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Re: Patch 6 Destroyed Player Agency with Astarion KiraMira 5 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Marielle
The Nightingale mod perfectly showed me how wonderful Larian's efforts were for all the other players. I was very touched by some of the kisses, they fit perfectly and expressed what I wanted to express through romance and tenderness for Astarion. These kisses in the original are meant for Gale. He is allowed to be loved. I am supposed to look at Astarion with the expression of a terrorized victim, with resentment, disgust, and pain. To clench my fists and not touch him. If anyone can do a worse job in terms of romance than this, they will deserve a medal and a place in the Guinness Book of World Records.

They are all very cute, and all shows romance and happiness. I ended up just using the Happy mod for the AA kisses. I think if they had nailed the expressions in the AA kisses in Patch 6 it could have been amazing. Personally I would not have wanted any of the other ones if they made the AA kisses right.

Originally Posted by Zayir
Originally Posted by KiraMira
The player character says it clearly with the silent scream of terror and the hate/contemnt/disgust at the end of EVERY ascended kiss animation.

My character looks at Acended Astarion as a lover, a master, someone she can trust, someone that would protect her with his life. She would never make those faces when kissing Astarion.
It's character assassination - of the player's character. And the story around them. Tav turns 180 degrees in these scenes. You can choose dozens of positive, happy, consenting lines, you can love your partner, but Larian suddenly decided to allow only negative emotions, when you want to kiss in patch 6. Whatever is responsible for it, for Tav's behavior and faces, there was no understanding or knowledge of the story, not even an idea of what a roleplaying game is, and not even knowing, what a "kiss", Tav asks for, is meant for.

100%. You said it perfectly.

Originally Posted by Zayir
Yes.. well those faces were intentional by whomever, the question is, what was the reason. No idea about a role-playing game, no idea about the story, rewriting a story, making fun of people on Valentine's Day, misunderstanding in the workflow, misunderstanding of kink or BDSM. If it was just accidently putting wrong facial expressions, it could have been fixed hotfixes ago. But if they would state this, I'm not here to refute that as long as they correct this mistake. That's the important thing.

The expressions where intended from those that put this thing togheter yes, but I'm having a hard time thinking this is what Larian the company intended. It feels like a botched job, more than malicious intent. I agree as long as it is corrected in the next patch I will probably forgive and forget. Well.., not entirely forget.
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Re: After Seeing the new Dragon Age Trailer so glad BioWare didn't get to make Bg3 kanisatha 1 hour ago
A lot of good details on how combat can work, especially that it is entirely up to the player to decide how tactical they want to be and how much they want to get out of the combat system:
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Re: [END SPOILS WARNING] Addressing Karlach (PLEASE PUT SPOILERS IN TAGS) gdavid7 2 hours ago
Everybody else gets a happy ending, even Gale whose problem is x1000 worse than her gets one, yet Karlach has to stick to a "bittersweet" ending cause it fits her characters?

I dont buy it, her quest has always been incomplete, thats the reason she has the ending she has.
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Re: BG: Legacy (Toying with mod ideas) JPCoutelier 2 hours ago
Obviously you would have the chance, in this very hypothetical mod, to probe her in camp about her backstory if you don't already know it:

AERIE: About me? Well, I grew up in the mountains, in an Avariel city called Faenya-Dail. I was an inquisitive and adventurous child, to my parent’s chagrin; always being caught in places I’d been warned not to go, always trying to push a little further beyond the boundaries they’d set, when not getting into scraps with children twice my size – that kind of thing.

TAV: Sounds like you haven’t changed much.

AERIE: Oh – I’ve changed. And then I've changed some things back again. *sighs* I used to watch caravans winding their way through the valleys below, wondering who they were and where they went. One day I got too close. I saw a battle and tried to help a boy who was running away, only to be caught in his stead.

TAV: You never said what happened to your wings.

AERIE: I got sick. A long time ago. And I lost them.

TAV: Not such a long story.

AERIE: Well, that’s the very abbreviated version; there was a lot leading up to it. Years of abuse, neglect… y-you’ll, forgive me, if I’m not keen to recount all the details. Suffices to say that I was a slave, and any defiance met with swift and harsh punishment.

TAV: Where were you a slave?

