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Baldur's Gate III - General
27 minutes ago
Any info about the ending of the game isn't going to come along for a looong while. We don't even have the entirety of Act 1 yet.
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Baldur's Gate III - Suggestions & Feedback
31 minutes ago
Yah, I am gonna say I like the beautiful, animated 3-D cavern with pretty water reflection effects and stacks of foreboding skulls over what looks like the box art of a board game.

The old art doesn't so much scream "Baldur's Gate" to me as it screams "This game is from the 90s/early 2000s and digital art has only come so far".
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Baldur's Gate III - General
34 minutes ago
Every dream scene, my 'Daisy character' is floating around, aprox 45degrees to where they should be positioned. They are consistently sans lower jaw, and every time they try to touch my character they poke THROUGH the eye!

What is with everyone wanting to poke my toon in the eye??? think
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Baldur's Gate III - General
46 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Eldath

I think neutral evil characters believe in a hierarchy but they are (supposed to be) on top. After all they put themselves first. If you put something first that's already a hierarchy.

What you describe here is lawful evil. Lawful evil believes in the existence of a strict heirarchy and rules but also strives to bend those rules for their own ends so they can be at the top of that hierarchy. Devils are the quintessential beings of lawful evilness in Forgotten Realms if you want to see what that alignment is all about. Brokering one-sided deals and upholding people to their agreements knowing full well you conned them into making said agreement.

A Neutral Evil character cares about themselves first and foremost but don't have a particular like of rules and order nor seek to break down rules and order when they find it.

Lawful Evil is the career politician while Neutral Evil is the shady hit man the politician hires to take out rivals.

Originally Posted by Eldath

I firmly believe Astarion to be Neutral Evil, the reason why I mention lawful a lot because he has some lawful and some chaotic tendencies, but he is not really on either extreme.

Astarion is not lawful at all. He's pretty definitively a chaotic evil character. He loves causing pain, loves it when you kill indiscriminately or start unnecessary fights, and likes to provoke people into violence. All without an actual end-goal beyond his own personal enjoyment. He also complains when you diffuse situations and avoid conflict even if those conflicts would have only hindered your quest to deal with the tadpole.

He has basic manners and the good sense to not piss off his allies, but that is a long way from being lawful. He's just not full meme-tier chaotic.
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Baldur's Gate III - Suggestions & Feedback
2 hours ago
What are the issues you are having? Perhaps people could give you suggestions. With only your request to go on, I can only suggest to use the environment (barrels, etc) to your advantage, and make sure to always be on high ground. Stealth will also make combat much easier.

I believe there will be difficulty levels once the game is released, it would make the most people happy like this.
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Baldur's Gate III - Suggestions & Feedback
2 hours ago
I would only play with the proper third person camera if I could, isometric lacks immersion for me. I only use the isometric because I have to for combat. There should be options for lower end machines to not render things past certain distances, most other games I play have this setting. I can definitely agree with the fog of war and perhaps make it so the detached camera can't travel so far. Being able to have a proper vertical view range would greatly help with this.
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Baldur's Gate III - Suggestions & Feedback
2 hours ago
We're finally at the point now where people are so bored to death of EA where we're asking for more varied loading screens?
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Baldur's Gate III - Suggestions & Feedback
2 hours ago
Originally Posted by KillerRabbit
Oh yeah, they can be defeated without cheese. And I did that after cheesing it out smile

But the question I'm answering is "did the devs want us to cheese this one"? And the answer is yes, cheese is what's for dinner.

I think you and I have different ideas of what "cheese" is in this context. The fact we have access to the roof and that the ogres have the ability to throw things to knock us off or break down the roof to make us fall suggests that the devs wanted to make for an engaging fight with multiple ways to resolve it. That isn't cheese.

