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Posted By: Guthan Inventory graphic bug & compatibility error - 01/01/11 02:06 PM

I have this bug with the graphics of items that go to the wrong spots (e.g. sash goes on ring/arrow slot, armour on the sash slot etc.) and I wanted to fix this, so I read people could fix it with using the compatibility mode 98/ME

Well, I tried this, now everytime I start up, I hear the noises of the adds and the video, but the gamewindow itself never pops up so I can't do anything. Apparently, this compatibilitymode doesn't really work (I'm running windows 7)

Suggestions? :s

EDIT: I'm now testing compatibility mode Windows XP (Service pack 2)
it starts up and I can play, the problem is that I lost my savegames somehow and I have to start over, might take a while before I can get my hands on a sash or armour etc.
This compatibility didn't fix the problem.
Posted By: Raze Re: Inventory graphic bug & compatibility error - 01/01/11 11:24 PM

A couple people have had problems running the game in 9x compatibility mode in Win 7. In the topic Inventory graphic placement bug someone had the same problem under Vista, but they didn't report back if they ever got that resolved.

From Beyond Divinity crash on Windows 7:

Originally Posted by aaronsan
The inventory glitch is definitely fixed in Windows 7 64-bit by using a compatibility mode of Windows NT Service Pack 5! Yay!

Another person in this topic avoided a crash on startup by renaming the intro video, so the game would skip it. I don't know if that might make a difference trying to get the game going in Win 9x compatibility mode.

Your original saves may not be lost, though they may not be of much use, either. Once items start to show up corrupted they will continue doing so regardless of the system or compatibility mode, so you need to need to either start over or revert to an earlier working save.

Anyway, each save is a separate subfolder in the '..\Beyond Divinity\savegames' folder.
Under Vista/7, depending on how the user accounts are set up, if you install the game to the default Program Files path, Windows can create separate savegame folders for each user, and then map that folder to the game's savegame folder (so it will just see the saves for the relevant user).
C:\Users\ %account name% \AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\Larian Studios\Beyond Divinity\savegames

Changing to a compatibility mode may have altered this behaviour in Windows, so the game started seeing the real savegames folder, rather than the one Windows created under your user folder. You should be able to just move them to the new location with Windows Explorer, if you have any saves that can be salvaged.
Thank you Raze, I just renamed the video and will try running the program in that new compatibility mode, let's hope it works!

Fingers crossed smile
Apparently I forgot patching, I reinstalled and I patched instantly. I tried running with that 98/ME compatibility and it works now (the start-up at least) gonna play now and hope that the bug is gone.

EDIT: that was until I minimized and tried to reopen it. Now I have the same problem as in the start. Let's try that other compatibility...

EDIT 2: I still get an error when trying that other NT compatibility mode, saying:

'Unable to write to the installation directoty, please make sure that there is still free space on the drive where Beyond Divinity is installed and that you have the ncessary acces rights.

EDIT 3: I noticed my BD still says I have versino 1.470 so I reinstalled that 1.49 (or tried to) and rebooted my laptop. I ran BD again but it still says I have 1.47?
Posted By: Raze Re: Inventory graphic bug & compatibility error - 02/01/11 11:40 AM

Are you running the game as administrator? In the compatibility options you could also try disabling desktop composition.

Did you try reinstalling the game somewhere outside the Program Files folder? (c:\games\Beyond Divinity or something)

Try disabling Aero. Maybe that could help when switching away from the game and back.

The version number doesn't get updated when applying the 1.49 patch to v1.47 of the game, presumably since there were no changes to the game itself, just the removal of the copy protection. If you can start the game without the CD/DVD in an optical drive, then the patch was installed properly. The version number does get updated 10 1.49 when installing the patch over an earlier release of the game.
I see, well I was always able to start the game without the CD. I tried running as administrator, the game starts, but as soon as the main menu appears, the game minimizes and I when I try to open it again, it re-minimizes. This happens to 98/ME - NT - 2000

I'll try moving the folder or do I have to uninstall and reinstall on a different place?
Posted By: Raze Re: Inventory graphic bug & compatibility error - 02/01/11 11:51 AM

Are you shutting down all non-essential programs (especially anti-virus) before starting the game?

I've seen that auto-minimize problem mentioned before....

Once you have the patch installed you should just be able to move the game folder. Since you are having problems, though, it might be safer to un-install/re-install.
I moved it to C:/Larian Studios/Beyond Divinity

I tried doing that compatibility mode 98/ME and the game starts and I can start a new game or load on. It somehow resetted to windows XP (pack 3) when I moved, so let's hope that it works now. Gonna start a new game and play and see if the bug still occurs.

Thanks again Raze smile

EDIT: Er, that was until I minimized again and I have this auto-minimize thingy again now. Where can I find this Aero?
Posted By: Raze Re: Inventory graphic bug & compatibility error - 02/01/11 12:17 PM

Disabling Aero for Vista / Windows 7

Aero may not be the cause of the problem (people have had various problems alt-tabbing out of games and back in 9x/XP, etc), but if it is enabled on your laptop, it can't hurt to try disabling it.

I'll search for the other topic about DD or BD auto-minimizing later... it is late enough here now that it is early.

Thanks, have some good sleep smile
So far, it looks like Disabling Aero fixed everything. Still have to discover whether the inventory bug will still be here or not.


looks like everything is running smoothly thanks to Raze (again :d)
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