AERIE: I was sold to a circus, in Amn. Stuffed into a tiny cage and put on display for all the world to gawk at. When I started to get sick, I tried to hide it at first – I was actually afraid of making things worse for myself. But worse they got anyway, and when my owners did notice I suppose they figured I wasn’t worth spending any more gold on for a healer. I was left to rot, until a Gnome – Uncle Quayle – took pity on and saved me. But my wings - they were disease-ridden, atrophied – it was too late to save them.

TAV: I’m sorry.

AERIE: No need to be. It was a long time ago.

TAV: You’re remarkably good-natured, considering all that’s happened to you.

AERIE: I just don’t want anyone else to go through anything like that. Have I ever been angry about it? Lashed out at people who didn’t really deserve it? Of course I have. I try my best, but I’ve never claimed to be an angel… there are other Avariel that do do that.

TAV: Really?

AERIE: Uh-huh. They’ll find some isolated village and land in the middle of it claiming to be messengers sent by Ao or something, then start demanding that people offer up their valuables in exchange for blessings. All rather childish, really.

TAV: You must have had or come across some power that could restore your wings.

AERIE: Several, but… sometimes you live with something for so long it just becomes a part of who you are, and hard to imagine ever changing back. I am a grounded Avariel, a wingless wonder, a cripple in the eyes of my people yet I have flown farther than any of them. Anyway, that’s all I have to say about my first life. My new life really began with an illusionist named Kalah, but that’s a story for another time.
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Re: The Basilisk Gate: the wrong place to start us out in Act III? Gray Ghost 2 hours ago
I think there's some merit to our idea, OP. One issue I had with act 3 was that I didn't like the way we went through the city. It felt more like going through the forest in act 1, rather than e plowing a city. Having a central place to go back to from the start could have improved things.
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Re: Funniest things you've found Sini 3 hours ago
Originally Posted by Celesti4
@Sini - I made a video for you with the voice lines!hug
Most of the voice lines seem to be referring to the player character being hurt or needing help in battle. The ones I put together are some I found from Astarion, Minthara, Gale, Jaheira, and Minsc.

Thank you, you are such a sweetheart. hug
I think I must be dying more often or needing more help, unfortunately I've never heard most of the texts.cry

"Astarion, I ripped off a fingernail."
"Hold on darling, your savior is coming."

THAT would be a real emergency and rescue mission for Astarion. grin

As Dark Urge, Minthara is your biggest cheerleader, from whom you will always receive encouragement and warm words... as long as you are evil & powerful enough. On the other hand, we have Astarion with "Precious little Bhaal-babe" and "My sweet, conflicted villain. " ...Ok, Astarion won. ; )

Originally Posted by Celesti4
ROFL. That's perfect! xD He may have to get used to a lifetime of spending days locked in the palace attic, or getting buried in the garden.^^

"Darling, I planted you a new blood-red rose bush."
"I love it, thank you my dear *kiss* ... but have you seen Sceleritas? I call for him but he just doesn't come."
"Don't worry darling, he's probarly buried in his work. He's definitely nearby ... I'm really sure of it."

Originally Posted by Celesti4
I liked Astarion's comment when Dark Urge dies, but I feel like it no longer fits once you're in a committed relationship with him. smirk It should then be something like, "No! My sweet consort!" :p

I'd have to die to check if he's still saying that so late. smile At this moment Astarion's eyes glow blood red and he becomes a tiny bat grin ... falls into a bloodlust.

If you are a ranger and talk to Elegis in the grove & Astarion reacts. smile

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Re: Short race appreciation thread fylimar 3 hours ago
Originally Posted by RagnarokCzD
I said that before and i will say it again ...
Gale should have been Gnome!

I don't know why,but I always pictured Astarion as a gnome and Shadowheart as a halfling.
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Re: There needs to be an option to use the crown yourself Brainer 10 hours ago
A more prosaic explanation is that the non-Dark Urge custom characters were simply overlooked as far as meaningful narrative involvement goes.
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Sacrificed cultist bug Menma2991 14 hours ago
I have decided to take one of the Sacrificed Cultist in the nautiloid at the start of the game in Lae'zel inventory, to use the amulet we find in the beginning ruins to speak with the dead, wanting to know what they have to say, but once I use it, I see the dead Cultist levitate, then black screen for a second then the game came back to normal, I just thought it was simply not working, but my game just became strange, when I arrive at the Druid Camp, there was no battle with goblins at all, even the usual cinematic when you arrive doesn't play, but everyone talk about it inside like it happen, Auntie Ethel doesn't seem to be in the Tiefling camp either, didn't go further in the game, so I don't know if they is other effect of on game
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Re: Desperate with Minthara and a glitch in Moonrise prison...any help? ): ldo58 Yesterday at 08:34 PM
Originally Posted by Ghostsecurity29
Originally Posted by ldo58
Did you try a cure wounds spell or potion on her ? It's the way that the unconscious druid in the tunnel witrh the guardian statues can be woken up.

