I just find the early game so easy, there is no need to sleep at camp more than once; but once you get to level 3 and 4, there are so many fights that all the cutscenes just tumble at you. It would be nice to have at least one story cutscene between companions per camp, there have been some camps where there is story to show me, but I see nothing frown.
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Baldur's Gate III - Suggestions & Feedback
13 minutes ago
Holy Horniness, Batman.

I hope y'all are aware that there are corners of the Internet, where you can get all the animated waifu videos that you want, right?

Seriously: no worries the mods are already in the making, but lets not have big tiddie cleavage heavy armor please.

There are some situations where attractive civil clothes would be a great idea, like having a quest at a noble's party in Baldur's Gate.

But to be honest, most fanart and pictures that are shared by OP and others here are cringe inducing.
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Baldur's Gate III - Mega-threads and Guides
15 minutes ago
i think i found a bug yesterday that was verry annoying for me
I have a Dwarf level 4 and i have added the Mastery Great Weapon (Schwere Waffen in German). My Hero uses a great Axe. After i added the Mastery Great Wepons the probability of hittin my opponent has gone down massvie.

The Mastery should help to hit bedder with Great Weapons !!! so this is a Bug i think.

Kind Regards Duncan
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Baldur's Gate III - General
21 minutes ago
Going with Ciri is the worst option especially with the way the game ended.
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Baldur's Gate III - Suggestions & Feedback
22 minutes ago
Originally Posted by tyrion85
Originally Posted by Sludge Khalid

It’s a chain of bad decisions in a row for the sake of “ wow, my players do not miss :)”

Not to mention that the argument "missing too much is no fun" (on which, supposedly, all these changes were made) is dubious, in my book. Fun for whom? Is there a wide survey/playtest that confirms this, or is this "just" an opinion of a couple of people at Larian? Not that their opinion doesn't matter, mind you, quite the opposite, but somehow it's not the same if it's just a couple of people, or a wide consensus. Also, if "missing is not fun" - when you drive that argument to it's logical conclusion, then why even have attack rolls in the first place? Surely it would be more fun - by that logic - to have each attack automatically hit, and just roll for 1-x damage? Except that we intuitively know this is wrong, and isn't in spirit of D&D at all. And also, what does "too much" mean and how do you quantify it - what is the limit at which fights are no longer "not fun" because misses do not happen that much? Who decided on this and how?

So it's a bad argument in my opinion, because I don't see the data behind it and the logic doesn't stand, and yet the whole revamping of the rules is based on the premise that it is true.
Yeah, it's a ridiculous argument. And if it's true for some, which I assume it is, it seems like something that can be solved with an easy mode rather than a major revamping of what they claim to be porting as closely as possible.
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Baldur's Gate III - Technical & Gameplay Problems
23 minutes ago
Only a minor typo:

Volo : "My! A scholar after my own heart." ...

Player dialogue option:
- The time was spend among books. ...

spend -> spent
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Baldur's Gate III - General
25 minutes ago
there are literally male clerics of lolth in the books, they're super rare, but it does happen.

the wont have be trained in arach tinilith or its equivalent in other cities though.
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Baldur's Gate III - Mega-threads and Guides
27 minutes ago
The main problem in making the game more accurate in terms of when to declare an advantage or not will be the percentage of success lowering down dramatically at low level. Will players like the fact they have to wait 5 rounds to kill just one goblin? I am not sure honestly.

I guess they began implementing stricto sensu 5e combat rules but realized it would be too punishing to the pace of combat. So what's the best compromise here?
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Baldur's Gate III - Mega-threads and Guides
34 minutes ago
Hope, this is the right thread. Also english is not my native language, so please be kind to me trying to express myself here. laugh

1) I´am OCD person, so I would really like the hotbar to be divide by abilities, spells, items, potions and scrolls. Lot of times I missed new trick just because it was behind some scrolls and potions. (In my second run I´am more organised)

2) In the inventory I would like to sort my items by price, weight and so on.

3) It would by really greath if all the characters went into stealth mode if they are in the group together

4) This ones are just for fun in the camp...
a) sending items in the camp... Books go to books, potions go to some potions rack, weapons to weapons rack and so on
b) i would really like to throw the bone (of my enemies) to Scratch
c) there is this chapel/ruin in the camp and I picked up a lot of paintings ... I would like to hang them on the walls
d) also I would like to make some altar to the gods (I have the statue of Selune to iritate Shadowhart)

5) And because I´m OCD and a collector... I would like to collect things in the game (but this is also purely optional and for fun)

The game is amazing and I love it more and more, cant wait for the whole act 1 and act 2 and 3.
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Baldur's Gate III - Suggestions & Feedback
41 minutes ago
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Baldur's Gate III - General
49 minutes ago
Oh. Giants. Any kind, so long as you refrain from setting an entire mountain on fire; I hate that crap. But... Giants! Hill, Stone, Cyclops...... Oh, Ettins. I love Ettins.
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Baldur's Gate III - Suggestions & Feedback
51 minutes ago
Originally Posted by N7Greenfire
Yeah no. They are translating pnp to a 3 d world, you want fully authentic pnp on the compute get tabletop simulator

It's funny because I don't agree at all ! ^^"

Maybe I'm wrong but as I see it, it's...

