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Re: skill check dice rolls, a really shit idea. GM4Him 57 seconds ago
I do agree it can be a bit frustrating when dice rolls lock you out of certain events or keep you from getting certain items or something, but that is kinda the way life can be, right? Sometimes if you aren't lucky enough, you just miss out on something.

One thing I love about this game is that you never play the same game twice. Sometimes you make rolls and trigger events and sometimes you don't. Take away dice rolling triggering things or locking you out of things and the game loses a lot of edge and flavor. Next time I play, same game. No variations.

What I honestly think would be easiest and work best is 5e Hard Core rules but give players the option to go into settings and set for themselves their own preference on how many Inspiration points they have. These points could be used in combat and dialogue. So if players want easy mode, they can set themselves to have 100 inspiration points.
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Re: Feedback 10/10 Kallark 10 minutes ago
Zombie apocalypse sounds even more fun than those aliens actually, but yes, I might definitely try it, the character customization is what got my attention the most, but hopefully there is story too.

Solasta I had considered, I did some research before I got Baldur's Gate 3, so Solasta was among the options, but then BG3 was the most interesting for me, and don't regret with the choice I made. I can still play Solasta some another time, maybe after the game is done, have you played?
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Re: BG3 and Star Trek Argyle 23 minutes ago
Ironically, I am watching Star Trek right now. Doomsday Machine.

Ah, now that I think of it, I want to be an Andorian in BG III. They can't wear helmets, but those cool-looking blue antennae might give them some other special abilities.
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Re: Reddit : interresting posts vometia 53 minutes ago
Enough, guys. This isn't going anywhere good so let's knock it off with who said what and dragging up other people's posting histories.
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Re: Favorite game moments Pandemonica 1 hour ago
Originally Posted by fylimar
I agree, the Underdark is beautiful. If not for that pescy bulette, it would be perfect.

There is a bug with the ball throwing? I never encountered any problems.

Everytime I tried to throw the ball towards the dog, it would act as if I attacked it. Once the other party members attacked me for attacking the dog just by playing fetch. That was entertaining.
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Re: What's on your wishlist for the game? AlexanderCrowley 2 hours ago
My wishlist:
1. An opportunity to change pre-made characters' (Wyll, Gale, etc) appearence when choosing one as a main character (like in DOS 2) or choose an intresting background story for a self-made character. It would be great to play as character with backgroung which influences his relationships with others, to have special quests based on this background. Well, like in Original sin 2.😀
2. Fully voiced main character.
3. Traditional 3-rd person camera (like in Witcher or Dragon age). Baldur's gate 3 looks beautiful, but it's impossible to enjoy the scenery with this camera.😀
4. More bastard swords or any two-handed swords that are not ridiculously large (long swords in BG3 ARE ridiculuosly large).
5. A button to make all companions follow/not follow.
6. Scars for a main character would be nice.
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Fleeing Adiktus 2 hours ago
I try to use this option as little as possible, as it feels not just cowardly, but is mechanically and logistically weird. But I thought I'd give it a try when Astarion, trying to sneak through a hostile Goblin Camp alone after fast-travelling there, got spotted.

The only enemy that spotted him was the named Bugbear (Bo'kor'ok'uk or whatever). Astarion was able to flee fairly quickly using Dash.

But when my full party returned to the camp, Bo'kor'ok'uk (or whatever) was *gone*, poof! All other goblins, as far as I'm aware, were still around. Is this a bug?
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Re: Customizable Party 4 Single Player GM4Him 2 hours ago
Vexir is now leading the group. Different things happen depending on who is leading. They just arrived at Blighted Village, and Vexir pulled the Drow card. Now all the gobbos are calling her Lady and kissing her feet.
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Shiny things below us Adiktus 2 hours ago
There's a little area inside Selune's temple where a rat is running around furiously. It's the bit near the Maglubiyet worshipper in a cage, with three goblins in a "room" with a precarious, holey floor.

If you chat to the rat, using animal speaking or in wild shape form, it's convinced there is something "shiny" buried under the floor. But I've found nothing yet in several play-throughs. Jumping into the darkness below does not end well.

Most rats and animals in EA have secrets, of varying interest, which generally lead to at least something, but this one appears to be telling fibs. Unless it's another reference to the Nightsong, somewhere deep in the Underdark? In which case, the rat revelations are kinda pointless. Anyone had better luck?
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Re: Jump behind your current target is ridiculous Pandemonica 2 hours ago
Originally Posted by Nyanko
I find the ability for any character to jump behind their current melee target and get an advantage from it quite ridiculous. It makes min maxing tactical combat a monkey jump fest. Once you are in melee, you shouldn't be able to jump behind adversaries who are already in contact with you. This is stupid and has to go.

It clearly puts me out of the combat immersion, because it's so exploitable to the point of being utterly broken in my opinion.

