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Posted By: Cavalary Weird file problem - 05/12/12 06:20 PM
Got the Anthology, had already played DD some years ago so left that aside, at first dived into D2 since that's what I wanted mainly but then said might as well try BD first (though I didn't mean to before, from what I knew about it), and now I noticed this...

On top of map not reloading when I load a save (at least as of some point, in the act 1 battleground), have to go back to an area for it to remember I had explored it, there seems to be something weird with the save files which I just discovered now: If I put the BD saves on an USB stick, chkdsk will freeze if running on disk when it tries to move from one BD save folder to another. Waited for 30+ minutes and it didn't move, said it had gone through the files in the first BD save folder it reached, and then nothing. (Stick is FAT32 so could set it to show me exactly which files it checked to verify. Also deleted the folder it had checked and the next one it should have checked, tried again and same thing with the next one.)
Now there are no other problems on the stick. Deleted all BD saves off it again, can check the rest just fine and no issues. Also checked the HDD and no issues there either.
(As for why they're on the stick, too many HDD failures, including one just recently, so learned my lesson years ago, have a script that backs stuff up daily on a secondary HDD and occasionally I also update a 2nd backup, with the stuff I can't just get again, manually, on an USB stick. Of course, that was done mainly for documents and such, but as of some point I decided to add game saves in it too, and certainly didn't have any problems with any before... Can of course just set the script to ignore the BD folder when updating stick, whenever I'll update it again, but it's... curious to say the least.)
Posted By: Raze Re: Weird file problem - 05/12/12 10:30 PM

That is a known issue with the fog of war in the battlefields.

I don't know why chkdsk would freeze on files/folders that are fine on the hard drive, if there isn't a problem with the flash drive. Do you have an anti-virus program running that may have interfered with the file copy, or something?
In any case, BD saves are fairly compressible, so you may want to zip them as a backup rather than copy. For multiple saves something like 7-Zip's solid archive would give better compression than zip (though a little slower to create and extract saves from).
Posted By: Cavalary Re: Weird file problem - 06/12/12 10:22 PM
Yeah, thought I remembered something from DD too (maybe? - even if there were no battlefields there), which is why I shrugged it off, though it's annoying.

Well, there's no problem with anything else on the flash drive. Even formatted it and copied everything back, obviously in a different order now (with chkdsk taking files in reverse order according to folder creation date), and it still froze at the BD saves, and as I said tried to leave different saves, not all of them, and it still did the same after the first one.
As for compressing, as I said, there are scripts, one that's all automated (set to run daily from task scheduler) for the HDD backup, gathering stuff from all the various places and separating them in 2 folders, one for what would also go on stick and one for the rest, and a second that I just run manually when I put in the stick, updating the stick contents to match what's in the first folder made by the first script. That'd probably be too much of a bother to change and archive them separately, and most probably I'd just forget even if I'd mean to; do this stick thing about once per month if I don't have a reason to suspect problems, so...
Maybe some weird attributes, or leftovers from that DRM that's mentioned in the Dev Diary that they had to crack to be able to patch the game? It's weird...
Posted By: Raze Re: Weird file problem - 07/12/12 12:19 AM

In the disk version of DD there was a problem with the 1.33 patch that was quickly fixed in 1.34 which could reset the fog of war. Some people have had a problem with the fog of war being completely clear entering the Dark Forest for the first time.

If there was a problem with the actual file names or content in the BD saves, you'd think chkdsk would also have a problem with them on the hard drive, unless there is something weird going on with FAT32 vs NTFS.

Depending on the script, it shouldn't be terribly hard to modify it to use the command line version of 7-zip, or something.
Posted By: Cavalary Re: Weird file problem - 07/12/12 12:47 AM
Yep, that's the only thing that makes sense, some weird NTFS/FAT32 switch thing.
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