Yep cure wounds , potions she is still knocked out with the guards watching over her.
Another thing to try (if you have not done so already) is to take a long rest ? When you leave camp and teleport back to the prison, maybe she's back up.....
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Re: Returning Pike doesn't always return pohaha Yesterday at 07:49 PM
Originally Posted by JandK
Slightly off topic: there are a lot of things I don't like about throw builds (mostly that tavern brawler is so over the top). I've noticed that the thrown weapon doesn't seem to get any special weapon abilities. For instance, if you throw the Sparky Points trident it doesn't seem to trigger lightning charges. Is that a bug, I wonder, or as intended?

Could not agree more, the most troublesome thing is that it is not stated anywhere and weapon effects read as “on hit/miss do X” and you do hit and miss while throwing weapons. You roll an attack, and apply a modifier, just like any normal attack would…
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Re: Arka's Story Makes Choices Feel Meaningless Karthull Yesterday at 07:24 PM
How dare you say scratch and the owlbear cub are more minor characters than her! She is as much of a background character as guex or mattis or mirkon, scratch and the cub are major characters!
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Re: Passive Effect "On a Hit" when thrown pohaha Yesterday at 06:09 PM
I second that. The best would be if all thrown weapons with “on hit/miss do X” when thrown would proc the effect, but at the very least for clarity’s sake if not aplied , it should state “on melee hit/miss do X” or maybe write it in a help page about thrown smth like “on hit weapon effects do not aply when thrown weapon is used to throw”
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Re: Please fix throwing pohaha Yesterday at 06:03 PM
Totally agree, or at the very least, have it’s effect be more clear “on melee hit do X”, because otherwise it’s just confusing and seems like a bug “an interaction that should happen, as stated by the description, but does not”
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Re: Minthara goblin celebration party GrumpyGhost Yesterday at 05:35 PM
Sadly I cannot find a single living being anywhere. I guess it's time to move on.
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Planned Forums Maintenance 25/06/2024 @ 2PM CET Salo Yesterday at 04:24 PM
Hey everyone!

The team will be performing a planned maintenance on the forums next week that aims to resolve any lingering loading issues and the Gateway Errors the forums have been experiencing.

Date: 25/06/2024
Start time: 2PM CET / 1PM BST / 8AM ET / 5AM PT
Planned end time: 5PM CET / 4PM BST / 11AM ET / 9AM PT

The forums will be down during this time and back online once the maintenance ends.
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Re: Can't leave camp on the road to Baldur's Gate Buba68 Yesterday at 02:26 PM
Kill all companions for revival later?
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Re: thrown weapon mechanic improvement Mordant Yesterday at 01:02 PM
Originally Posted by pohaha
There also is another thing. When i am at my camp i would reeeereeeeeeally like to have a method to test weather or not some stuff works as i expect, and we DO have target dummies. Why not make it so that combat calculations do happen when hitting the target dummy?

This is why we have Astarion in camp!

In all seriousness, there are abilities that will not proc when bashing Astarion upside the head (need to be engaged in combat), so I emphatically support a way to log damage using a target dummy. Parser would be even better, but we're too far along for that...
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Re: Sorcerers, Bards, and other not-quite-Wizards Black_Elk Yesterday at 07:51 AM
ps. for the summons, you'll be reliant mostly on scrolls for that (another difference from the standard wizards, who get options there). It's good to pick up animate dead or summon elemental scrolls when you can for some cushion. If like me, you end up with a million scrolls in your wizard's backpack, you might have fun with the Sorcerer just cause it gives a reason to use them more often without feeling like you're breaking archetype too much. For bards same deal there, like you can just make that one of the sinks for the GP with the scroll purchases. There are a couple 'familiars' you can grab along the way. Scratch, Shovel and Us. I think Shovel is probably the most useful all around, just cause they can caste invisibility on themselves and run interference that way, forcing the enemy to look around searching while your mains do the dirty work. That one is a pretty early get, Blighted Village, but kinda easy to miss. Otherwise for the itemization it's a lot of the same equipment you'd want to be wearing on your wizard anyway, so not too tricky of a transition there if you're used to Wizards.

