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Re: Creature Codex (potential minor, semi-spoiler?) Lotus Noctus 1 hour ago
Originally Posted by snowram
Why stop at a creature codex? I want a weapons, armors, people, places and events codex too!
Although this one looks more like a meme for social networks like so many content posted by Larian.

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Re: Upgraded Workstation Ussnorway 1 hour ago
wow that overpriced but the cpu and Gpu will halp... a Windows 10 OS would run better but extra Ram and a faster drive [later down the road] should help play your modern games
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Re: (Patch 9) On identity and whether it's even worth having in its existing form Brainer 2 hours ago
Realistically, Common would probably be, as stated by some people previously, closer to American English most of all (on account of WotC being based in US), so any localization attempts will be secondary in their interpretations based on that very aspect. Therefore, what it lingustically supports is implied to be, for the most part, whatever English allows. Meanwhile something like Das Schwarze Auge is German by default, with most explored/"default" cultures rooted in the medieval Central/Western Europe and the use of the language is meant to reflect that.

Whereas with the state of the FR I agree with Sozz in that it is meant to be marketable and "modern", what with WotC being a big name company and all, so alterations are made to "keep up with the times", as it were. The current idea of how the setting works and what it supports, despite the fact that culturally it essentially got a rewind after the Second Sundering (5e was specifically meant as practically a "never mind, let's go back to how things were" after 4e's fiasco). I touched on those (the cultural aspects) in the opening post, and yes - despite it being almost a good century and a half between the pre-Spellplague and the modern days, most communities still function and think with the same mindsets as back then, which could be seen as a way of coping with the world finally returning to its pre-cataclysmic state. If anything, there are even cases of reduced acceptance and tolerance, reflected in the game (the Elturel tieflings post-Descent). If anything, Larian are pushing the envelope as to what WotC would probably consider "safe" with their writing and content.

Basically, the modern presentation of the FR is as much a product of its time as the attempts to market it to teens and young adults operating upon the trends of the early 2000's and the turn of the decade - take the M:tG artwork from those eras to see what they were considering marketable (cleavages, anime-ish artstyles, attempts to appeal to the MMO crowd... seeking mostly the "standard" male audience). The mindset and the mission behind the marketing has changed, but it's still, at the end of the day, marketing - appealing to some and turning others off, just like before. For better or worse.
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Re: [bug] during the Auntie fight Blackheifer 4 hours ago
Originally Posted by Gray Ghost
Originally Posted by Blackheifer
What do humans and dwarves do to forests? Do we not pervert and destroy them to fulfill our desires? Do we not pollute them? How is the Hag different? What actions does she take specifically that are different than this?

Also Hags usually live in swamps, which are important ecosystems.

By that logic, humans and dwarves are also equally part of nature. Humans and dwarves can be evil, and so it's reasonable to judge her by the same standard you'd use to judge a human or a dwarf. And either of them acting like the hag would probably be considered a serial killer. Firmly chaotic evil.

Well Green Hags are Neutral Evil, which isn't something I was arguing. Humans/dwarves are of course part of nature. I wasn't arguing that either.

I was simply refuting that Hags are not part of nature and challenging Bardhuk to show how hags were NOT part of nature and how they disrupt natural cycles.
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Re: AoE spells that should not be AoE Niara 4 hours ago
The cynic in me says: "Because they've decided that buffing and debuffing is boring, and they don't want people to do it, because they don't want to do it themselves. They want people to focus on big flashy things, because that forward advertises better."
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joining faile: The session has no controllable characters ricky1337 5 hours ago
Hi trying to connect to my friends game where I have bein playing lazeal. Now when trying to connect it says joining failed: the session has no controllable characters available. ask the host to free a character slot or recruit another character. I do not have my own character on this save I have just been playing lazael. Please let me know if there is any other info needed to help!!!
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Re: Party Size Discussion BROttorney 6 hours ago
Originally Posted by Zyllos
Originally Posted by BROttorney
I have a feeling you are party size locked until your "infected" group is picked and then you can get non-infected to join (Minsc and Jaheira) and the party size increases. Look at 1:20 in the game awards trailer. There is Jaheira, I *think* 4 Tavs, a bunch of flaming fist soldiers (2 archers in back by the door, 4 knights up front), and a few others in front I can't explain. It's possible Jaheira isn't in the party, kinda like the fight with Halsin, but I like to hope. an interesting theory. If that is truly what Larian is doing for party size, allowing for beyond 4 after dealing with the initial selection, then I could be fine with this.

But, there is no indication or hint that this will be possible, beyond having random NPCs that temporarily joining you for some side mission or fight.

