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Who are the artist and designers of the characters, the backgounds(envionment), and the graphics? Do any of them have sites where they show their previous work? I am curious because I think they are doing a really nice job!
Marian has a site here. I don't know any of the other artists.
Nice! Thanks!
Posted By: Koen Re: Who does the art, design background etc.? - 28/10/08 10:55 AM
Thanks for the kind words Endless smile

Here goes:
More faery legs are indeed better smile
Wow - you guys are amazing! Personally, I can use hours watching different artists sites for inspiration - and you are all now on my link list of favourites smile

Koentje - what is your job at ED? I mean, there are quite a lot of different job discriptions on a project like this.
Posted By: DimSum Re: Who does the art, design background etc.? - 28/10/08 03:44 PM
Koen is Art Director on Div2... God praises him to take on this job ^^
Posted By: Morbo Re: Who does the art, design background etc.? - 28/10/08 06:35 PM
Does this fall under:

Directing artists is a lot like herding cats laugh
LOL delight I have personally only been working under directors, and I have often wondered how they keep all the lose ends together, Especially in a game or in a animated feature, hek - even in animated shortfilm. There are soooo much to do and keep together. So I could easily imagine it would be like herding cats! delight I hope all of you at Larian are not too stressed out, and that you havenīt expirenced too much trouble during the project.
Art director up - like I said ealier - you guys are doing a really good job - I am looking farward to see the final game (and to play it :-D), it looks like it has a really good atmosphere in it, thanks to you guys.
I sometimes wish I could express myself, getting all of this "woah this looks good" outcries, too. wink

But first, my short stories are few, second I'm too lazy to translate them (graphics just don't need to be translated at all), third, are seldom understood, and fourth are often criticized.

Maybe I should get back instead to my passion of word-games ans witty remarks. wink
Whenever it itches in your hands to do something about your stories - donīt hold yourself back (and donīt think about wehter or not people understand or critize what you do) Just go for it, for the feeling of doing it - it often leads to something good. (In my experience anyway delight)
I'm currently tossing some ideas around in my head.

That is a good thing - play with it - have fun. :)The idea part can be really great - I often get kinda high on it biggrin
By the way - if you are critisized - ask for constructive critisism, that you can at least use for something.
Yes, I know. wink
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