The developers who did BG1 and 2 just think about developing a good game, fun, based on D&D but with all the advantages a video game could brought (D&D was an inspiration, the major point was doing great).

It looks like the developers who are doing BG3 are focusing on creating a game which will be a D&D game and a DoS style game, forgetting the advantages a video game can brought (BG looks like an inspiration and the major looks like to be implementing D&D and Dos system).

I know my english is terrible but I hope you will get my point.

When looking for developping an amazing game thx to the knowledge of D&D seems like a good idea.
Overthinking and trying to give life to a pure copy/past of pen and paper D&D miwed with DoS system in a video game may be a bad idea.

How I iamgine the guys now and bach then ( with a major disagreement) :
The original devs may have think :
- hey guys ! Imagine, we are going to do a game with real fights ! It's gonna be soooo cool ! Finally we are going to be able to experience fights in reality time ! no need for GM or pen and paper, it's gonna be all in real time, draw your sword and cast your spell !
- but it's gonna be messy ? We wont be able to control all our characters at the same time...
- NP, we will used pause to give orders when needed and that's all ! Real fights, dudes !
- Damn right dude, real fights ! It's gonna be awesome !

The actual devs may be thinking
- hey guys. We have to re-do it as a pen and paper game, ok ?
- but we keep the real time fights ?
- Dude ! Forget about real times. We love turn-based so it's gonna be turn-based !
- But it wont be as epic and flowing than before ?
- Who cares ! We did turn-based games, so we'll do it again ! Because this is how D&D worked !
- But with a computer we could recreate huge fights against hords of goblins, kobolds, gnolls,...
- Shut up Bobby ! It's gonna be turn-based, they will never be more than 5 ennemies and that's all !
- But what if we really need to have more than 5 ennemies ?
- I don't care Bobby ! Gamers will have to wait !
- Are you not afraid ti will be a little long and boring so ?
- But the previous games...
- You're fired Bobby.
- ...meh. "

Of course, it's just my opinion ! (but, at least, I make myslef laugh xD)
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Baldur's Gate III - Help Tips & Tricks
51 minutes ago
A regular revivify scroll does not seem to work, and the game won’t let me use the Camp button. I’ll try using Fast Travel to see if I can talk to the skeleton.
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Baldur's Gate III - Suggestions & Feedback
53 minutes ago
Having played a speed run through most of early access, I will say I am overall impressed. The dynamism of how events can play out is impressive and I also like the class and racial dialogue options and how the world reacts to you. Most "issues" as they were are largely to the game naturally being far from finished, and the community news points to Larian keeping on top of such things.

So most of my feedback and suggestions, is very much more polish as opposed to fundamentals. With the possible exception I think it would be good to be able to deselect dead party members at leave them, go to the camp and continue the journey without them, in game consequences and all (such as likely to happen in Gale's place).

On minor nice additions to have.

1. I think there should be a dialogue option to question how Lae'zel ended up in the cage. (Perhaps I have missed it?)

2. It would be nice if the starting equipment, at character creation is more tied to the characters racial background. E.g. In particular for Lolth Sworn Drow and Githyanki, it would nice to have the starting equipment appearance be tailored to their background e.g. Githyanki themed appearance of the fighter's scale mail etc. (Main play through as a gith, it felt slightly odd wearing the more "generic" version.)

3. For final release, nice to have more options after using the Knock Out option, e.g. Fight at the grove defending the Tieflings wouldn't proceed to the next stage, when having knocked out Minthara, so had to kill her when she was knocked out, to get the following cutscene. Main point nice to have the option to continue the story to an extent when having the option to do so in combat, e.g. ability to take certain npc's captive as opposed, to killing them then. Could be interrogated, with option to leave them, kill them or release them and in some circumstances hand them over to someone else. Note I can see how this can lead to a lot of extra work, and it makes sense as something to be added after the bulk of the story and its branching outcomes are done. Regardless could be an aspect similar to talking to the dead.

Could be nice when playing as Gith and meeting Shadowheart for the first time and knocking her out in a probable fight, you have the option to wake her up and attempt to possibly recruit her again.

4. It did seem strange, that Lae'zel seemed to know the party had the artefact Shadowheart is carrying around, when getting its description from the Kithrak and we had not yet had a camp encounter seeing Shadowheart having the artefact. Know this area and the Creche very much an unfinished product, so only see it as a minor issue for now. I do think the artefact seemed to jump into the main character's inventory without taking it out from Shadowheart's but I may be mis-remembering that.

For now that's all the key feedback I have to give. I overall like how the story and gameplay plays out. I do sometimes find it fun to role with the failures as well as successes for the dice rolls.
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Divinity - Original Sin - Enhanced Edition
54 minutes ago
Hello, everyone!