I don't have any better evidence than the 5ish seconds of trailer. It's just a hunch. I have two more hunches-- first, Sven has stated that the origin characters you don't select become unavailable (I'm guessing because they get mind controlled by Absolute or become mind flayers, or whatever), but that there would be new members afterwards. Why force a selection if you were just going to repopulate your camp with more squadies later anyway? It only makes sense if they were trying to limit story permutations on the origin characters. Subsequent characters could be relatively simple narratively. Second, Minsc is a beloved character and he is voiced by a D&D celebrity, how can they expect any of their origin characters to compete? Lazel or Karlach would have a real hard time making the cut over Misnc as your front-liner? It just makes sense for a slot to open for either of Minsc or Jaheira.
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Re: Don't show us the difficulty class when going through a skill check RagnarokCzD Yesterday at 11:11 PM
Originally Posted by iBowfish
There's still only two possible outcomes, success or failure. You just might not be able to tell for sure if you succeeded or not because the results were ambiguous.
Oh yes, this time i expressed myself poorly ...
I mean it as three separate situations, not three possible outcomes in same. smile

Originally Posted by iBowfish
Because that polite denial could have been the success when the failure was them being a lot tougher than you and kicking your ass just for asking.
That would be perfectly valid answer. smile


Originally Posted by The Red Queen
Not saying this is right or wrong, and as I’ve said here I’m not a TT player so am in no position to judge, but after Matt Mercer was announced as Minsc in BG3 I watched some of the Critical Role vids and was interested that he rarely tells his table whether they’ve succeeded or failed, just tells them what happens after they give him their rolls. Sometimes it’s obvious, but plenty of other times it wasn’t clear whether a better (or worse) outcome might have been available and I’ll admit I did like his approach. I’m sure others who are far more familiar with other DMs or are DMs themselves will have their own, better-informed, views on what works best though.
In mo tabletop veteran either, i get to one group and played cca 1,5y long campaign by now. And luckily for me, i really resonate well with our DM. ^_^

Still ... it would depend a lot on context ...
When i roll with clean intention, and tht intention isnt reflected in the outcome ... i ask.

I just asked him on Discord, and he confirmed the same ... he tryes to describe situations as clear as possible, but if someone have doubts, there is nothing easier than ask. smile
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Re: Party Play - Pros and Cons Commodore_Tyrs Yesterday at 10:02 PM
Well we use SHIVTR's forum. You CANNOT BEAT its party scheduling system. Has a roster that can be updated with everyone's multiple characters -- and time zone accurate party scheduling.

We do have a system in discord as well that works great. I leave it up to the guild leader in each Tyrs game chapter if they want tousae the forum or discord. There is no universal RIGHT system. The right system is the one your guildies actually USE!! :)~~~
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Re: D&D Honor Among Thieves premier - Decent Reviews The Red Queen Yesterday at 08:45 PM
Originally Posted by Wormerine
One of my go to YouTube reviewers is also positive. Perhaps some spoilers, as he gives story setup and lists some of the characters that appear in the film:

Thanks for sharing! That does sound positive, especially as he’s coming at it from the perspective of a non D&D fan. After watching that review, I’m actually now thinking I’ll venture to the cinema to see it after all, whereas I was previously thinking I’d wait for streaming options.
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Re: What games to play other than BG3 only? Tuco Yesterday at 08:43 PM
Used to to do 40-men WoW raids back as the shaman class leader in my guild, back then. We even achieve some decent results at the time, like first Onyxia and Ragnarok kills in our server and for an Italian guild.

Ah, the good old times... I wouldn't go back to play that stuff if I was paid to do it.
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Re: Am I weird? romancing my own Tav Boblawblah Yesterday at 08:14 PM
Originally Posted by RagnarokCzD
Originally Posted by Ussnorway
so you want to be able to go fuck yourself?
[Linked Image from]
[Linked Image from]
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Re: Community Update #18: Baldur's Date Zerubbabel Yesterday at 08:12 PM
Originally Posted by RagnarokCzD
Wouldnt that change Baldur's Gate 2 to Baldur's Gate 3 ... and Baldur's Gate 2: Throne of Bhall to Baldur's Gate 4 aswell?
Yeah, but that would ruin the joke.
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Re: Any more patches before full release? Tuco Yesterday at 07:26 PM
Originally Posted by mrfuji3
Alternatively, make vendors appropriately powerful and/or the consequences for stealing severe enough.

A vendor that has magic (or any valuable) items should probably be some combination of personally powerful, has hired guards, and/or owns a hard-to-pick lockbox.

A vendor that routinely notices stuff missing (things are stolen from them 2 or maybe 3 times while you're in the area) stops doing business with you and becomes significantly more wary when you're around. Possibly they tell the guards/locals their suspicions, decreasing everyone's attitude toward you.

