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Posted By: Divine Avenger EA are a bunch of a***holes - 04/04/12 09:23 PM
I'm sick & tired of seeing game companys I love destroyed by EA, Bullfrog mythic & Bioware have all fallen victim to the ba***rd company Electronic A***holes. I hope this recent blow to EA's greed in regards to the ME3 outrage is somthing that hit's them very hard for a long time to come. Stocks it there company have been slowly declining since the end of last year & the recent outrage over the end of Mass Effect 3 has helped it to plumet even further.

I hope & pray that Larian will never fall victim to that a***hole company & I can safely say that I would cry if I ever found out they did. EA is pushing gamers too far & they need a good kick up the A***, but the only way to do that is to hit them where it hurts...There Pocket. After the devistation I felt over the ending of Mass Effect 3 I can say with all honesty if I see EA on the cover of a game it will be staying on the shelf.

EA's Victims

EA Worst Company In America

EA's Hit where It Hurts

I checked earlyer to see if EA's stock has continued to fall & it is now down do 16.21 I just hope it keeps falling & maybe they'll start to realise that being greedy is'nt good buisness.
Posted By: Elliot_Kane Re: EA are a bunch of a***holes - 05/04/12 07:29 PM
Well, yes. But without the swearing! laugh
Posted By: Divine Avenger Re: EA are a bunch of a***holes - 07/04/12 12:03 AM
yeah I know I swear alot when I get mad lol
Posted By: Elliot_Kane Re: EA are a bunch of a***holes - 07/04/12 06:13 AM
Oh, so do I! I'm just less mad at EA specifically and more mad at a lot of the bigger game making companies generally is all! laugh

(Though I did laugh at EA's response to being voted worst company, which was almost entirely a cliché 'bad company' response! :D)
Posted By: Divine Avenger Re: EA are a bunch of a***holes - 07/04/12 08:08 AM
The rason I hate EA so much is partly because there just evil money grabbers that blatantly admit to exploiting their developers game's just to milk are money. The other part is because of how many of the companys I liked & loved have been swallowed up by their greed.


& they are just 4 examples I realy hate EA
Posted By: virumor Re: EA are a bunch of a***holes - 07/04/12 02:23 PM
You forget Pandemic!
Posted By: Elliot_Kane Re: EA are a bunch of a***holes - 07/04/12 04:05 PM
Are the likes of Ubisoft or Activision any better though?
Posted By: virumor Re: EA are a bunch of a***holes - 07/04/12 04:20 PM
I don't recall them shutting down studios.
Posted By: Elliot_Kane Re: EA are a bunch of a***holes - 07/04/12 05:38 PM
Couldn't say, Virumor. I truly doubt the pre-Activision Blizzard would have come up with anything half so obscene as Diablo 3's always online DRM plus real money shop, though. Blizz used to like their customers.

As for Ubisoft... Well, I honestly think they are in a race with EA for 'Most Despised Games Company'. Everything from routinely denigrating their customers to always online DRM for single player games show Ubisoft are not customer friendly.

While I always get the impression that EA don't care about their customers, Ubisoft seem to actively hate theirs.

(And add Westwood to the list of EA-destroyed studios, BTW...)
Posted By: virumor Re: EA are a bunch of a***holes - 07/04/12 07:24 PM
It's more like Ubisoft is hating the PC game crowd and they're very paranoid about piracy. I can't hate them, since they still allow development of games like Beyond good & evil 2 and Rayman series.

Posted By: Elliot_Kane Re: EA are a bunch of a***holes - 07/04/12 08:02 PM
Well, AS a PC gamer, why would I want to give my money to a company that despises me?

Also, I am unconvinced that their DRM actually has anything to with piracy at all. It and all like it seem more like an underhanded attempt to destroy the second hand games market, by making all games registered to a single non-transferable user.

After all, none of this DRM actually works to combat piracy in any way. It certainly does affect the second hand games market, though!
Posted By: Divine Avenger Re: EA are a bunch of a***holes - 08/04/12 05:09 AM
well at least for me I'd rather give my money to Ubisoft than EA I bloody hate EA. This being one of the reasons why I'd love to see them go bankrupt.

List of EA's Victims
Posted By: Elliot_Kane Re: EA are a bunch of a***holes - 08/04/12 08:34 AM
It's the employees losing their livelihoods that would bother me with that idea...

It's always the little guys who get hurt...
Posted By: virumor Re: EA are a bunch of a***holes - 08/04/12 05:21 PM
There's also the fact that Ubisoft are still developers too. They gave us Prince of Persia, Assassin's Creed and Beyond good & evil.

EA and Activision are just corporate giants that swallow developers only to spit them out a few years later.
Posted By: Demonic Re: EA are a bunch of a***holes - 08/04/12 05:25 PM
Bethesda are worst.

*Jumps out of thread and runs back to Divinity 2 section*
Posted By: AlrikFassbauer Re: EA are a bunch of a***holes - 09/04/12 12:33 PM
Quoting myself :

From one of those links, bold & italics printing by me :

It seems with each new release comes another bold push from EA to pry more money out of gamers’ pockets. But it doesn’t work for consumers to yell “I hate you!” as they hand over their cash. The trade right now seems to be that gamers pay EA a tax in order to access titles they love. The rate keeps going up and up, but what choice do gamers have? Well, they could abandon these franchises and support companies that actually appreciate their players, rather than try to exploit them.