I come here to ask some questions about the translation of the game Divinity Original Sin that I am doing.
I maybe noticed some errors or bugs in the game, and I wanted to ratify how it would be right. So let's get down to business.

For now, there are only four things that I saw strange in the game and I wanted to make sure that everything is going well!

1. The Book "The Legionnaire Companion".
A book with that name, but when you read it, it is nothing more than "Crafting and Cooking with Maradino".
I simply changed the name of "The Legionnaire Companion" to the real one...

Did you check the Original File? A. Yes. And it also happens in the Original Archive.

I wanted to know if this is right, if it was a mistake that went unnoticed by the final game.

2. Destroying the Door in the Tutorial region
When using Zandalor Trunk's, the text spoken by the character is different from the text written above his head. The actual spoken text appears written in the Dialog Log below the screen.

This same error does not happen if you don't use Zandalor Trunk's.

Did you check the Original File? A. Yes. And it also happens in the Original Archive.

3. What is the problem with the Mission Log? The two initial missions, which appear right at the beginning, keep changing positions every time I press. I dont understand. Throughout the game, I believe this stops happening, but at the beginning there is a huge mess.

4. Katarina, the Fair. Hahaha
"Well, I'm Katarina the Fair, fairest first lady of the fair, of course."
There are many meanings for "Fair" in Brazil. Could you rewrite the sentence using other words?

I believe it is just that, for now...
Sorry for bad English. Stay in peace!

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Baldur's Gate III - Technical & Gameplay Problems
57 minutes ago
Oh yes another one, letter incriminating Kagha at the bog inside the tree. Tried to take it but doesnt work. Tried send to camp or companion also doesnt work. The other way I can take the letter is to swap it with another item in my inventory, then take that item back,

Also the oladan shadow druid transformation needs fixing.
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Baldur's Gate III - General
58 minutes ago
Not convinced by Amellysan, but.. . That is actually, a rather clever hook. Not saying it is so, but it would make an incredible amount of sense that the 'voice in our heads' is that of the Absolute. I like that theory!

Edit: YEah, shame. We missed out on Jaheira's dialogue for SoD, too, sadly.
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Baldur's Gate III - Suggestions & Feedback
1 hour ago
Yeah, yeah demoulius you're completely right. Not stubborn at all.
Creators have no influence on their creation and developpers can't design.
You're the smart ass here and indeed I wont deal with you anymore after this last comment.

A guy did a list of difference so another could take this list and do exactly as Vaell said.
Sadly there are guys like you going crazy and trying to transform fact in feelings.
- a man is black
- a man is white
- a child is black
it's a fact the skin color of the child makes him looks like the first man. It's a thing that's"proved to be true". It's a fact, thank you for the definition.

So the child feels more like the black man childs. It's not a feeling coming out of nowhere, it's a feeling coming from a detail.

As you said, your friend didn't enjoy the movie as much as you because "he couldnt really pinpoint what it was".
The fact that he couldn't do it didn't mean there is no reason. On the contrary ! He feels there was reasons. Maybe it would have helped him if somebody did something like.... I don't know.... a list.
there is not such a thing as coincidence in life. Everything, every thougths, every choices we make, every feelings we have, are the results of an infinity of parameters.
We used the words "coincidence" or "luck" when we can't get them.

But you're right, I'm wrong.

Developpers have no brain, no analysis capacity to used a list of differences and more they have absolutely no control on the feelings we get from the game the are doing.
The horror movies are horror movies by pure luck, the star wars movies feel like star wars movies by pure luck, and BG3 will may be feel like BG or DOS or CoD or Minecraft or Sims just by pure coincidence cause... you know... "it's feelings and it's something the devs can't do anything with".

BTW, thx to you I realize I missjudged a miscellaneous minor items recently...
Some guys in my town tag a cross consisting of 4 gamma on some jewish graves.
I felt like it was an antisemitic act but... as you know... it's just a feeling and, as you say, the author of the tag can't do anything with...
So I must have been wrong and I realized it thx to you ! Thx you so much. For so long I thougth people had a responsibility concerning their actions. But now I realized they didn't have any at all.
It's just my feelings and, as you learn to me, they can't do anything with it.

You are so damn right.
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Baldur's Gate III - Suggestions & Feedback
1 hour ago
Originally Posted by Valsharra
Originally Posted by Moirnelithe
oh no, that is so cringe :facepalm:

Agree! I prefer the previous line to this cringey one. I hope it gets changed back.

+1 to that....
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Baldur's Gate III - Technical & Gameplay Problems
1 hour ago
Look for yourself


Bug or Mechanic?
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Baldur's Gate III - Suggestions & Feedback
1 hour ago
Cant believe people say failure is interesting. YES IT IS IF a new quest line opens, the story evolves a different path, you get some kind of bonus to incoming combat, more interesting dialogue options, changes to your character/inner reflection...
Right now most FAILURES lead to either COMBAT or no extra info; failed attempt at something, the END.
Wow, very interesting and fun indeed. Ill just reload that.
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