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Posted By: isorun Windowed Mode - 15/12/08 08:27 PM
Well, I just had exams, which means I had a lot of spare time, and during that spare time I noticed that many games don't support a Windowed Mode.
I hope D2: ED will support windowed mode. I tend to just open MSN and then start one of my games in windowed mode so I can keep in touch with friends while enjoying my game, yet some of my favourite games don't support windowed mode so I just play other ones instead. I know there exist professional in-game chat programs for that(I use X-fire for this purpose) but a lot of my friends aren't gamers and just log in once in a while to say hello.

I don't know why some games don't support windowed mode, is it hard to code it in?
Posted By: LightningLockey Re: Windowed Mode - 15/12/08 10:42 PM
Oh, that is an easy answer. To save on computer resources.

When a program is in full screen, the OS is put on the back burner and more RAM and CPU usage is geared towards the game. That is why when playing a full screen game for a few hours, it takes a while for windows to 'load' and start working like normal again after exiting the game.

It is sort of like hibernating windows.
Posted By: HandEFood Re: Windowed Mode - 16/12/08 12:59 AM
Yeah, most games run like a slug in windowed-mode. If you like arcade games, I can suggest Reflexive Games. They offer one-hour demos of all of their games and then you can purchase them for about USD$25 each and continue from your last save. They also offer unlimited installs (at least they did the last time I bought from them.)
Posted By: Boneman Re: Windowed Mode - 20/12/08 11:51 PM
I have a Radeon HD 2900 XT and, as you may know, it's presumably one of the loudest cards of its generation. But oddly enough, only in fullscreen. In fact it is really quiet when a game runs in windowed mode. No temperature or speed issues either. So I also vote for a non-fullscreen option. Just in case it doesn't seem important enough to think about. wink
Posted By: Lar_q Re: Windowed Mode - 05/01/09 02:18 PM
The game features a windowed mode for developing purposes, but no decision has been made yet whether or not we'll keep the option in the final game. If not, we might leave it in as an unsupported feature.
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