Cheese is when you exploit the AI's limitations to win an encounter in a way that wasn't intended. Like when my ranger soloed the druegar fight by casting Fog and hiding so he could slowly snipe the druegar and their undead down with no fear of retaliation.
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Baldur's Gate III - Mega-threads and Guides
3 hours ago
While Baldurs Gate wasn't the first real-time RPG, it was certainly one of the first popular real-time RPGs and is the game many credit with propelling real-time RPGs into the spotlight. So I totally understand the insult that BG fans feel when a game calling itself Baldurs Gate 3 comes out with turn based combat that feels like it is strait out of a 1980's gold box. It is equivalent to coming out with a new Wolfenstien game that has these awesome trailers and home page but fails to mention that it is a 2D platform game. If you aren't familiar with Larian or played the DOS games, I could see someone's disappointment when that first battle starts and they realize they can't unpause. Might even be a reason for some to hit the "Don't Recommend" button on Steam.

But personally, I wont dismiss the other amazing things this game has going for it. The graphics, the non-cookie cutter animations, the companion interactions, the choices, the story and how things unfold. I mean... I am not a fan of the combat system at all, but in ALL OTHER REGARDS... this game is amazing. So per my Steam review, the lack of real-time combat is disappointing but not a deal breaker. My hope is that Larian announces plans to have a real-time combat DLC post release. Preferably announce it before the end of EA. They wouldn't even have to give a timeline. Just state that one will eventually come. That seems like it would be a win-win strategy to me.
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Baldur's Gate III - Suggestions & Feedback
3 hours ago
Pacing/ plot design, for instance, or the whole "evil path" and interpretation of evil in general. Although I'm not saying it needs to be thrown out, because it's too late for that, but if we're noticing it, it's fair to say it needs work. I would be satisfied with good enough at this point, although obviously it's a shame to keep lowering standards for big budget projects.

Pacing I agree with -- it's strange that the plot tells us that our heads are going to explode in 7 days but the camp dynamics are designed for 10+ days of activities. But the evil path? What would you differently?

The complaint I've heard most often is that the evil path is bad because is evil is stupid -- but that's just the Forgotten Realms. The realms are setting where heroes defeat evil and, contra Darth Helmet, evil loses because evil is stupid. In this setting, people do stupid things because they fail to see hook hiding in the bait or the bait is just so tasty that one forgets about the hook.

Selling your soul to a devil = stupid. You will spend eternity in hell.
Worshiping an evil diety = stupid. You will spend eternity having your vitality sucked out by a demon-spider-goddess.
Joining an evil organization = stupid. Name an evil organization that hasn't been burned to ground in the last 100 years or so.
BG 1 & 2, killing people as lamprey faced monster = stupid. Do that often enough and your soul will be destroyed when Papa Bhaal uses you as fuel for his rebirth.

In the realms evil is always a path to self destruction, the question really becomes "why do some travel that path"? And the answer in BG3 is a lust for power. The tadpole, the Absolute will give you power that the druids can't offer.

I'm interested to hear if you have a novel critique but I suspect that the fact you aren't a fan of the BG series becomes a problem.
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Baldur's Gate III - Suggestions & Feedback
4 hours ago
Strike First actually means reload safefile you made just before approach, reposition and then "strike first". grin
A pity we could not become a real god in the EarlyAccess yet.
This redcap did not had what it takes.
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Baldur's Gate III - Suggestions & Feedback
4 hours ago
I can get behind it that some literature is privat.

You are no Druid so why you stick your nose in what Halsin has written down for example.
But this mass-literature out in the open?
Oh well - then again someone officially owns these books.

Realism vs Fun?
But then we just crouch down with good timing and read them anyway.
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Baldur's Gate III - Suggestions & Feedback
4 hours ago
Perhaps make this an option only.
My characters would always be wearing armour to sleep, even the one who wears heavy armour would switch to another type rather than nothing. It would be immersion breaking for me to be wearing bedclothes in a strange and hostile area, wearing them in a dream would make it obvious that the dream was not to be trusted. If later on we have an inn room or something, then the bedclothes would make a bit more sense.
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Baldur's Gate III - Mega-threads and Guides
4 hours ago
That being said, the high ground bonus is pretty powerful. The fight against the hob goblin guy in the temple of seluné is a good example. On the ground I barely came out of the fight alive. But When I climbed up to the ramparts above it became almost trivial, especially when I had both my ranger MC and Gale in the party. The worst that happened was one of my guys getting knocked off, but even then they survived well enough.

