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Re: Hotfix #11 Now Live! v4.1.106.9344 Nyloth 45 minutes ago
Originally Posted by GM4Him
The longer they take, the more I am hoping that they are doing some REALLY major overhauls... like Day/ Night and adjusting UI and Action economy, and dialogues and all the stuff we've been discussing for 6 months.

Im just afraid it's gonna be like last time. What? 1 Class? That's it?

I hope that this is it, and not just a bunch of fixes... But I'm really waiting for news. I don't care about the patch. I want to know what state the final version of the game is in, when it will be released, and so on. Concretization helps a lot.
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Re: DMG's advice about house rules. Seraphael 1 hour ago
Originally Posted by qwerrecd42
I'm beginning to suspect that not only is the warning accurate, but that the "unbalancing gameplay" is WAI.

Of course it is. Larian doesn't care one iota about balance - if said balance gets in the way of their perception of fun.

Add to that, Larian being somewhere on the spectrum between overly confident to pig-headed with regard to defaulting to their own rather clumsily/lazily implemented homebrew over prioritizing actual D&D (or at least using homebrew that has internal logic as not to damage immersion) to achieve similarly fun gameplay while also being immersive and balanced.

The original series added quite a bit of homebrew, but it had internal logic that flowed well with the base D&D rules. Needless to say, my confidence in Larian, riding high with the flawed but excellent DOS2, is shaken as it seems to me they have doubled-down on all the worst aspects of that game. And I'm not convinced even a biased interpretation of the metrics (peace be upon it) support this as much as a rapidly upcoming developer being flattered by streamers doing goofy stuff for cheap funsies to entertain their audience.
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Re: Blood Splatter, HP, Critical Hits and 0 HP GM4Him 1 hour ago
If you say so.

So, you think it makes sense that every time you hit with a greataxe and deal 5+ damage that the character slashed the opponent with their blade? How many times can a person be hit by the blade of any axe and have it not affect their performance? How many people can recover fully from any kind of major cut within 8-12 hours of rest? A person with 50 HP can be hit by a greataxe LOTS of times and recover fully with long rest.

So, the only thing that makes sense is that the enemy wasn't hitting with the blade spot on every time. That's not how combat works. They grazed you, smacked you, jabbed you, but didnt actually gut you until the very end.
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PS5 Improvements Upvote Thread bobymicroby 2 hours ago
Guys, this game is the best! I used to burn a lot of hours on my PC once upon a time. But the split screen on my PS5 made
me replay the game with my fam from my couch. It's so much better!

I am leaving this thread hoping more people will upvote.

The loading times really seem a possible area of improvement.
The graphics are awesome, but more pixes per frame are more pixels per frame smile

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Re: Guys the cut-scenes i am seeing on Youtube arent that great? Thoughts? teclis23 2 hours ago
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Re: Helmets RagnarokCzD 4 hours ago
I have no strong feelings in this matter one way or another ...
I just wonder if our characters that are wearing metal helmet, should not have perception disadvantage, or some debuff to outweight protection ... after all, almost every helmet i even seen at least a little bit reduced sight.
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Evil Path Feedback [Hotfix 11 Patch] Azek 5 hours ago
Played an Early Access campaign as a Lolth-Sworn Drow that completed the Siege of the Druid Circle and went with the Minthara romance path.

Party Composition: Solo [All companion dead or not recruited]

Tav - Rogue (Thief subclass)

Battle Feedback (for solo rogue playthrough)

1 - Solo Rogue was manageable. Avoided certain fights and actively sought out advantageous battles to get to reach the safety of Level 3. The lack of companion micromanagement and the fact this was my second campaign made for an overall great experience.
2 - Some battles were reliant on sneak cheese (ranged attack, retreat, sneak, repeat.) Many AI parties would be impotent against hit-and-run sneak attacks.

