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It seems that information regarding a user's posting history disappeared recently.

What's the deal ?

Previously, in-between a user's name, avatar and other info, to the left of a post, you would find the number of posts of that user. Not anymore. I don't know if there's an intention behind that. I can envision some. For instance, maybe the forum designers don't want users to judge other users based on their (presumably too low) number of posts . But then ... why leaving the "rank" system ? A "stranger" is still below an "old hands" in number of posts.

More importantly, when going on someone's profile, you can access the history of posts of that user. This is quite convenient, as I often link to older posts. Sometimes, using the Advanced Search tool isn't that useful (for various reasons). But sometimes I remember the author of a post (not just when it's me) and I can thus look up posts until I find what I'm looking for. Not anymore.

Is there a reason why this posting history functionality was removed (and a reason why the removal wasn't done properly) ?
Posted By: vometia Re: Accessing posting history of forum users - 01/04/21 07:55 PM
I disabled it earlier today at the request of another admin as there were certain "issues" related to post-counts being visible. It's currently in a trial phase so if the solution isn't ideal then another approach may be tried.

In the meantime, a member's post history can be viewed by clicking on their forum name to the left of the any of their posts and selecting "forum posts" from the bottom of the list (I think! My test user was previously set up as a moderator but it should be available to all members.)
Thanks for the alternative solution ! My previous method was to go to someone's profile, and click on the number-of-posts, which linked to the list of posts. I guess I could also use Advance Search and the user's name, but this is a lot more efficient.
No-one wants to read my posts anway. :p
Posted By: vometia Re: Accessing posting history of forum users - 05/04/21 01:59 PM
Alrik who? :p

And I could've sworn you had an avatar, but I admit my memory was never what it was. No, always what it was; that's the problem.
I had; it was that Alrik character icon from the very first Divinity game. wink

But ... I guess it got lost over the many ? transitions of this forum.
And since my interests have developed into other directions, I didn't look into the Larian forum for a VERY looooooong time ...
So I never noticed.
Posted By: vometia Re: Accessing posting history of forum users - 11/04/21 02:45 PM
Well that was quite annoying of it! If it's not still in the avatar repository I'll have to ask around to see if someone has it; but considering I'm still at the point of "we need to upload some DOS2 avatars" that could take as long as... well, about as long as it takes me to reply to my PMs. biggrin
Well, I just checked : The stock avatar pictures are a curious mixture between ancient, old and new Larian avatar pictures.
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