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Posted By: turi graphic bugs - 06/05/09 04:46 PM
check out this screenshots

it seems that shadows are kind of broken while playing dragon.

i cant finde any big graphic bugs in human play mode.

hope this will be fixed in release version.
Posted By: Xanlosch Re: graphic bugs - 06/05/09 04:56 PM
Which graphic bugs? This pictures are from an internal version (maybe alpha, beta or something) with maybe not all effects enabled (or to much which interfer with each other). Calm down and report this "bugs" if there are in a released version.
Posted By: turi Re: graphic bugs - 06/05/09 07:15 PM
Originally Posted by Xanlosch
Which graphic bugs?

you just disqualified yourself from this discussion, please move on :hihi:
Posted By: drazac Re: graphic bugs - 06/05/09 09:09 PM
Don't worry about it.. i'm sure they will fix it, if they haven't done so already ... even if they release it in that state.. who cares, enjoy the gameplay and storyline
Posted By: flixerflax Re: graphic bugs - 06/05/09 09:15 PM
Agreed. They're preliminary screenshots months before release - it's way too soon to be worried about bugs yet.
Posted By: swordscythe Re: graphic bugs - 08/05/09 09:04 PM
Haha - you guys have no idea how many bugs these guys have been dealing with the past few months - don't worry about this stuff, really. Come release, it'll be fixed.
Posted By: HandEFood Re: graphic bugs - 10/05/09 12:02 AM
Maybe their computers can't even handle the graphics at top-quality. :hihi:
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