Campaign Feedback (for solo rogue playthrough)

1 - If the player chooses to either avoid Lae'zel or not free her but confronts the Githyanki at the Mountain Pass, I recommend she enter the fight at level 4. She stood no chance when she was fighting with my solo rogue at level 1.
2 - If Lae'zel dies in the Githyanki Mountain Pass fight as a non-companion, I think there should be an option to bring her back (using a resurrection scroll) and an option to recruit her after this fight.
3 - The final part of the goblin invasion of the Druid Circle is way too difficult. The small number of goblins and the sheer number of druids at this fight is too lopsided. I think even a full Lv.4 party would be hard pressed to win without using some kind of special power / weapon / consumable. I was forced to use extreme cheese to win this fight.
4 - If there isn't already, there should be a way for members behind in levels/xp to be able to catch up to the most experienced party member.
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Re: The Afflicted GM4Him 5 hours ago
Chapter 2 - The Return of Lae'zel

One of the Tieflings, the male, was built like a fighter. He was strong and intimidating with red skin and ram's horns and flaming eyes. His dark hair was slicked back, and he was wearing Ring Mail armor, a crossbow and a longsword.

The female was almost the opposite. She was of similar coloring, but that was where the likeness ended. She was petite, wore leather, carried a crossbow and a shortsword, and she was trembling with fear. She was aiming the crossbow at the cage.

Meanwhile, Lae'zel was staring at them with eyes that could kill. Her arms were folded across her chest, and her stance was that of a fuming mother who has just caught her child in a bold-faced lie.

"Zorru was right, Nymessa," the male Tiefling was saying as the group approached from behind. Neither Tieflings were aware of them yet. "Yellow as a toad and twice as ugly."

Nymessa glanced over at him as if afraid to even take her eyes off of Lae'zel. "The thing's dangerous, Damays. Please. Leave it for the goblins to kill."

Just then, the party stopped. Everyone, including Gale, it seemed, stopped as they clutched their heads in pain. Their skulls pounded in response to the prisoner's white-hot stare. Her lips didn't move, yet they heard her voice.

"You again," her words struck them like a hammer. "Get rid of them. Now."

It was then that the Tieflings took notice of the party. Immediately, Nymessa pointed her crossbow at Ryth-Shan. "Holy hells! Another one!"

"Blades high!" cried Damays as he drew his longsword and held it in both hands.

The party recovered, and immediately Astarion was there with a witty comment. "That's nice armor you're wearing," he said with a sinister grin. "I bet our Drow Fighter here could use that better than you."

Ryth-Shan interrupted, though. He stepped forward to address the Tieflings with a truly frightening look on his face. "If you value your life, walk away." He rolled a 17 Intimidation check. He had no bonus, but he only needed a 15 to succeed.

Nymessa stumbled backwards and fell. Her crossbow bolt fired into the air and vanished out of sight. "Damays!..." she cried in a panic.

Damays withdrew to her side, helping her to stand. He obviously recognized that this was their best chance at surviving. "Come, Nymessa. Now," he instructed. Then, helping her to her feet, the two fled off along one of the pathways further off to the north. They continued to glance over their shoulders at the party as they disappeared.

Ryth-Shan's relationship with Kaedyn went up by 1 to 52. Vexir was also, actually, impressed by his ability to intimidate them, so her score with him went up to 56. His relationship with Gale also went up to 51. However, his relationship with Lae'zel dropped to 48, with Shadowheart it dropped to 51, and with Astarion it dropped to 51 as well.

Lae'zel was like a statue that could talk. "Enough gawking. Get me down."

Ryth-Shan nodded and approached the rope that suspended the cage in the air. "Now that they're out of the way, sure," he replied. Then he hacked the rope with both shortswords, callously allowing the cage to fall hard to the ground. The somewhat flimsy prison splintered to pieces. Lae'zel fell prone, hard, and roared in anger. Then she threw the cage's remains off of her and drew her longsword as she approached him.

Everyone tensed, ready to defend their companion. Lae'zel, however, made no move to strike. Ryth-Shan also did not raise his weapons to defend. Was this some sort of odd Githyanki greeting ritual? Was she actually pleased with how he released her?