Here's the sorcerer spell list from the wiki in case you want to suss things out.

Due to the limit on total know spells you're heavily incentivized to go for the most powerful spell at each level/tier prioritizing damage or CC. Some of the stuff that I'd usually grab as a Wizard for utility you'll often have to pass over, or count on picking it up somewhere else like from an item or a potion. Depends how you like to play, I almost always go with Chromatic Orb Magic Missile initially for damage type choices or just hitting targets that might be out of direct line of sight otherwise. Lvl 2 is tougher, depends on your playstyle, but probably cloud of daggers, or maybe shatter or ray of fire. Stuff like invisibility seems cool thematically, but if you can get something similar from a potion it's harder to justify. Haste I think would be the exception just because it's so powerful for pretty much the entire game, even with the nerf at higher difficulty levels it's a workhorse. Twin spell on that can be a bit of a double edged sword, high risk high reward type situation where you gotta hold concentration. I haven't found a great use for Extend spell, most spells that would use it already have a pretty lengthy duration (haste lasts 10 rounds already, so it's hard to imagine needing it for 20 rounds or whatever) also stuff like surfaces lasting twice as long can work against you. Careful spell seems ok, but similar to focusing on healing over damage, sorta like if you're already in the weeds and everyone is clustered sure, but probably too situational I think. I just get a lot more use out of distant, twin, quickened spell which seems to give more tactical options for how to open.

What you can do if the whole create sorcery point thing seems onerous, is to just eat a lvl 1 spell as soon as you wake up in the morning. Having the extra point at the ready will allow you to do another quickened spell back to back and that sort of stuff. You can do this on the fly, in combat, with a bonus action, but it's nice to bank something. Later on you can eat a few more lvl 1 spells and then go all ham with the meta magic without having to fret overmuch about running out of points. You do have the option to eat sorcery points to restore spells as well, but it's very expensive going that way, especially to restore higher level spellslots. Getting something similar from a potion of arcane cultivation usually seems better to me for the cost, there are a couple amulets that do the same. Unless your spellslots are totally spent, saving the points to quicken or twin, even for cantrips often seems better to me, especially with the damage bonus after lvl 6. Anyhow, not sure if it helps, but I think they're pretty fun.

I used to think Sorcerers were kinda lame, like when they were introduced in BG2 I never bothered hehe, but in BG3 it's my favorite class.
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Can I select a character without re-centering the camera? vextri 17/06/24 08:40 PM
This is becoming a huge nuisance for me, as I often like to move characters a distance away from my party in order to set up ambushes/strategies. I'd love to be able to move a character away from my party and then select another character to quickly join them without having to reframe the entire screen or, oftentimes, re-load to where my party is. After a while, this gets very annoying.

This seems like a pretty simple function. I'm confused why I can't do this. Is anyone else experiencing this, and are there any solutions to it?
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Re: Monk flurry of blows glitch genderlessplug 17/06/24 07:14 PM
yeah definitely using flurry of blows
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Re: Deluxe Edition Console Shipping - PS5 North America and Xbox KuroFrog 17/06/24 09:54 AM
Hi, what about shipping? My package is still pending since 31th of may and the support doesn't respond to my emails.
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Purring cats - Tara/Gale Buba68 17/06/24 09:42 AM
I'm a bit deaf (old age :P) but I had the impression that when "getting her reward" i.e. a cheeck scratch after delivery of the Ring of Evasion, I could hear Tara purring. Any other instances of purring cats in the game?
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Re: UI scaling and font size clause 17/06/24 04:17 AM
They recently added text scaling for books, which I'm extremely grateful for. The only thing is, they left the text scaling for LETTERS. Hopefully they remedy that sooner than later.
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Magic Images Not Showing in Scenes Juni 16/06/24 10:56 PM
I have now played multiple playthroughs where no magic images appear during Rolan's magic scene and Gale's magic-teaching scene. There is a burst of purple "mist" during these parts, but there are no actual images. This results in the characters looking at "nothing" in the air. I have deleted and re-installed the game itself and it does the same thing. I have not yet tried deleting save data after re-installing and hoping this is the last resort.

Please help! frown
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