The "problem" with all these good suggestions is that they start from the assumption that Larian wants to prevent or at least contain exploits.
Disappointingly enough this couldn't be further from Larian's goals, which is to embrace and endorse exploits as a way to "reward" players for "being clever", as Swen Vincke confirmed explicitly in several circumstances, like his famous DOS 2 post-mortem presentation at GDC. Here it is, directly from the horse's mouth (57:36).

"We did it on purpose. We did it because we know players like to glitch the game, so..."

What this angle doesn't take into account, sadly, is that players will always find ways to break systems and exploit mechanics anyway, so ideally the designer's work should be to minimize the holes in the keg to avoid the spilling, rather than adding their own drilling on the wood to make it more amusing.
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Re: Tavs Background theory RagnarokCzD Yesterday at 06:41 PM
So was Bilbo, when Gandalf wrote that rune on his doors ... wink
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Re: Are goblins evil? [Paladin oath] Blackheifer Yesterday at 04:30 PM
Originally Posted by The Red Queen
Originally Posted by Blackheifer
So, you should be able to walk up to any creature you deem to be evil and then kill them? Even if they are not attacking you? What if the creature in question wasn't evil, and had lived a life of helping people but because of your racism you just kill them. Should that break your oath?

Personally I wouldn’t call it “stupid” that we break our oaths for killing goblins in BG3, as I agree it’s not straightforward, but I do think it’s wrong that killing goblins not attacking our paladin automatically breaks the oath and I do think that seen a certain way it could indeed be required by our oaths, specifically the tenet “Compassion. Aid others, protect the weak, and punish those who threaten them.” Paladins seem to have a quasi law-enforcement role in Faerun, and it seems expected that they might need to act as judge, jury and executioner. I’d agree that killing every goblin they met wouldn’t be seem very paladin-y to me, but the specific goblins we meet in BG3 have just carried out a raid on a nearby inn and clearly are preying on passing travellers as well as threatening the druid grove. It feels reasonable that a paladin might decide the best way they can protect the weak and punish those who threaten them is to kill those goblins, and that merely killing their leaders and scattering them would just lead to more innocent deaths elsewhere so would be an abdication of responsibility. My kind of paladin would probably wish they had had another option and regret that the killing, but they’d feel that they had both the authority and duty to do that as the lesser of available evils.

Oh I totally agree, but the game gives you every opportunity to challenge the Goblins directly - in a law enforcement role - and to back down/leave or face your justice.

I think what William85 was arguing was that if a goblin is just walking about and is not attacking him that he should be allowed to just straight up attack without any conversation. That's an extraordinarily bad idea for a number of reasons - not least of all that he is violating his oath by not seeking a peaceful resolution first. But especially if they are holding prisoners (which we already know they are doing) and so a little subterfuge and diplomacy is WAY better there.

Oath of Vengeance probably gives you a lot more leeway in regards to who you attack, but IT'S NOT a "License to Kill" either. Your "no mercy" rule only applies to your sworn enemies. If you decide Goblins are your "Sworn enemies" then so be it but it seems like a waste of a "sworn enemies" card.
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Reverse Engineer Sorcerous Sundries ReaM Yesterday at 12:26 PM
Hey there all, new to posting to the forum.

I had a question and it is no doubt rooted in my minimal understanding of the engine so far. It's my second day learning to manipulate it. I was able to create a unique item with stats of my choosing and to finally get the "Cannot find item group" issue to abate. Now my focus has turned to trying to make said unique item compatible with Sorcerous Sundries.

To this end, I opened up the "CMP_LevelUpEquipment" project and I was trying to analyze it to see how the logic of combining Diamond Dust and etc works so that I could try add my item to that logic pool. Upon opening "CMP_LevelUpEquipment" and taking a look at the "LUE_Diamond_Dust_A" object in the editor panel, I see a "Stats" reference, namely: "LUE_Diamond_Dust". I thought this might be my entry point to seeing where it attaches to the stats panel.

However, I've looked through the Shared, Shared: DOS, and Divinity: Original Sin 2 groups and haven't found a single item by that reference. There is a project in the Stats Editor called "Shiny Gear" but since its completely void of entries it's pointless to even mention it. "Where is this LUE_Diamond_Dust skill entry?" my brain wonders.

My question would then be, how can I find out how the Sorcerous Sundries add-on changes the crafting logic, and would it be possible to add a custom unique item to that pool to also make it upgrade-able in the same way?

Thank you in advance for any help offered to a fellow novice modder.
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Re: Colossus Slayer vs Horde Breaker geala Yesterday at 11:58 AM
Ok, I see. I never tried the back alley indeed. It shouldn't be more difficult that way, I concur. Perhaps Larian wants to give a benefit to those who use proven tactics and attack the Gnolls from the rear (even if only by chance)? grin
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Re: German translation and context mistakes Lotus Noctus Yesterday at 10:05 AM
[Linked Image from]
[Linked Image from]
Soooooo where best to start here... For the text marked in yellow, a uniform variant should be chosen. So either a numbering with ordinary numbers or Roman numerals.