Indeed, she was impressed by his lack of fear towards her, and their relationship went back up to 50. She didn't like spineless people, and it seemed he had come to realize this. Still, when she spoke again, her tone was harsh. "The tadpole hasn't yet scrambled all your senses. Auspicious. But the longer we wait, the more it consumes. You will join me. We must find a creche. Our people possess the cure for this infection."

"I welcome our alliance, kin," Ryth-Shan said in reply with equal strength and confidence. "We will seek out a creche."

Lae'zel actually seemed pleased. She adopted a proud stance. "You have made an ally from Creche K'liir. Few know such fortune. In case you don't remember, call me Lae'zel. Come. The horned ones mentioned a camp. One there, this Zorru, has seen Githyanki. A creche must be near. We will ask this Zorru where he has seen our kin."

Then she set off towards the direction the two Tieflings had gone.

Ryth-Shan stopped her by grabbing her elbow. She shot him a vicious look as if to say that he had crossed a boundary and was in danger of being put to death. "Chatter already? Tas'ki."

"There are others with us," he replied. "We need to consult them."

Lae'zel barely glanced in their direction. "Must we?" she said with a superior air about her. "We do not need them any longer. Dismiss them, and let's go."

Ryth-Shan shook his head, much to her displeasure. "Thinking of that worm inside me... it's driving me mad. But, I think we need their help if we're going to get through this. There are too many enemies around."

Lae'zel regarded him curiously. "We were flayed, beaten, burned, and poisoned in our training. It is our duty to withstand suffering, and our pleasure to conquer it. I am seriously questioning your upbringing. Come. We must locate a creche. Observe everything. Assume nothing. Endure all to the bitter end."

Ryth-Shan stopped her again, still not releasing his hold on her arm. "From which creche do you hail again?"

Lae'zel was growing more agitated. "What does it matter? And I just told you. I was trained on Creche K'liir among the Tears of Selune. Of this place... I know nothing. Why?"

Ryth-Shan seemed to ponder this for a moment. "That's what I thought. Selune. It struck me as unusual because there is, or was, a sect of Selune here. Coincidence?"

Lae'zel was now taken aback. She then gave it some thought. "Perhaps Vlaakith has ordained this. Who knows? I suppose there may be more to us crashing here than we first thought. Is that what you're getting at?"

Ryth-Shan nodded. To Kaedyn, he was clearly using this to win her allegiance to the group. She didn't seem to recognize it, though. The Gith Ranger then said, "Perhaps we should search around the area more thoroughly. Let's not be too hasty. As you said, the tadpoles have not scrambled all our senses, yet. Perhaps there is a reason for it. Maybe Vlaakith is even holding it in a dormant stasis for now."

"We have noticed a bit too many coincidences around here," Ryth-Shan continued. "The gods may be up to something. I think whatever is happening here is beyond what it, at first, appears."

"For example, what might happen should we not be purified?"

Lae'zel grunted. "Your ignorance concerns me. It starts with a fever and memory loss. Then you start to hallucinate. Your hair falls out and you bleed from every orifice. Your bones will change form. Your jaw will split to allow room for four great tentacles. All skin will turn to gore, and be shed to reveal new flesh underneath. Then your physical body will have ceased to exist, and a Mind Flayer is born."

"But what happens within the first few hours?" he asked.

"You cease to exist mentally. Your brain is gone," she replied. "What are you getting at?"

"Like I said, it's just an example of how things aren't normal. The Mind Flayers were different. The intellect devourers were different. The parasites are different. There's a Selune sect around here. Harpers were somehow involved. We found a symbol that looks like a cross between the three symbols of the Dead Three Gods. Harpers were involved with them. There's a Druid's Grove nearby with something shifty happening within. Goblins are about. There are gnolls and Tieflings."

"In short," said Vexir, cutting in, "this place is a hotbed of activity right now. If we're going to survive, we need to not rush things too much. If we haven't lost our minds yet from the tadpole, there's nothing saying we will anytime soon. So, let's try to work together as a team to increase our chances of survival. I think that pretty much sums it up."

