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I backed it. I've put in a number of hours now, and...

Well...I remain hopeful. I do. But as it stands, it's a huge mess of bugs and unintuitive things, a poorly-built system to battle with, and I cannot support the controversial decision that combat, outside of significant (boss/story?) encounters, provides no XP.

What boggles me is the fairly significant contingent of people rabidly defending this. Which is fine--they're entitled to their opinion--but they're slagging the other side as "MMO addicts," "action RPGers," and people who "love to grind." IMO, character progression would really suffer, and each battle would become such a chore. Why even design cool spells, skills, and weapons, then?

Anyway, some things feel like BG--the exploration, dialogue, environments--but currently, there seems to be a mountain of issues to address for the Obsidian team; the forums are just buzzing.

Again, I remain somewhat hopeful, but the fear that this will not be the game I thought I backed is growing in the back of my mind. frown
No, I haven't tried it, but I heard that the Beta is real bad. Not the bugs mind you, but the game itself. Bad systems design and the fact that it doesn't resemble Baldur's Gate at all. Not D&D of course, but Baldur's Gate.

I was a backer, but I backed out after I read about some of the stuff they were planning for the game. I had regrets about that decision, but now I am overjoyed to know that it was the right choice. smile I do know some people who dropped very large amounts of cash into the game, I feel sorry for them.

In Short: Pillars of Eternity trainwreck imminent and it didn't cost me a single dime, just a few tears. biggrin
I wouldnt call for a trainwreck just yet.

There is still enough time to do it right. Well see.
Havent played it myself though. Just what i see around.
I did, and I am impressed by the game quality. BUT, it still needs a LOT of balancing! And more options.
I have also played the game and have enjoyed it. I agree it is full of bugs and needs more polishing, but that is why they postponed it until March, so hopefully it will be better in the end.

I personally have no regrets that I backed this game on Kickstarter.
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