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Posted By: Stabbey Forums text display bug - 21/05/14 02:58 PM
There seems to be some kind of annoying bug with the forums when I paste in stuff from Word 2010.

I am using the standard Times New Roman font, but when I type in things which use apostrophes, single quotes and double quotes, it screws up. When I preview the post, it looks fine, but not in the actual post.

It痴 = It's
Wouldn稚 = Wouldn't
You池e = You're
I値l = I'll
I知 = I'm
You致e = You've
典hings in Quotes = "Things in Quotes"
禅hings in Single Quotes = 'Things in Single Quotes'
Posted By: Raze Re: Forums text display bug - 21/05/14 04:34 PM

When I edited the D:OS 360?ー rotation topic (update paths after profile support added) the degree symbol got a couple extra symbols inserted. This started after the forum software update, but Larian hasn't had a lot of time to look into it.
Even if I cut and paste 360ー from the topic, where it is displayed fine (and in the preview), when I post it gets changed, so Word isn't the problem directly (or at least not entirely).
Posted By: Stabbey Re: Forums text display bug - 21/05/14 06:34 PM
You're right. From the header of the Dragon Commander forum group:

This is the spot to ask any question you might have about the newest addition to the Divinity series. If we can, we値l answer. And if we can稚, we値l try to weasel ourselves out of it.

I do hope it gets fixed soon. In the meantime, I'll have to try and remember to not use contractions and quotation marks
Posted By: Lynn Re: Forums text display bug - 22/05/14 09:17 AM
Stabbey, I did contact support last week but until now I haven't received any reply... So I just did send them a reminder.
Hopefully this issue gets solved quickly.

Sorry for the inconvenience.
Posted By: 4verse Re: Forums text display bug - 26/06/14 06:43 PM
deleted - never mind hehe
Posted By: Crazy_maniac Re: Forums text display bug - 27/06/14 09:53 AM
test pls ignore
Posted By: AmmokK Re: Forums text display bug - 28/06/14 11:28 AM
Iエd like to add the accents as well as not being displayed right. Also letters including accents.


Those are the ones i found to be missing.
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