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Posted By: Viper where's faile ?? - 15/12/08 02:13 PM
hey people,

i'm trying to get in touch with Faile again, but I lost all of her contact data. Has enyone been in contact with her recently ?
I've been looking for her on facebook but I can't remember her last name and her email adres is out of order.

thanks for the help.
Posted By: LewsTherinKinslayer13 Re: where's faile ?? - 15/12/08 05:07 PM
Besides her MSN email I don't have any way of contacting her, and I'm assuming thats the email you said didn't work. Weird I was wondering the same thing the other day actually. Hope you're able to talk to her and she's doing okay.
Posted By: NeroJB Re: where's faile ?? - 15/12/08 09:29 PM
Someone around here is still in touch with her...I asked a while back.
Posted By: HandEFood Re: where's faile ?? - 16/12/08 12:55 AM
Yeah, I still chat to her once in a while. She's not often online, but then nor am I. It could just be different time zones. She's doing well. smile
Posted By: Viper Re: where's faile ?? - 16/12/08 08:21 AM
can you give me her email please, PM it to me if you will.
it'd be nice to hear from her again.

Posted By: Draghermosran Re: where's faile ?? - 27/01/09 06:43 PM
Faile :o not heard or seen her in nearly a decade.

She still working at starbucks? :p
Posted By: Viper Re: where's faile ?? - 28/01/09 09:05 AM
i'm allready in touch with her again, she ain't working in a coffee shop no more and she misses it, but she is studying
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