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Once I start using the filters in my inventory, How do I turn them off, so that I can see all items at once?

Also: Currently black Knight is the left most portrait, and my character is on the right. This means that by default the black knight picks everything up first. How do I switch the order of these two characters so that My character is leftmost (primary)?

Thanks again, The game is great so far.
You don't as far as I know.

But you can double click on whichever character you want to be primary to make it take the lead.
Posted By: Viper Re: How do I change who is "primary" character - 22/06/04 01:20 PM
just click on the portrait of the char you want to be primary and then you can either:
- press the 'select all key (some 'F-key' by default) or the select all button (can be found under the char portraits)
- orr press the select all key and then the 'switch main char' key (again an F-key (F4 or F5 I think))
I'll take another closer look at the keys section to find the key..

Anyone know about how to turn the filters off so I can see everything in 1 view?
Posted By: Viper Re: How do I change who is "primary" character - 22/06/04 02:10 PM
what filters ??
When I open my inventory, I see nothing as I don't have any armor. But If I select the different tabs on the left, Items appear and disappear depending on what type they are.

I'd like to be able to just see everything at once.. and then be able to toggle on and off the filters.
ah so sorry, since V1.4 this is the way the inventory works. before those buttons were indeed filter buttons, but now they are 'tab-pages'.

so you see what category you click, and believe me, it's easier since you accumulate a lot of items
Anything new that you pick up is place to the left side. I put everything I kept on the rihgt and was able to descern between new and old.
the default hotkeys for the chars are: F1, you char only; F2, DK only; F5 both of you at same time; push F5 again and it will switch lead char
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