I will agree, the only class that should get backstab advantage is rogues.
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Re: I did it. Adiktus 3 hours ago
Hope to hear from you again when you've beaten the Spectator, the other Spectator, Flind, the Hook Horrors, the Duergar, the Gith, Bernard and his Armors, the Kuo-Toa, the Minotaurs, the Mask of Vengeance, the Hag and the Bulette, and defended the grove from Minthara's hordes.

But it's a good sign that beating the Owlbear has pumped you up so much that you felt the need to share!

There's no real need for cheese (except possibly against the Bulette) - good strategy, and making sure your party has the best available equipment at all times, is usually enough, barring freakish enemy die rolls.
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Re: Why devs should(n't) care about save scumming ? Riandor Yesterday at 11:59 PM
There are many reasons players reload and not all of them are for "bad" reasons.
Re-doing a battle isn't a bad form of savescumming for example, but if you want to limit the amount of times players do it, then do it through positive gameplay design.

There is nothing worse than feeling you've been conned out of something good due to a poor die roll and that's it. Get an item vs don't, save a person vs don't. Something positive vs something negative.

If I know that a couple of die rolls = a cool piece of gear and failing means I get nothing, then yeah, chances are players will reload until they get the item. But what about if getting said item meant also something negative? Like a faction hunting down the owner of said magical item, harassing the player(s), or meaning you miss out on a character joining you later on as a result of you owning said item. What if failure just mean you had to seek a different opportunity. You failed the charisma check, but you open up the opportunity to threaten, or take/achieve by force.

Say for example in the grove I fail to save the child via talking? What if I have a chance, to physically intervene, what would the ramifications be? Give me choice, rather than giving me success or failure so close together that re-loading just frankly makes sense. I appreciate it's a lot of effort to do this all the time, but the player is imho much less likely to reload (other than to see different outcomes out of curiosity), if they still feel in control of their destiny.
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Re: Would a higher Proficiency Bonus be a good house rule for BG3? GM4Him Yesterday at 11:50 PM
Seriously. Everyone just play Solasta. You'll see how 5e rules work well if they are just followed more strictly.
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How To Draw in 5 Easy Steps GristlyKnuckle Yesterday at 11:06 PM
1) Who knows how to draw these amazing images?

2) Among those who identify with point 1, did you see that new druid class playable image?

3) Can you draw that one?

4) Can you tell me what you did?

5) Do you think I'm pretty?
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Re: How does BG3 compare to BG2? etonbears Yesterday at 10:32 PM
Originally Posted by Black_Elk
One of the things that still stands out in my mind for the BG saga and all the old Infinity games, was just the steady clip at which its expansions and sequel were released.

For the time, and even by todays standards, they cranked those games out in what felt like a new entry like every six months for couple years running.
Yes, even as late as NWN2, once the engine was built, the subsequent stories came out quite quickly.

Obviously there have been changes in the last 15 years! I think it's partly the asset quality has increased so much that they are more time consuming to produce, partly the monetisation of engines is achieved through less substantial expanded content ( DLC rather than story episodes ), and partly engines seem to need updating more often to satisfy the current player base.

I have to say that I am more a fan of expansion stories than of the more common drip-drip DLC. The Witcher 3 "Blood and Wine" , for example, shows that it is still possible to do a good job with expansion stories, but it is a rare exception.
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Re: Level 5 in EA Drath Malorn Yesterday at 09:32 PM
In my view, Larian has rather clearly said that Early Access would be Act 1 and capped at level 4. I don't know if they explicitly made further statement saying that "no, no, no, there won't be more", but then again there's no reason to believe that they'll change their mind on this plan.

The FAQ says that there will likely be new races and classes added to EA. It doesn't say so for levels and story. And in a recent interview, they said that EA is just for testing systems. So additional story content is pretty clearly out.

Granted, additional levels are more systems, or rather technical content, and not story content. But I think Larian's intent for EA is solely to see how people engage with and react to more fundamental systems. Whereas opening level 5 would be more for balancing purposes. So, for what it's worth, I greatly doubt they'll add level 5.

I'm not saying it wouldn't be valuable. In fact, I'd kind of want to know that many people tried level 5. In a GDC talk about the making of D:OS 2, Swen explained that their EA, which was also limited to Act 1, and their internal testing didn't allow them to see some problems with the progression-and-difficulty curves. BG3's EA is similarly limited in scope, so I hope their internal testing got better. Admittedly, the D:OS 2 problems were perhaps more about characters having progressed too much in level at some points of the story. But as level 5 sounds to be really a big deal in terms of power, it will affect the face of combat. Anyway.