But that’s not realistic in today’s industry. Giant companies like EA and Activision control too much of the market for average gamers to boycott their titles. For every one proud activist who refuses to buy their games out of principle, there are a hundred more who simply don’t care. They’ll buy the titles, pick and choose what DLC they want, be annoyed with DRM and deal with a growing lack of creativity due to corporate interference. But in doing so, the industry gets a little worse with each new title.

Here, the saying of "too big to fail" gets a wholly new meaning ...

And my very, very cyniocal approach to it :

Originally Posted by Alrik Fassbauer;1061136752
This is perfectly matching my long-standing philosophical approach of "if a game isn't treated as a game anymore, but instead as a tool to generate money profits, then it isn't a game anymore".

EA is imho doing exactly that.

And, to be frank, EA is in my eyes nothing more than a Parasite : Buying creative companies and sucking them off their ideas & creativity.

And then letting the empty hull fall down, or maybe even revive it into some undead "living" much later (the "Origin" brand, for example).

EA has become a life-less emotion-less, a robotic exisdtence feeding on the cash off its consumers. It's a pure drain nowadays.

It is acting like a virus which needs others lives (read: money) in order to exist.

And right now, there are too many corporations like that. Money is their ultimative goal.

Not consumer satisfaction.

And what makes me shiver is that this way of "being" of such a "meta-entity" is partially caused by its heads : The are directing the company so that their pockets get filled, because they are usually among the bggest shareholders.

It's like a vicious circle : "The more you get, the more you want".

It's like cancer. In the business world.

Posted By: Divine Avenger Re: EA are a bunch of a***holes - 12/04/12 11:41 AM
Very true Alrik but the one thing EA doesn't seem to realise is that the more they keep trying to drain money out of people the more they are going to loose when people get to the point of enough is enough. Me I'm now boycotting EA as I'm done with all the bullsh** I'll be sticking to companys that have nothing to do with EA. Ubi soft maybe goind down there road to a point but at least they still make there own games which is more than can be said about EA. EA do nothing for the industry other than ruin it, they make there money by stealing other companys ideas & passing them off as there own.
Posted By: Divine Avenger Re: EA are a bunch of a***holes - 16/04/12 06:14 PM
OK can't edit the original post so I'm posting this for all to see. Have a look & see what you make of this, I personally think that Mass Effect 3 ending has hurt EA more than they like to admit. I checked earlyer & there stocks are down to a low of 15.43 & still dropping.

EA's attempting to patch up it's wounds

I don't think this will go good for Bioware, considering how bad Biowares games have been since joining EA it's possible that the majority of the people that will suffer will be from Bioware.
Posted By: Demonic Re: EA are a bunch of a***holes - 17/04/12 03:39 PM
Origins and ME2 were pretty good and sold well and were well received by both fans and critics. EA is to blame for rushing Bioware for DA2 and ME3 but the endings are Bioware's fault just as it's Bioware's fault for DA2's departure from Origins style gameplay.

Hopefully they listen to all their fans and start developing games as they used to. They used to be the best RPG developers on the planet and now that's changed. They're idiots for trying to appeal to the action and CoD crowd.

Compare ME3 to ME2. You get a shorter prologue which quickly skips to the combat. It's not as epic or slow as ME1 or ME2's prologue. Look at Dragon Age 2. You're thrown into the combat straight away upon entering the game which is a far departure from Origins where you went about talking to people and learning about characters and the darkspawn at the beginning of the game and even Ostagar (IMO) was pretty much part of the prologue. All in all, Origins' prologue lasts for 1- 2 hours as opposed to DA2's 10 min prologue.

Judging by ME3, future titles from Bioware are likely to be dumbed down action-RPG's.
Posted By: Divine Avenger Re: EA are a bunch of a***holes - 17/04/12 06:37 PM
yes Bioware is responsible for the changes to both the Mass Effect series & the Dragon Age series but Bioware is part of EA now. So anything that hurts Bioware hurts EA, so with Mass Effect 3 getting such bad press is going to hurt EA more than Bioware because Biowaree is EA these day's.

All the development cost's are paid by EA, so with the ending to ME3 having such a negative impact on the fans they will suffer for it.

I wouldn't bank on them listening though, they never listen to the fan's when it came to DA so why would they bother now. They've made it more than clear that they would rather abandon the RPG road for the action/FPS road. That more than likely being EA's influance as all EA thinks about is money & action/FPS games sell more than RPG's.
Posted By: Chaotic Heretic Re: EA are a bunch of a***holes - 22/09/12 07:53 AM
Well, look at the bright side, I picked up gems like DKS and Torchlight because I was so pissed at big "RPG" titles like Dragon Age 2 and Diablo 3. And I am sure I am not the only one. Dipshits like EA create a market for principled studios like Larian to have a chance.

Hopefully the future of PC gaming, most devs follow the example of Larian Studios and CD Projekt Red.

On a sidenote, I do hope Original Sin and Dragon Commander are on
Posted By: Demonic Re: EA are a bunch of a***holes - 22/09/12 08:11 PM
I love your signature BTW.
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