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Posted By: katar a potential multiplayer addon? - 25/07/09 11:15 AM
figuring that in rpg's nowadays, a substantial life factor is multiplayer coop. Games like Sacred 2 for example coop the downsides of the single player experience by offering a broad multiplayer service.

Are there any plans to implement a cooperative (with or without competitive modes) multiplayer in Ego Draconis?
Posted By: DivineGamer Re: a potential multiplayer addon? - 25/07/09 11:26 AM
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At this time there are no plans to implement any sort multiplayer into the game as Divinity 2 is a rich single player experience and adding Co-op to that would sacrafice story depth.

A quote from Swen Vincke CEO Of Larian.
"We actually supported coop multiplayer for quite some time but had to sacrifice too much story depth to maintain it, so we put it on hold end of last year. It turned out that we would've had to make two games if we wanted to have a good single player experience and a good coop multiplayer experience, and that just wasn't doable with our team size."
Posted By: AlrikFassbauer Re: a potential multiplayer addon? - 25/07/09 12:02 PM
Originally Posted by katar
Games like Sacred 2 for example coop the downsides of the single player experience by offering a broad multiplayer service.

No, I rather consider Sacred sacrificing too much of the SP mode in favour of an MP mode.

SP players more and more get left out by this kind of games.
Posted By: Raze Re: a potential multiplayer addon? - 25/07/09 03:18 PM

There are no plans, but it is not out of the realm of possibility. From the topic News from the front;

Originally Posted by Lar_q
Regarding mods - It's really a question of where we put our effort in. Right now it's in the game and not in providing a mod toolkit, though obviously we have a whole range of tools to make the game. It would take some effort to make them usable for the community, but if the opportunity would arise, it'd be something I'd very much like to do. I guess it'll really depend on how much demand there is for such a toolkit. I think it might be more sensible to link a mod toolkit with a multiplayer mode, than just release it for single player.

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Posted By: Aras Re: a potential multiplayer addon? - 31/07/09 12:39 PM
The engine of the game is nearly the same like in Obilivion (no MP too). I think somebody tries to create a mod for a "Oblivion-MP" but this mod was very buggy and useless. Maybe there will be a MP-mod for Divinity2 in the future? horsey rpg008
Posted By: DivineGamer Re: a potential multiplayer addon? - 31/07/09 04:46 PM
If somebody ever made an Multiplayer Mod for this game and it was good and ran with too many problems It would encourage me to get the PC Version but for now I'll bd happy buying the console version.
Posted By: katar Re: a potential multiplayer addon? - 01/08/09 09:34 AM
in the end, releasing mod tools nonetheless is a good move. Single player games generate their replay value and longevity through the quality of the game itself, adding modtools cannot virtually only lengthen the experience. Looking at titan quest for example, despite the mod community being relatively (very) small, it does happen that masterpiece mods like Lilith see the daylight. There might only be about 30 actual minimods for titan quest, but when i see a monstermod like lilith (up to 1.2gig in size) i'm glad it got modding tools.

I would throw in my vote to release mod tools in either situation
Posted By: AlrikFassbauer Re: a potential multiplayer addon? - 02/08/09 11:33 AM
Mod tools aren't the only thing.

They also need to be accessible.

I'd really like to make some maps for Star Wars Battlefrontt I, but the modding tools package is the worst I have ever seen. It is clearly made for already experienced users, which greatly decreases the number of potential modders.

Of course one could say, the more complex the tools, the less inexperienced newbies will use them, which would - from that perspective on - lead to a better quality.

But in my opinion I doubt that this will be the case in all of the times.

Because great modding skills also need a lot of technological knowledge, and on the other hand I strongly suspect that a "techie" bears at the same time the needed storytelling skills, because storytelling skills are so much different from technology skills, that they are almost - imho - incompatible to one another.

Which makes me fear that people with great modding skills are able to create mods that are just great in a technological sense, but which are at the same totally lacking any storytelling qualities.

Of course, nowadays, storytelling quality might even not be wanted at all - especially by the Action-RPG generation, to which storytelling appears to be nothing but a hindrance, a distraction from gameplay. Blizzard's Action-RPGs, for example, have almost no story at all (and I mean the games, not any baclkground information presented in novels or so).

Following this thought, I even fear that the masses of people who believe that RPG = Action will bad-mouth pearls like PS:T, because of their great story-telling quality ! "Too much text", they will say, "it just distracts from playing !" Whereas "playing" would be = "hacking/slashing", in that perspective of an Action-RPG player.

Which leads - the more game companies - and especially developers - concentrate on the mass market for development costs revenue - to games with less and less actual stories/storytelling in them, which will be praised by the mass market who doesn't want "too much text" at all.

Times for lovers of stories look bad.

And Action-RPG lovers will surely say in an aggressive voice: "Go buy yourself a book ! If you want to have stories !
'Stories' are an abberant abomination nowadays ! They have nothing to do in RPGs at all !"
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