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Posted By: Wallace Can't read Raanar - 28/02/06 07:59 AM
I did not read two of the three last books that give the knowledge of Raanar script:
1. The one in the Imp Shaman's realm (Act II) (killed the Shaman first and the game hijacked my play <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/silly.gif" alt="" />) and
2. The one in the catacombs of Temple of Raan (Act III) (just got teleported after touching something)
And now I am having hard time solving the riddles in the Ranaar Academy.

One way could be to translate/decipher each letter. But won't it be a little too hard.

I have also decided to give the startegy guide a break, as I fealt that I was reading more than playing.
Posted By: Raze Re: Can't read Raanar - 28/02/06 08:35 AM
I don't think there is anything essential written in Raanaar runes, which would require having read all three books. What riddle are you having trouble with?

The second Raanaar book is in the room just after killing the shaman, which you should have access to until you touch the crystal fragment. The third book is easy to miss, since finding the wisdom symbol will teleport you out of that level right away, possibly before you have finished exploring.

I find walkthoughs in general best used when you are stuck, or to skim though after you complete a section of the game, to make sure you didn't miss anything.
Posted By: Wallace Re: Can't read Raanar - 01/03/06 03:16 AM
I am stuck at the solving the puzzle of lock door in mage's laboratory in the ranaar academy.

I was also supposed to read some kind of book in the library. I read every book. None were in English as far as I remember. But while I was coming out the Death-Knight asked questions about what kind of sneaker we needed to summon. Imp sounded like an obvious answer... otherwise, I had no clue from those books.
Posted By: Raze Re: Can't read Raanar - 01/03/06 05:40 AM
There are potions in the lab which can give a clue on the correct order. There is 1 (red) health potion, 2 (green) poison potions, 3 (blue) mana potions and 4 (yellow) stamina potions. Press the coloured buttons in that order to open the door.
I actually picked up the potions looting the room before I moved the bookcase out of the way to reveal the door. Fortunately I only needed a few attempts to guess the correct sequence (I assumed there would be some pattern).

Others have missed one or more of the Raanaar books, and I don't recall anyone posting about not being able to read the one on summoning. The required book is in the north west corner of the library, and states;

Book of Basic Summoning [Mushrooms are not listed in this book, but you find these entries under the letter 'M'...]

Morphology - Suitable Informer: Mutant, Necessary Components: Virgin Blood, Imp Toe, Sulphur, Protection Rune: Water

Mycology - Suitable Informer: Imp, Necessary Components: Feynur-Potion, Kohar Root, Spider Leg, Protection Rune: Wisdom

Mythology - Suitable Informer: Gargoyle, Necessary Components: Cyclops-Eye, Fairy Dust, Bat-Wing, Protection Rune: Lightning
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