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Posted By: Guthan Cloud-/Wave-/Mud-/Firestinger - 08/01/11 05:43 PM
These four (1 handed) Bastards swords deal Earth, Fire, Water and Air damage. They are one handed so you can also equip a shield along with it. Now, I sharpened them fairly well and they do 100 something - 176 or so damage. Thing is, I have no idea how I can make this even better using skillpoints, since there's only Slash, piercing, crush, shadow and bone in the skill With Shield.

Does anyone know what I need to raise in order to get more damage/accuracy/death blow etc?
Posted By: Raze Re: Cloud-/Wave-/Mud-/Firestinger - 09/01/11 02:08 AM

There are no weapon expertise skills associated with elemental damage weapons. In general, though, you would be switching out these swords to match low resistances of opponents, so they would be doing extra damage, anyway.
I collected these swords, but just stuck with using conventional weapons.
Posted By: Guthan Re: Cloud-/Wave-/Mud-/Firestinger - 09/01/11 11:53 AM
Yes, that's why I keep them, but I wanted to see if I could increase it even more :P Thanks Raze.
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