@Tuco : the fact that level 4 (and level 3) is reached quickly might be precisely the goal in Early Access. Level 3 is when every class has chosen their subclass and we have access to all the EA spells and abilities. For playtesting purpose, I like it that I can reach this point in 1h-2h, if I don't have a save already. The progression curves can easily be adjusted, either by tweaking the XP-to-next-level requirements or the XP rewards. And it would be a lot more sensible for Larian to leave those adjustments to the very end, when all the XP-yielding content is ready. Hopefully this time they'll do it better than for the release of D:OS 2.
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Re: Your Character and their story BladeDancer Yesterday at 08:34 PM
Now here is the backstory for my human character, which is what I will most likely be playing in the game, and using in my Baldur's Gate 3 fan fiction when I start working on it.

Name: Zavier "Hawkeye" Hawkins

Race: Human

Class: Ranger (Hunter)

Background: Urchin

Alignment: True Neutral

Birthday: 9 Flamerule, 1464 DR (30 years old during Descent into Avernus and Baldur's Gate 3)
Year of Six-Armed Elf
Born under the Sign of the Chalice
and with 3rd Quarter Selûne under the sign of the Swan

Who He Dreams Of Every Night: Cassandria Morrowind, a female half-elf

Zavier grew up living in Baldur's Gate, and unlike most urchins, he knew who his parents were. His mother, Maya Marivaldi, is an adventurer who came from Turmish. She was the sister of an infamous pirate captain named Anton Marivaldi, or so she claims. Zavier's father, Jarrod Rayburton, was an adventurer from Chult, and he is rumored to be the descendant of Dhalmass Rayburton, the only human member of the Tabaxi super-paladins from Mezro. Maya and Jarrod met each other in Baldur's Gate and they settled into the city and had Zavier, their only child.

Zavier grew up loving the city life, playing with his friends and such, but a part of him yearned to be out of the city to see nature with his own two eyes. This is likely because of what little Tabaxi blood is stirring inside his bloodveins, as Dhalmass had a daughter with a female Tabaxi, but since he was too young to go out adventuring on his own yet, his parents advised him to stay within the city among friends they know of. Years later, in 1476 DR, Jarrod and Maya received word that one of their old friends, who a few years ago became a paladin in Fort Morninglord, which is not far from Elturel, mysteriously disappeared along with all other Fort Morninglord paladins, and they decide to investigate their disappearance. Days later, Zavier soon got word that his parents have gone missing too. This emotionally devastated him, and now the only family he has left are his childhood friends that he grew up with, and living a life as an urchin, wandering the alleys of Baldur's Gate, stealing food wherever he could, avoid getting caught by the Flaming Fist and the Watch, and getting into fun mischief with his friends, who still have their parents, but none of their parents have the time or resources to adopt an orphaned child like Zavier, so on his worst days, Zavier would occasionally come to one of his friends for help, whether it is for food, drinks or new clothes.

At the age of 17, Zavier made some money as a freelancer, choosing to make his own surname "Hawkins" instead of using his father or mother's surname because he believed whoever is behind their disappearance is probably looking for him too or believes he is dead. With enough money in his coin bags, Zavier finally left the city to see the world outside the walls of Baldur's Gate. He traveled north to Neverwinter where he met and befriended a Ranger classed human man named Zarkin Farlong (My Neverwinter MMORPG character), who is one of the heroes of Sleeping Dragon Bridge, protecting the city of Neverwinter from evil threats like the moon elf lich Valindra Shadowmantle. Zavier is the descendant of Dario Farlong (My Neverwinter Nights 2 character), the Knight-Captain of the Neverwinter Nine who defeated the King of Shadows 100 years ago in the mid 1370's, and he taught Zavier how to be a Ranger. Zavier learned a lot from Zarkin, how to communicate with animals, be proficient with bows and arrows, etc. Also, during his visit in Neverwinter, Zavier met a half-elf woman that he immediately grew attracted towards because of her beautiful chestnut hair, almond eyes, flawless fair skin and slender figure. He only got her name, Cassandria Morrowind, but he never got the opportunity to befriend her, much to his disappointment, because like Zarkin, she too was busy helping protect Neverwinter from evil forces.

Zavier spent the next several years honing his skills as a ranger, but never getting involved in Neverwinter's affairs. Eventually in 1494 DR he grew homesick and decided to return to Baldur's Gate and try to find out what happened to his mother and father. however, after passing through Waterdeep, Zavier got captured by a strange ship with tentacles on the sides hovering in the sky.
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Re: Your Favorite Moment in DOS2? (Spoilers) ArhuMan Yesterday at 08:28 PM
Yes, I think the magic of DOS2 is the fact that eventhough the same save, the fight can go differently. That's one aspect I hope they keep in BG3, I have no idea how it'll be besides some cinematics (that said as a big BG fan).
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Re: Companion dialogues and cutscenes - how to get? mrfuji3 Yesterday at 08:21 PM
Originally Posted by Dez
OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH, is THAT why they say they are tired? I just assumed it was because they were out of spell-slots and hence "exhausted". Thank you very much for stating this, I am pleasantly surprised that Larian actually hint at their players when our companions need to talk.
I am basing this off of what some other poster said, so don't take it with 100% confidence.