"And we're not going to let the parasites turn us," Ryth-Shan assured her. "We will find a cure."

This actually seemed to make Lae'zel feel better. In fact, both Vexir and Ryth-Shan were easing her own anxieties. Their relationships went up by 1 each. Then, she said, "Words forged in steel. May your actions express the same mettle. Fine. We will travel together. Our ultimate priority must be to find our kind and be rid of the parasite. It's as simple as that. We should find this Zorru and the red hunters' camp. He will point us to a creche; hopefully. There, we may be purified. It is our only hope."

Just then, there was some sort of commotion from the path off towards the southeast. It drew everyone's attention. Therefore, they exchanged a brief series of glances with one another, and they hurried off to see what it was. Though they all wanted to get rid of the parasites as soon as possible, curiosity won them over at that moment. It wasn't long before they were wandering onto the upper level of the ruins of the ancient crypt.

Before going any further, it was time to level up Lae'zel. The DM decided to level her up to Level 2 already because there was no real benefit for the players to do the leveling up for her. The DM rolled a 4 for her HP, so with her Constitution of +2, she got 6 HP more for a total of 18. She, like Vexir, also got Action Surge.

Then she leveled up to Level 3. She received 7+2=9 more HP, for a total of 27, and now it was time for the players to decide what Archtype they wanted to pick for her. They chose Eldritch Knight. The first thing this did was give her Weapon Bond. During a Short Rest, she could bond a weapon to herself. Once bonded, she could not be disarmed unless she was incapacitated. If the weapon was on the same plane of existence, she could summon it to her hand as a Bonus Action. She could bond up to two weapons at once.

As an Eldritch Knight, she also got to learn 2 cantrips and 3 spells from the wizard spell list. She had 2 level 1 spell slots. So, besides already having Mage Hand and Jump, because she was Githyanki, she picked Minor Illusion and Mind Sliver for cantrips, and Find Familiar, Magic Missile and Thunderwave for level 1 spells. When she was finished, she instantly cast Find Familiar, and summoned a spider. She called him Shpri.
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Re: RIP the patch every 2 weeks acatlas 9 hours ago
Posting a definition here to clarify the reasons for feedback everyone is seeing on lack of communication and complaints.

Early access, also known as early funding, alpha access, alpha founding, or paid alpha, is a funding model in the video game industry by which consumers can purchase and play a game in the various pre-release development cycles, such as pre-alpha, alpha, and/or beta, while the developer is able to use those funds to continue further development on the game. Those that pay to participate typically help to debug the game, provide feedback and suggestions, and may have access to special materials in the game. The early-access approach is a common way to obtain funding for indie games, and may also be used along with other funding mechanisms, including crowdfunding. Many crowdfunding projects promise to offer access to alpha and/or beta versions of the game as development progresses; however, unlike some of these projects which solicit funds but do not yet have a playable game, all early access games offer an immediately playable version of the unfinished game to players.

By that definition the game is considered in a testing phase to provide funding for completion of the game. With the intent that people will have full access to the content from the game as its developed. Technically its an early alpha version of the game as theres no other definition you can put on it as a beta test would be testing a completed version of the game with debugging to fix issues. However the term itself is very misleading. The biggest misleading concept is the extent in which playability is expected / determined is more or less based on what most companies determine as early access. I could give several examples but most basically are more progressive and interactive with audiences.

The idea and reason people are upset is mostly because the indication given with early access to the game is that people presume that ea is beta testing its generally what the idea is they get but its more alpha state testing however companies are generally more interactive and responsive during alpha testing phases of development to a game. Which is where there is the misleading representation it should have been advertised as Prolong testing. There is a video where larion stated that the expected full release was 1 year after the EA testing. However I personally wouldn't hold them to that expectation with a pre-release purchase for early access as delays do happen and its covid.

