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Posted By: ralphrepo V1.45US; Stuck at end of Act 2 - 08/07/04 01:59 AM
After coming back into the Samuel devastated village, I was offered the chance by "Taxlehix" to show me the way to the Raan temple, not immediately agreeing, I went to look around the village instead. Upon returning, Taxlehix is now unable to take me anywhere. As soon as I say I'm ready to go, he says someones coming and "runs off" (even though we're all still standing in the Shaman's cellar).

I've read the walkthough and it seems that Taxlehix is giving me the lines that he's supposed to say only after we leave and we're actually nearing the temple, when I'm approached by Asmodheus' messenger. But he's already doing it here before we even leave. Is this a bug? How can I get out of this, or is this a game stopper? TIA

Posted By: Raze Re: V1.45US; Stuck at end of Act 2 - 08/07/04 02:57 AM
Try entering the battlefield, and if necessary returning and talking to Tax again. Testing something else, I tried entering the BF after Tax brought me to the meeting place normally and I turned down the first messenger, but as soon as I arrived another messenger made me an offer I couldn't refuse. Perhaps entering the BF will trigger the messenger for you, or returning from it will reset the cut scene sequence with Tax so he would bring you to the meeting place.
Posted By: ralphrepo Re: V1.45US; Stuck at end of Act 2 - 08/07/04 02:30 PM
Nevermind, I found a saved game (luckily not TOO far back) and this time I immediately accepted his offer and it got me into act 3 (hallelujah!!)

On a lark, I decided to try something. I reloaded from the point of just when I reappeared in the Shaman's cellar, and decided not to even talk to Tax. I just walked out of the basement without talking to him at all. Walked around, cleaned up a few outstanding quests, went to the battlefields and back; then after picking up all the loot (there's a tremendous bunch of loot in those two locked chests where the imp told you that you'll never get them opened, keys now on the floor), I talked to Tax. I immediately chose yes, and it proceeded normally again. I think you have to follow the standard progressive choices once you do talk to him, but until you do, it's OK to explore.

Thanks for the suggestion though <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

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