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Early on troubles...........

Posted By: Visron

Early on troubles........... - 28/06/04 12:27 AM

Just started the game,i'm still in the first dungeon...i decided to go Warrior and Survivor for the Deathknight.I keep dying at the part where the 2 or 3 Gargoyles appear...i killed everything else in there,i have maybe 5 or 6 potions of health and some pretty crappy stuff but this is just at the beginning...i'm also playing on Action difficulty(whatever that means)...i don't even come close to killing these things...should i start over?...i don't think i made that many bad choices but they just beat me so badly that i think maybe i forgot a whole section or something...

I can't even get out of there,the big Haystack that brought us there doesn't let me get back out of there........ <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/suspicion.gif" alt="" />
Posted By: LewsTherinKinslayer13

Re: Early on troubles........... - 28/06/04 12:48 AM

Welcome! Hmm, I never have much trouble, but I have plenty of potions .Go to the BattleFields and get some! Or did you miss the key??

And you don't NEED to kill the gargoyles. They just lead in a dead end. You go through the portal.
Posted By: Barta

Re: Early on troubles........... - 28/06/04 12:59 AM

Lews is right you don't have to kill the gargoiles if you are too week.
Be nice let them live............

........And come back later when you will be stronger to kill them.

<span class='standouttext'>Spoiler : </span><span class='spoiler'>Don't waste your potions because you will have to fight with the skeleton mages which are not easy to kill. </span>

Posted By: ariana

Re: Early on troubles........... - 28/06/04 02:54 AM

You can learn useful skills like sharpen in the battlefield for act 1, get loads of cash and go up at least 2-3 levels. Makes the rest of the trip to act 2 FAR easier - do it if you haven't already and still can.
Posted By: Visron

Re: Early on troubles........... - 28/06/04 03:08 AM

Thanks guys...i went back near the warp that i used before(near the fake one) and finally got the Battlefield key for Act 1,so i'm there now levelling a bit on level 2-3 skeletons so far.Got a lot of small quests also,so it all good...for now hehe. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />
Posted By: antonym

Re: Early on troubles........... - 28/06/04 03:38 AM

The tactic I've been using with these type of monsters (monsters that are tougher than you)is to do hit and run with a bow/crossbow.

I had the same proble you're mentioning but was able to select a single character, sneak up to the Gargoyles, hit one a couple times with the bow, then run. Rinse, repeat.

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