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Posted By: caninelegion Older Threads - 10/02/19 12:36 AM
There must be a way of bringing up older threads that I am missing, right? Someone requested something that has been done already and I can't see a way of reviewing older threads to find it. Hey, maybe someone with a better memory can save me a lot of effort (I don't even remember which section the discussion was in) and tell me which game came with a world time line as an extra?
Posted By: vometia Re: Older Threads - 10/02/19 08:46 AM
Yeah, it's not obvious but it's there: the box lurking at the bottom of each forum index has various options; the first is "show from previous..." which is by default set to one much. Frequently confuses me too, fwiw!
Posted By: caninelegion Re: Older Threads - 11/02/19 05:19 AM
Thanks. On with the search! smile
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