Same time the slow release of new content I would hold them accountable for as the way its advertised in ea is alpha testing even by the defninition of early access. Which does indicate your seeing regular content added. However it reflects extremely poorly on them to not communicate. There is a lot of good publicity at the moment from people who just dabbed there toes in to come back and play it at a later time but people who have been actively waiting for content to play it heavily during the early access the publicity is generally much more negative.

Its like comparing people who buy a game for a single play through to comparing people who are going to play your game repeatedly for the next 2-3 years and buy all your dlc content as it gets released. The single playthrough people being the ones giving the positive review vs the active players reviewing it negatively.

There are a lot of poor examples arguing pace of content release - Use the older engine ... em that does not work for a modern game. Not to mention the rights to that software may be propritary to the company that originally designed the software for it. It was semi indicated it would only be the first chapter during release announcements originally that majority of early access would be limited... However if you do read the steam page it does say only chapter 1 will be playable in early access however at the same time it does say that the remaining classes and races would get added in throughout early access checked like 10 minutes ago to validate that. It doesnt really well define chapter 1 / 2 / 3 in the initial play just that its roughtly 25 hours of playable content. However at the same time it indicates the entire game would be playable by OCT 6 2021 which is something in the same perspective they could be held to as they had a clear full release date posted on the steam page.

That being considered the biggest arguement I would be pushing regarding content release periods and early access would be the buy button should say pre-order not buy despite it being early access posting which is something more to argue with steam if you got it on steam rather than larion. However lack of communication and updates during EA is something I think is a reasonable arguement from anyone based on pace of the rival companies responses to similar issues. I personally have submitted feedback on other titles with a much more positive response to feedback and interactive response which is something larion does lack. Without being specific as to what and where because it doesn't really need to be brought up.

With soon being a very relative term as another fault. Saying we should have a new patch coming soon should be more defined in its response time like a this is what were working on with a target date of this which is what people come to expect from companies that want a postive review that I can provide several dozen examples on myself. A perfect example of this is iksar aka dean ayala from the HS community who is the lead developer from HS and interacts once per week with the community on twitter taking feedback and responses from the community and actively responds to questions and comments for about an hour. While not everyone gets a responses you get some general interaction and answers to questions. Similarly with Owlcat, Entertainment Forge and several other companies.

Would I play BG 3 on release still probably would I have bought the ea over a different game with way content has gone during EA no. I would recommend different games instead because of the poor communication and lack of interaction from larion as well as regular updates. When I am asked about it thats exactly what I tell anyone asking if its worth getting I say honestly I would not bother updating it or buying a new copy if you have it as this time I would at least way till you get news about the next patch before considering it if its not a huge patch I would probably hold off and go get something else that will chew up more of your time for the 79.99 your paying for it you can go get more value for what your spending from other companies at this time there are no extra perks or anything your getting with early access to the game currently. Compared to going and purchasing for example ashes of creation early access and getting a unique mount and a bunch of other things for having put into the early access version of the game amongst alot of other perks most companies give out for participating in early access parts of the game. That does not mean I think the game is bad just that I would advise people avoid buying into the early access or any future early access releases from Larion due to poor experience despite a potentially solid game during early access.
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Re: Drow Armor is simply divine Aazo 10 hours ago
Originally Posted by MarcoNeves
bc.... come on.... how could I hide that beauty of a face? LOL!!!!

<chuckles> Yeah.. my drow is pretty damn decent as well, but I still would like more facial options for male elves other than #2 (the only one that looks like an elf).
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Re: Authentic Drow Equipment ingame Pandemonica 11 hours ago
Originally Posted by BladeDancer
Drow armor and weapons decay in the sunlight.
Damn I totally forgot about that, good point!
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Re: On Common Sense & other silly things [SPOILERS naturally] Niara 11 hours ago
Originally Posted by Tey
Not exactly. There are 3 possible outcomes in that scene. Doesn't seem as a false choice to me.

