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Posted By: Yunjinn Game wont fully close - 08/10/19 10:46 PM
so whenever i start Beyond Divinity, it'll work fine... i can play and all.
but the serious business happens when i close the game and it only happens with Beyond Divinity, already tested it with all other games that i have, it never accures

so i close Beyond Divinity like it should be done: Via the Quit button in the game.
then i look at Steam and it's clearly shown that its closed, but after like 5 minutes or so... the game starts itself (i dont know why and dont know how)
and its not Steam, as i can restart steam and the game automaticly shows up as: "Being played right now"
and i can't start Beyond Divinity again, as it says that im already playin it and when i open Task Manager, the game is nowhere to be found (have checked the whole list like 500 times already)

but once i restart my whole PC the game has closed and i can start the game again without any problems, but i simply dont want to restart my PC evrytime after im finished playin Beyond Divinity and i dont want to leave it open the whole time...

so my question is:

has anyone ever had the same problem with this game or is it just me?
and if it's just me, how do i fix that?
i've already looked through google and was tryin to find any solution to it, but evrything that i've found were solution's that i've already tried...
i am kinda gettin frustrated because of it...
Posted By: Raze Re: Game wont fully close - 09/10/19 05:43 AM

So after exiting out of the game, div.exe does not show up in the Task Manager? Did you check the Processes tab, in addition to Applications?

Does it make a difference if you exit out of the game by using Alt-F4?

Try right clicking the '..\SteamApps\common\beyond_divinity\div.exe' executable, select Properties, switch to the Compatibility tab and check off the 'Override high DPI scaling behavior' option (set it to Application), maybe run as administrator and disable fullscreen optimization, set a Win 9x or XP compatibility mode and see if that makes a difference.

Try doing a clean boot, start the game from the executable and see if this behaviour persists.
Click Start, or hit WinKey-R, type in msconfig and hit enter; in the General tab, click Selective Startup, uncheck Load startup items (if required) and leave Load system services and Use original boot configuration options checked. Next, click on the Services tab, check the box to Hide all Microsoft services, then click the Disable All button (maybe make a note of which are currently enabled/disabled), then click OK and reboot the computer.
Run msconfig again to switch back to the normal boot configuration.
Posted By: Yunjinn Re: Game wont fully close - 09/10/19 12:41 PM
well i've already tried the msconfig thing, which didn't work either.

and yes i've checked the whole Task-Manager, Beyond Divinity is no where to be found in it, nor can i find it in the msconfig.

but i'll try the Alt-F4 next time and try to run it as administrator + set a new compatibility mode, after that i'll look if it still happens.

but the msconfig thingy i've tried, as a friend of mine has told me that i should try and do that.

but yet it still happens and i found out how it happens btw:

if i play the game longer than 30 minutes this problem will appear, if i dont play it longer than 30 minutes, it wont happen. (maybe that helps in finding a solution)
Posted By: Raze Re: Game wont fully close - 10/10/19 05:00 AM

If it still happens after a clean boot, that makes it much less likely that a background program or service could be causing the problem directly, or interfering with the game closing. In that case, though, I'm not sure why there would be a time dependence...

Can you restart the game directly from the executable when Steam says it is running?

If you reboot, exit out of Steam, start the game from the executable and play more than 30 minutes, exit and after 5 minutes restart Steam, does it list the game as running?

Especially if the problem only happens if the game is started through Steam, you could try to Refresh Your Steam Files and reboot your computer, to see if that fixes it. With the Task Manage not listing the game running but Steam doing so, it could be a problem just with Steam.
Posted By: Yunjinn Re: Game wont fully close - 12/10/19 03:13 PM
well i found a solution on that, its simply puttin the graphics down, but when i do that it literally makes me desktop to a 4x4, i can still see my desktop background at its fullest, but i can only interact with the top left corner of my desktop... dunno whats happening there.
Posted By: Raze Re: Game wont fully close - 12/10/19 11:45 PM

It sounds like a problem with DirectX switching back to the desktop resolution. Does it work if you right click on an open area of the desktop to get into the Display Settings, change the resolution, apply and switch it back?
A program like DesktopOK would let you save and restore desktop icon positions, in case lowering the resolution moves anything.

Did you cut the resolution in half? If that quarter of the screen corresponds to what the game was at, there may still be something strange going on with how the game is exiting.

Try the 4GB Patch to increase the amount of virtual memory that the game (or any 32 bit application) can access in 64 bit versions of Windows. It has helped with some startup crashes and graphics issues in the older Divinity games, and a threading issue in Divinity 2, so it couldn't hurt to try.
Posted By: Yunjinn Re: Game wont fully close - 18/10/19 12:28 AM
i dunno which one worked, but i've used DesktopOK and 4GB Patch and it doesn't happen anymore, nor does the other thing happen.

both has been fixed, i'm writing this so late because i wanted to test if it works or not, but it did work smile

Thank You smile
Posted By: Raze Re: Game wont fully close - 19/10/19 08:00 AM

Thank you for the update; I'm glad you got it working (most likely it was the 4GB patch that helped).
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