It's certainly not because they're out of spell slots/daily resources though.
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DirectX Error Crash (DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED) HELP billyjoe Yesterday at 07:43 PM
Hello everyone,

I have some problems with a specific crash (see title and screenshot) and have no clue how to fix it anymore. I tried to resolve this issue in various ways (especially following the suggestions mentioned in the crash description and some other stuff I found online) but sadly without success.

The crash seems to occur pretty randomly. Sometimes im only a few minutes ingame and another time I can play for a few hours until the crash happens. It seems to trigger mostly in fights, but im not 100% sure that it never happened while exploring.
As far a I read the issue could be related to my GPU (AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT). I can provide more details about my software and hardware if needed of course. I hope there is a way to resolve this issue because I really enjoy this game and would like to continue playing it. Thanks in advance for the help.

[Linked Image from]

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Re: Need Better Party Control andreasrylander Yesterday at 04:49 PM
Seems all has been said already. I will just chime in with an "I concur" =)
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Re: Books? fylimar Yesterday at 04:43 PM
I find some of the Vampire the Masquerade novels pretty good.

If it doesn't have to be based directly on a rpg, I can recommend everything from Tad Williams, especially the Dragonbone Chair saga, which is classical fantasy with great characters and an interesting plot.
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Re: Your First and Current Character fylimar Yesterday at 04:40 PM
I forgot two of my favorite characters from Vampire the Masquerade:
- Hanna P. Lovecraft, a Malkavian. She has visions and delusions. The problem is, she doesn't know, what is what. She plays the violin in a folk rock band and is currently with a group of two Nosferatu (one of them her best friend), a Toreador and a Brujah in Chicago, where they tried to stop a coup. She is very adventurous and well spoken and the group normally send her to talk to other vampires, because she knows a lot about vampire etiquette. She and her master crossed path with the infamous Sascha Vykos and both live to tell the tale. This was because they were able to help each other and formed a short alliance. Since neitehr she nor her master belong to any sect officially, people often com to them for help. Both are good in detective work.

- Aladar: a Tzimisce noble from Hungary. He was put to topor by an enemy in the 19th century and brought just back mid 20th century. He is very old fashioned, very polite and etiquette is important to him. But as a higher ranking Sabbat, he is also cruel and has no problem in experimenting on his enemies (Tzimisce have a flesh forming ability, for those, who are not familiar with the World of Darkness). He made himself a ghoul (a human, who is feed vampire blood - they become imortal as long as they keep drinking that blood, are loyal to the blood donor and gain a few extra abilities), who keeps him connected to the modern world and helps him with technical stuff. Thanks to that ghoul he knows how to use a computer , but managed to still get a virus once or twice by opening suspicious emails. Aladar is currently the leader of a Sabbat pack and is trying to get back to his old power.
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Re: Customised or varied equipment options CJMPinger Yesterday at 04:18 PM
Originally Posted by Dez
* I would strongly suggest an outfit slot rather than a transmogrification system. A transmog system would require some kind of lore behind the transmogging - aka. some bored mage changing the looks of your attire for payment or anything similar. A outfit system would simply be 100% cosmetic and a part of role playing to separate the role playing aspect of the game from the stat-stick part of the game AAANNNDDD it would rid players of the annoyance of having to visit a NPC for mogging every time they receive new armor. My personal suggestion would be to let us unlock all equipment we find as outfits that we can simply use in our outfit slot. You could even have some quest-rewarded armor that serves as transmog armor only (aka. no stats) from side quests, main quests, flavor quests, DLCs, events and whatnot. I mean... Imagine if you actually would have been able to keep the cool pirate outfit in DOS2 for the entire game (and not being forced to be green during the process laugh ). Since I suspect our characters might be able to join or at least ally with different types of factions later on, it would be fun to be able to wear their regalia through some quest-line locked behind some form of "reputation" / "loyalty"-bar.

Actually I feel like implementing Transmog could be fairly easy. The NPC in question could be an illusionist and "recruiting" them could be a quest reward. They could cast an effect on your armor, and when under any effects that disable magic the armor could temporarily turn back to its normal form. Could also add the effects of regalia if any to said illusion, like people recognizing that your armor is Flaming Fist.
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Re: Multiple Parties and Leaving PCs at camp GM4Him Yesterday at 04:06 PM
Yeah. True. I agree. Separating would truly only work for timed scenarios. Eh. It was just a thought.

But definitely the ability to leave custom party members at camp. That is more of what I want. The other was just an idea I thought could be fun especially after more than 1 playthrough.
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