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Posted By: Thexder No Way Down in Battlefield Dungeon - 27/12/09 09:34 PM
So, here I am in Act II, Dungeon 2 of Battlefields, first level.

Thing is, there seems to be no way I can reach the exit to the second level of this dungeon. I can see several corridors I cannot reach through little web-infested cracks in the wall, but there does not seem to be any way to the other side. It seems that the key passages to the other side were substituted for those "web cracks"...

So, my question is, any other reports of this kind of bug showing up?? Or am I just overlooking something obvious?

And, of course -- whaddabout MY LOOT?!? mad grin

Cheers, Thexder.
Posted By: Raze Re: No Way Down in Battlefield Dungeon - 27/12/09 10:57 PM

Sometimes an entrance can be partly or completely obscured by a wall. Check the auto map, to see if you can see some blue sticking out somewhere. Running around methodically searching with the mouse can also help.

Occasionally the entrance can be a pile of rocks, rather than the usual fountain thingy.

Rarely part of a level can be separated from the rest (which sounds like the case here), which could contain the entrance to the next level. There are a couple workarounds, though.

If you gather up some crates, packages or barrels, you can use the procedure in the topic armory trick in act 1 to get a summoning doll through a wall, have it drop a teleporter stone (only available in acts 2 and 3), and then teleport your characters through. You can get the teleporter stones in the mushroom forest north west of the imp village.

There can sometimes be a slight gap in the north west corner when two wall meet, which it may be possible to simply toss a teleporter stone through. I'm not sure if you can get a teleporter stone through wall cracks (in DD you could get teleporter stones through metal gates and open windows), but you could try playing around with where your character stands and where you try to drop a teleporter stone.

Alternately: Teleporting anywhere (via hex editor)

Also, you could just skip the rest of that dungeon. You may miss one or more BF quest solutions, but completing the BF dungeons is not necessary.
Posted By: Thexder Re: No Way Down in Battlefield Dungeon - 28/12/09 03:28 PM
Since I do not have the Teleport Stones yet, I guess either I wait until I get them, or I will do some Hex Editing... Pity, this sort of takes you "out of the game", if you know what I mean.

Oh, well. I do not want to disappoint my fellow BF merchants, you know, so I will do some Kobayashi Maru on the game.

Cheers, Thexder. smile
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