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Posted By: Lt. Tanisur Hello everyone. - 23/03/12 02:52 AM
Hello all, I am a fourteen year old kid from the east coast. I first picked up the first Divine Divinity when I was six or so (how age appropriate!) Although I loved it, my adventures can only be described as stumbling through the game in retrospect.

So now almost seven years later, I found my old disk when sorting through some old boxes. Excited, I put it in the computer but alas, the other disk was lost.

Next year, after trying to find it and being sad I could not on and off for a few months, I finally decided to get it again. After several hours of searching, none of the local stores had it. Finally I discovered the beauty of Good old Games and those evil chaos wizards at Larian got my money twice.

I am now doing a completionist run because I never finished it due to boredom (got close but I was six of course) and am discovering all the great things I missed in the game. Most notably a sleepy lieutenant who I related to and wished had more part in the story.

I ain't gonna guarantee my stay, as I am only really interested in the first game (not very keen on the 3D graphics) and the community for it seems rather gone, but I will stay as long as I find discussion in those boards and all.

I hope to have a fun time talking to you all! I am amazed the game still has a good community!
Posted By: Raze Re: Hello everyone. - 23/03/12 03:02 AM

There are still a few people around playing Divine Divinity, plus the odd person discovering it after playing DKS.
Posted By: Lt. Tanisur Re: Hello everyone. - 23/03/12 03:06 AM
Well but of course, but it is certainly in a small enough number that the DD1 community is not constantly active.
Posted By: Joram Re: Hello everyone. - 23/03/12 09:17 AM
Hey welcome here Lt Tanisur wink
If you love Divine Divnity I can only say you're at the right place here and it isn't difficult to convince me to let me say "It's a Masterpiece" because I wrote that magical word "Masterpiece" more than one time already when I talk about Divine Divinity ! smile

I discovered DD around 2004 when I had my first PC in my life for 2 years (2002 to be exactly, when I was 30 years old!) ... a short sum says that my 40th birthday is coming in summer, soon and so already since 8 years I play DD ... have a female hero 'Lana' I currently play with from time to time, still, after all those years I can't resist DD or stop playing this Gem of a Game ... after all ... . biggrin

I bought DD back, so two times like you, via GOG and since DD is on GOG (or Impuls) the activity around DD is becoming (from time to time) more active again wink

Have fun with DD and all other RPG's in the Divinity Universe !
And to end this post I can give very good news :
Divinity III is in development and will have some kidn of isometric (top down) view like DD !! Me too I like that, but I also enjoy 3D (if you can at least have third person view smile . If a RPG in 3D has only first person view I immediately trow it out of the window as far & fast as I can :hihi:
Posted By: Lt. Tanisur Re: Hello everyone. - 23/03/12 03:20 PM
Nice to meet you Joram, for me it was really my first RPG so I naturally remember it fondly always.

And good to hear, I truely hope they keep it a lot like the original. Although the new Divinity games seem nice they are not my sort of thing.
Posted By: Divine Avenger Re: Hello everyone. - 26/03/12 02:21 AM
Yes Joram discovered the Divinity series & then became part dragon, he now spends his day's advertising to people the beauty that is Divinity. He also warns them that if they do not at least play a game from the series then the Divine Avenger will burn them to a crisp as she swoops down in dragon form hahaha

Oh & before I scare you too much I'd like to say welcome to the forums wave
Posted By: AlrikFassbauer Re: Hello everyone. - 26/03/12 09:45 AM
Hello. smile

Beware of Buad's Tea ! wink
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