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Posted By: Venix Whats your favorite game developer? - 06/11/12 12:12 AM
im kinda curious who you guys think are the best game devs, fanboyism aside.


1. Larian (Obviously) for the divinity games
2. Team 17 for the worms games
3. Maxis for Spore

what's your top 3?
Posted By: Lotrotk Re: Whats your favorite game developer? - 06/11/12 12:52 AM
CD Project Red
Irrational Games
thrd is quite hard : I greatly enjoyed Larian games, Cyan, Lionhead, (and perhaps others?)

I have all confidence that next year Larian will be pushed upwards!
Posted By: vometia Re: Whats your favorite game developer? - 06/11/12 04:07 AM
As well as Larian for DKS and their overall positive attitude to their customers, I guess Bethesda for their open world games: they're not perfect, their legendary QA being, well, legendary, but their games have probably occupied more of my time than anything else, especially their scope for modding; and the Bioware of a few years ago, around the time of the original Mass Effect and Dragon Age: Oranges for the scope of their storytelling. Things at Bioware have gone a bit awry more recently and I'm not confident they'll recover, but we'll see, I guess.
Posted By: Joram Re: Whats your favorite game developer? - 06/11/12 06:32 AM
1) The Librarian's for the fantastic mountains of humour in their games !
2) The Larian's because they've so friendly forums, in the past, present & future, I am sure . And for putting their heart & soul in developing Gems of Games !!
3) Larian Studios for their games giving me tons of hours of gameplay ... in past, present & future ... no doubt about it !!!

Sorry this list is coloured with an ocean of personal memorable moments I've experienced in the div Universe ... ALL the time !
Posted By: Arokh Re: Whats your favorite game developer? - 06/11/12 12:06 PM
As I don't play a lot of games I'm basing my top 3 on my favorite games both on console and PC over the last 10 years.

1) Larian goes to first place because not only do they make good games they listen to game fans and care about their games not just making them just for profit. There are a lot of mediocre games out there that are very popular due to big publisher's might (EA cough, cough) and smaller devs / publishers that make genuinely great games miss out.

2) The now defunct Surreal Software for making the Drakan series of games. They were similar to Larian and were involved in the community until they got bought out then later shut down.

3) Hard to say. I like the Witcher games so I'd have to say CD Project RED but Infinity Ward would be a close second for third place (fourth?!) as I always enjoyed the short but sweet COD games.
1. Larian laugh
2. Triumph Studios (AOW)
3. Radon Labs (defunct)

Posted By: Elliot_Kane Re: Whats your favorite game developer? - 08/11/12 04:31 PM
1. CD Project Red. Easy choice for me, not just for their anti-DRM stance but also because they make some truly fantastic games.

2. Larian. Well, we've been together a long time, haven't we? laugh

I'm not sure I HAVE a #3 right now. Maybe Obsidian, depending on how Project Eternity goes...
Posted By: Heathen Re: Whats your favorite game developer? - 28/07/14 10:11 PM
Bethesda - coz of TES(zenimax) and Fallout series
Bioware - coz of Dragon age, Neverwinter, Mass Effect etc etc
CD Project - coz of Witcher series
Larian - coz of Divinity series
Blizzard - coz of Warcraft Series( used to play WoW for 7y)
Ubisoft - coz of Might and Magic( they did not crate them but did save them), AC etc etc
Tale Worlds - coz of Mout and Blade
Obsidian - coz of Neverwinter Nights 2, New Vegas and finishing games other peoples jobs
Deadelic - coz of Blackguards and rest of TDE games
Sega - coz of Total War

This is my top 10 could not just pic 3
Posted By: Joram Re: Whats your favorite game developer? - 29/07/14 06:33 AM
For me, of course :
Larian Studios !

For me, no one can beat them, never !!

Go Belgium, goooo ! laugh

The 'Divine' games have overtaken my mind already for a decade !!
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