In the case of the text marked in blue, the female context of Captain Morgig emerges. I don't have any more screenshots, but in other volumes it is reported that she has a female Goblin friend and has a little fling with the Lord of Barovia or something like that, which is further evidence for a female Captain Morgig and this should be translated clearly accordingly. Therefore, it should read as follows: "[...] Erlebnisse der Kapitänin eines interplanaren Schiffs erzählt. Kapitänin Morgig hat in Wahrheit ihre [...]". In the titles of the individual books it must read correspondingly "[...] Abenteuer der Tenebrux Morgig [...]".

I would highlight the two terms marked in orange with "- signs. "Gähnendes Portal" & "Junge Braut".

The word "Ruder" does not necessarily need to be replaced, but could be made clearer with "Steuer". The word rudder is used in German almost only for lifeboats and canoes or the like, otherwise there is almost only talk of the "Steuer" (helm).

Please replace the Gallicism "malaise" with the German equivalent: "[...] solch Unbehagen [...]".

Okay, now it's getting more challenging. There is no 100% good German equivalent for the Gaelic name Carlisle. One nickname comes closest to the German and that is "Karlissel" --> What would also be a possible good alternative is the following derivation -> Carl --> Karl --> Carlisle --> Karlheinz (old fashioned German name which fits a medieval fantasy setting). Also compare my last post on this, right at the beginning of Last edited by Lotus Noctus; Sat Apr 23 2022 06:59 AM. It involves several books, but I've only found one title (A Lustful Pact) now.

[Linked Image from]
[Linked Image from]
Here it must also correctly read: "[...] im Schatten [...]" & "[...] Euer Weib [...]".

[Linked Image from]
According to the title, it should be called "Pakt" and not "Park".

[Linked Image from]
[Linked Image from]
Gallicism can please be replaced as follows:
Originally Posted by Lotus Noctus
20.04.2022 Avoiding of Gallicisms & Anglicisms (better immersion for German native language)
A Pleasurable Deal: The Shocking Truth - Lore Book
It should be "[...] Karl [...]" instead of "Carlisle", "Dies war euer Einstand als Theaterleiter, nicht wahr? instead of "Debüt" and "Regisseur" and "[...] Skandalblatt [...]" instead of "Boulevardblatt".
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Re: Accidentally deleted my save file. Is there a way to recover it from the cloud saves? Ussnorway Yesterday at 04:55 AM
First you have to have it enabled , cross-saves is an option to tik box

Then your network allows it to upsync and finally yes if you then delete the save locally it can be recovered by using a different computer or a fresh install of the game... The actual steps depend on which build of the game and what system but as a side issue running discord on the same system as the game is a bad idea
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Re: Keybinds: Send to Camp, Add to Wares Baraz Yesterday at 01:11 AM
( a Thumbs Up option/icon on these forums would be sweet. It seems to be called "Topic Ratings" in the Ubb Threads system.)
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Pet Power doesn't let me imbue others' summons in Multiplayer Raban 19/03/23 07:25 PM
as I understand Pet Power, it should let my Summoner imbue all summons of the party. But in our multiplayer game, I couldn't imbue my friends' Bloated Corpse, Bone Window, or Hungry Flower. Even after I took control of both my Summoner and the other summoning character via Party Management, I still couldn't imbue their summons. We activated the mod only after many hours in the game.

Is that right or a bug? If the former, what does Pet Power do then?

Thank you for any enlightenment
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Re: Item overweight bug LostSoul 19/03/23 09:49 AM
Larian moved the location of mods a number of patches ago but it's possible old mods were copied over. And they changed the weights by 1000 in one of their patches.
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Add Steam Datagram Relay support to games wordlesswind 19/03/23 09:14 AM

The games produced by Larian Studios are beautiful, but there are a few hiccups when it comes to online play.

I'd like to recommend Steam Datagram Relay (SDR), a proposed private gaming network system developed by Valve, which is even available in an open source version.

SDR has really solved networking problems in many games for me and I hope you will seriously consider integrating it in your games.

Best regards,
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Re: "Using this spell will break Concentration" message (toggle in Settings?) UnknownEvil 19/03/23 07:24 AM
if that is implemented correctly it would surely help. Especially since you end the turn of your character by pressing "end turn". Theoretically you could undo everything your char did (even though i tihnk that eould be too much). Undo move would be really good since it happens pretty often that i want to do something like casting a spell, move closer and am still not in range.

But do open a separate thread for that topic. Removing shove is too important for adding something else to this one :P.
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