I just meant that apparently now the 'halfling' locked line, there, is functionally identical to the three other lines that appear directly alongside it (one about you getting out of here because it's dangerous, one about asking for payment and one other I'm not recalling right now) – now they ALL do nothing except move you along to the insight check and then option to diffuse if you catch that, etc., whereas in earlier plays, that halfing one let you skip past the checks to a successful defuse.

You seem to be confusing language barrier with stupidity. If we were talking face to face, I fear you would be speaking veeeeery sloooowly to me right now. XD

Not my intention, I promise. I can promise I wouldn't be speaking slowly either, hehe... I'd be writing it down or I'd have someone translating for me; I speak with my hands, and I assume you don't read auslan ^.~ No, all I wanted was to make a clear distinction between the technical, rules-and-mechanical 'hit', and the more aesthetic/visual aspect of the action looking like it physically hits (which might not and need not actually be a successful 'hit' by the mechanics). I just felt like we might have been talking across one another there and wanted to make sure I was being clear, myself.

I see, well I stand corrected then, for I did not read The Forgotten Realms written by WotC. You're right, their lifestyle within the game does not reflect their level of intelligence. Living covered in shit and bones does not make you stupid, you're just yet to realize the importance of hygiene, and they even have the scribes...

I mean... I've seen humans living in worse conditions, and it's not because they're unaware of it... But in the case of goblins, when their social ordering is heavily dependant on pillage and conflict, and their settlements don't usually last long, comparatively to, say, dwarves or elves, their actual access to higher standards of living is more restricted. That said, while I'm not super thrilled with BG3's depiction of them, in terms of society and behaviour... I've definitely seen worse depictions in other D&D game material.

I was right about you and that goblin in the Grove, wasn't I? You called that thing a "person"? =) What a softy...

Personally, I'd just called that being a functionally decent human being... I feel like you're being humorous here, though, so I won't split the hair. ^.^

I figured as much, no worries. And I should get to know the lore better. However, in my humble opinion, it should be up to the game to introduce its lore to the player in an adequate and fulfilling way without additional readings. Feel free to disagree =)

I absolutely agree with this – if it's not clear to a new player, then the game NEEDS to provide a way for that information to be delivered. That it doesn't do this is a failing of the game.
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Re: this game still being made, or what?... qwerrecd42 Yesterday at 11:45 PM
Why stop at geological timescales? Let's go cosmological! A few billion years, give or take a couple hundred million.
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Re: The reason people love Halsin so much (deservedly) RagnarokCzD Yesterday at 07:25 PM
Originally Posted by Blackheifer
Ok, have fun. You can make it a game to see how long they last. :P
ME? laugh
Arne wanted them. laugh Khajiit is innocent of this crime!
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Re: Sandbox Fantasy rpg using baldurs gate engine hiri9127 Yesterday at 05:21 PM
I had a similar idea.

Im the DM of my D&D Group and during the lockdown we continued playing through discord. It was not long until we startet to tabeltop on digital maps. So for a lot of the adventures I created big maps. And I think it would be awesome if there was a "build your owen D&D adventure online Kit" based on the mechanics from Baldurs Gate III. So that my Party can play a Oneshot I pieced together via PC.

And not only the map. you shoud be abel to place NPCs give them speach options and triggers for certain reations. Like Guards that participate if someone starts a fight near them or wolfes that attack when you come close to the pups.

there should be options that evolve the scenery like day and Night and story triggers so we can decide that the evil mummy shows up after you broke into the grave etc.

As a DM I plan for a lot of these anyway and Laran Studios could give them out in Bundels like the Sims do (They want some money I guess). Maybe an Barbarian Bundel/Book with different Huts and wiking or mongolian based background music together with new character options for the players and NPCs, new monsters and stuff.

I can imagin...

"Africa Almanach" - with all kind of animals, Pyramids, Statues, Egypt like stone buildings and landscape elements

"Asian Chronicle" - with Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Tibetan, Indian Elements and new Monsters based on local folklore

"Hells Handbook" - for extreme environments like ice and vulcanos and demons

"Holy Lands Book" - for religous based buildings, symbols and stuff. druidic cult elements etc.

