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Divinity related stuff

Posted By: Atom

Divinity related stuff - 25/10/19 11:44 AM

So I am trying to collect all sorts of Divinity items, starting from the games themselves, but I recently hit a wall - I can't seem to find any other Divinity related items (like official game guides, maybe some books and such). Are there even any other things that the games? I know of a Original Sin 2 Dice Set, but that seems to be it. Does anybody have anything else?
Posted By: Raze

Re: Divinity related stuff - 26/10/19 01:31 AM

Someone has looked into setting up an online store for merchandise. Currently fangamer has a D:OS 2 t-shirt, hoodie, pin and vinyl record soundtrack. Besides that, and the dice, I don't think there is anything else available.

There have been t-shirts, lanyards and buttons available at various conventions.
Both Kickstarters had physical rewards, and the extra 1k Collector's Edition boxes from the second sold out in just under a day.
There was a retail release of the Divinity Anthology (contents).
With the original release of Divinity 2 Ego Draconis, a German site had t-shirts and mugs available.
For Beyond Divinity there was a 'fan pack' released of a printed novella (included in the game files as a pdf, covering the story between DD and BD) and a soundtrack CD. The initial UK release of the game also included the printed novella.
I don't recall anything for Divine Divinity, other than the retail release.
There have been several special / collector's editions of the retail releases of games in specific regions.
Posted By: vometia

Re: Divinity related stuff - 26/10/19 02:55 AM

I do think that Larian really needs to up its game (ho ho) wrt merchandise: there's often a lot of fan interest, particularly for stuff like nice limited edition lithographs and stuff (that said, it can be stressful as genuine fans are often competing with professional resellers).
Posted By: Atom

Re: Divinity related stuff - 26/10/19 05:03 PM

Oh, okay. Do you have any info about the special region-based collector's editions? I know there was a German one for Ego Draconis and some kind of special edition of Divine Divinity for Asia
Posted By: Raze

Re: Divinity related stuff - 26/10/19 10:25 PM

No, I don't recall any specifics about other special editions.
Posted By: Arokh

Re: Divinity related stuff - 08/11/19 06:35 PM

There's some posters by Displate here - currently for Divinity: Original Sin2 but hopefully they make more based on Larian's previous games.
Posted By: Raze

Re: Divinity related stuff - 15/06/20 01:22 AM

There is now a Larian Merch Store.
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