Now flip that with the Harpy encounter near the Grove. The harpies start out with the high ground bonus and all of your guys start on the low ground. The fight is by no means horribly difficult, but the combination of their high ground bonus, and my melee characters having to trek across the battlefield to reach the harpies, made it a challenging fight. The high ground can definitely be a deciding factor in a fight. I would not oppose Larian trying to tweak it a bit if they desired.
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Baldur's Gate III - Suggestions & Feedback
4 hours ago
Yah, if Larian absolutely insists on doing full voice work they are either going to need a LOT more voice options or a way to turn that crap off so my 35 year old dwarf doesn't sound like a 17 year old British lad.

I legitimately can't tell the difference between the two male voices. They sound like the exact same person.
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Baldur's Gate III - Latest News
5 hours ago
Originally Posted by Bittereinder
Originally Posted by Ormgaard
Come Dec 10th i probably wont care about anythig EABG3 for a while smile

Why, what's happening on December 10th?

Giant asteroid heading toward Earth. 2020, yup!

Actually, it’s the release date for Cyberpunk 2077
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Baldur's Gate III - Suggestions & Feedback
6 hours ago
It's an abstraction that does need tinkering with.

It is very immersion breaking. I'd like to see it limited to having to walk to a portal to travel, at minimum.

It would be cool to have a camping option in dungeons or wilderness with a portable outfit, sleeping bags and campfires, that requires a set guard to avoid surprise nighttime visitors for a full rest. Save the main camp for crafting, interactions, visiting merchants, etc.

With say, two quick camp options and a longer wait for the "HQ camp", it would lessen all the nutty travel back and forth that is entirely unrealistic.

At the very least, give us a "hardcore" option that gives the play more of a solid reality than whisking about the map at will, topping everyone up constantly makes things too easy and unreal feeling, I think.
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Baldur's Gate III - Technical & Gameplay Problems
6 hours ago
Just replying to keep the thread alive. Hopefully they're working on it.
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Baldur's Gate III - General
6 hours ago
Originally Posted by jfutral
The first time through I just strong armed my way through. Many restarts.

The second run, since I knew where it was going to pop up, I threw a Fog Cloud where it would pop up and it was easy pickin's. I replayed it again and let it revive a Drow or two, threw the cloud, it got out eventually, but I cast again and it was too blind to see.

Restarted again to try without Fog Cloud and managed to keep Lae'Zel close with the two handed Sussur sword and she pretty well made short order of him. It was only able to revive about three Drow, which my other characters handled quite efficiently. Meta knowledge is a wonderful super power.


PS, interestingly the AI was more interested in taking out my Wizard and Astarion rather than Lae'Zel, who was womping it's butt, so she rarely got hurt.

I think the AI by default targets the lowest AC characters first

At least that’s how it is in my experience. When I fought the Githyanki patrol for example, poor gale only let off one spell before being downed, and I even left him on the bridge above.
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Baldur's Gate III - General
6 hours ago
I'm confused . . . Baldur's Gate 3 already does have zoom in special animations for critical hits. And, thankfully, the option to turn them off it you want.
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Baldur's Gate III - General
6 hours ago
Hey thanks for those links guys, I hadn't heard anything about fully voiced custom characters! This is kind of awesome laugh
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Baldur's Gate III - Suggestions & Feedback
Yesterday at 11:43 PM
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Baldur's Gate III - General
Yesterday at 11:33 PM
So when you play a Gith Cleric, always play with Vlaakith. Limiting the choice for others in no way affects your game. If someone else wants to play a Gith Selune Cleric, it's their $$, so let them play how they want.
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Baldur's Gate III - Technical & Gameplay Problems
Yesterday at 11:09 PM
I've been running BG3 on my desktop, with a 2070 Super. Obviously, that runs great. But next week I'm going to be travelling, and my 'gaming' laptop only has a 1050 Ti. Will BG3 run with that and an i5-7300hq, or would the disk space be better used for an older game?
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Baldur's Gate III - Suggestions & Feedback
Yesterday at 11:07 PM
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