"The magical catalouge" - with magic items and he ability to create your own magic items for the party to find or for the antagonist to use for his dark scheme.

And it would be REALY awesome if they would be published as real book you can place on your shelf. In the end that is ony a very fency packaging but hey... I love books.

Naturaly there can be no fency programmed video sequences. But there could be dialog options among NPCs and something like an integrated pictur editor for Story Elements. So you can create a fancy background with Text and maybe music or speech.

I think there are a lot of people out there that love to create a setting. I loved to do so in Sims, loved to build bases in Command and Conquer and so on.

I would love to have a baldurs Gate Adventure kitchen.
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Re: Weapon activated skills. 1varangian Yesterday at 04:22 PM
So... if you already have disadvantage you can't use the special attacks? Otherwise every attack in dim light or whatever that gives a disadvantage will be a free cleave or bash.

I would prefer a penalty and free use over an arbitrary limitation of one per rest.
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Re: WASD Character Controls Ikke Yesterday at 08:34 AM
I think the controls are versitile as they are now. Many times I zoom in to the max and just follow the party with the camera, using the keyboard. And sometimes you click on a point they have to go to. The experience is very close to directly directing your main character. For some situations you can zoom back out. But the close up camera definitely has another level of immersiveness.
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Re: Batter fly for the game! RagnarokCzD Yesterday at 07:53 AM
I was thinking about it ...
The main problem i see in this matter, even if they would add Z axis properly ... would be movement, since you cant effectively move in 3D space when you dont have absolutely free camera (and implemented some way to mark the empty space as your goal destination), and we dont have that.

I may find out a gritty, but possibly effective solution, and i would like to know your opinion:
How about implementing "fly high" ability?
(rest of the post was created by google translator ... so if anything seems weird, its not my fault. laugh )

Each flying creature would be given the ability to "fly high" ... which should definitely cost at least half of its movement, and probably either an action or a bonus action point.
If this ability were used, the creature would fly 20f in height, so it would not be possible to attack it at close range, nor would it lose the possibility.
And if she used the ability again, she would return to the ground (with the Druids canceling the flying form in the air, I think he should turn back in a fall and fall and injure himself, in his druid form).

The main idea is that if you want to move a creature in the air, you have no way to control it, because there is nothing to click on in the air ... this way its position would still be controlled by moving on the ground, only with the change that it would itself the creature was much higher.
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Re: Why Halsin should't have more spell slots than any other druid could TestyMcTesterson 10/06/21 02:13 PM
Originally Posted by Eugerome
What consistency are we talking about? NPC's, like many creatures, have special abilities than a player does not have. Some have pack tactics (thug), some have extra damage (gladiator) etc. Are those abilities similar to what some races/classes have - sure.

More directly copied rather than just similar.

Pack tactics is the NPC version of flanking an optional rule that applies to PCs. Brute is the NPC version of critical hit in general, brutal critical for barbarians and Form of Dread for Undead warlocks in particular. Most NPC special abilities are just a simplified form of PC options because DM's need simplifed versions.

The VGM archdruid isn't equivalent to a level 20 druid, they are a level 18 druid. Comparing to a level 20 druid abilities with unlimited wildshapes doesn't make sense. It's stats aren't the strongest i agree. The hit points are a suggested average so you could have a RAW 5e archdruid NPC with 248HP instead of 132.


The DMG even says that NPCs could be designed using PC rules

Creating NPCs from Scratch (p282)
If you need completely new statistics for an NPC, you have two options:

- You can create an NPC stat block (similar to the ones in the Monster Manual) as you would a monster stat block, as discussed in the previous section.

- You can build the NPC as you would a player character, as discussed in the Player's Handbook.

If you decide to build an NPC the same way you build a player character, you can skip choosing a background and instead pick two skill proficiencies for the NPC.
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Re: (SPOILER) Necromancy of Thay is a BIG let down. GM4Him 10/06/21 04:47 AM
That was my assumption too. Things like this don't bother me. I have little doubt they will make it better later. There were plenty of cues that it would be.

