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1.47 patch

Posted By: icecab21

1.47 patch - 29/12/04 09:08 AM

i downloaded the patch but can i get some help on how to install the files?
Posted By: Barnabus

Re: 1.47 patch - 29/12/04 09:19 AM

Just start the file "BeyondDivinityEnglishPatch1.47.exe". Thant's all.
Posted By: icecab21

Re: 1.47 patch - 29/12/04 09:24 AM

i think i need to download the patch again because the one i have did not save as a exe file and would not start. it kept asking me to choose a programe to start it with and i have programs that start exe files
Posted By: Raze

Re: 1.47 patch - 29/12/04 10:13 AM

Try renaming it; your web browser or download manager may just have decided to drop the extension, possibly confused by the two periods in the name. Select the file and then left click on the name to change it, or right click on the file and select 'rename'.

If that doesn't help, check the file size. The BeyondDivinityEnglishPatch1.47.exe file should be 27,164,074 bytes (right click on the file and select properties).

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