It's all intertwined, I think. Unlike many games with side quests that don't matter to the overall story, I think BG3 is weaving them all together nicely. Every side quest tells more of the overall story.
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Re: Early Access gameplay feedback compendium LOIOS 10/06/21 03:08 AM
We need Better Fly for the game !

It's 2021 now and we really need some way to apply flying other than "greater jump".

I have a vague idea about that:
1. Everyone is flying at a level of 20 feets. Thus it can be achieved by simply add a buff to the charactor
2. Flying creature is immune to melee attack, unless it's from another flying creature
3. Flying creature if immune to difficult terrain and most ground effect( unless it can affect as high as 20 feets.
4. Flying creature moves the same way as "greater jump"

It's not beautiful but already much better than foolish "greater jump"
And it's workable!
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Re: quest markers and other things Blackheifer 10/06/21 02:23 AM
Originally Posted by soap ness
hi! this is my first post so hopefully this is okay!

i really love this game but it definitely has some issues—i have a lot of glitches regarding quests. for example, when you have to save the head druid, i went in and killed all the goblins and never got to interact with him. it marked the quest as done and let me celebrate with the tieflings, but i don't have the option to pursue his storyline.

i also have tried to save the artist oskar by killing the zhent agents, but he is stuck in flight mode. this along with a lot of combat glitches and the like have been plaguing me lately!! thank you!!

So Spoilers:
there is a room in the back of the Shattered Sanctum that a lot of people miss that has Halsin (the druid) - in Bear form - in a jail cell getting rocks thrown at him by Goblin children. If you free him he helps you kill all the gobbos and you get to chat him up.

if you kill the gobbos leaders he frees himself.

As for Oskar
I don't think they finished the possible outcomes to that quest line. For now the best way to free him is to pay his debt off.
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Re: Alexandrite's BG3 sketchbook adventures (fan art) Alexandrite 09/06/21 10:55 PM
Thank you!! smile

I'm basically drawing the characters in order of personal preference, but yes I think I will draw Gale and Wyll, it would not make sense to leave them out. smile

These drawings has been keeping me busy and creative while waiting for Patch 5 news. The forums have been full of anger/anxiety lately, and I'd rather do something creative to keep my mind in the BG3 world, while also trying not to burn out on the game (haven't played in a few weeks - already done 2.5 playthroughs, now waiting for the patch.)
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Re: iOS Version Crashes During Fights Jess Larian 09/06/21 08:11 PM
We've just released a hotfix for iPad, if this does not fix the issues you have encountered please reach out to us at so we can investigate for you!
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D:OS2 iPad Hotfix v.3.6.71 is now live! Jess Larian 09/06/21 08:07 PM
[Linked Image from]

Hey Everyone,

We’ve just released a hotfix for iPad! We’ve addressed some issues with touch controls, tooltips, incorrect detection of disk space and some crashing issues.

Thank you for taking the time to let us know the issues you have encountered so far, your reports of these issues are incredibly helpful to us!

Happy adventures,

Larian Crew


  • Changed default skip video button to space bar
  • Updated several interfaces with minor style changes
  • Added better texture quality in the character creation screen
  • Added rotation gesture to touchpad when using Magic Keyboard
  • Fixed the game freezing when playing with controller and bluetooth audio
  • Fixed several user reported crashes. Thank you for sending in the crash reports!
  • Fixed on-screen keyboard popping up when using a keyboard and dragging the map around
  • Fixed scrolling talents in character creation
  • Fixed broken UI after loading a save while having the trade screen open
  • Fixed a profile selection issue when creating a new profile
  • Fixed overhead tooltips going offscreen when rotating the camera
  • Fixed a rare case of incorrect detection of disk space
  • Fixed options button for controllers like Nimbus+
  • Fixed touch control issues with all teleport skills
  • Fixed an input issue when scrolling to the bottom line of a larger inventory window
  • Fixed input issues when switching from controller to touch UI
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