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Not trying to be negative here, but I was thinking back to this for a little while earlier today.

The thing I disliked possibly the most in Divinity 2 was how there weren't really many skills. One of my favourite things about Divinity 1 was that there were a ton of skills. I felt in Divinity 2, it was dulled down. While I had my choices, I found that on my run-throughs, I did not really want to change my choice of skills. I picked carefully, saving on a level-ups and testing the first level of a skill. If I did not like a skill, I would take another, which usually wasn't the case. Therein lies the problem I found, it's not that I did not have options, but just not enough options. While the potential of creating a hybrid character is undoubtedly there, for each typical type of character (warrior, archer, mage), I found it kind of hard to create variation. In Divinity 1, I had several passives, several spells and active skills so I had fun while going new characters a lot more and finding out what was best.

I generally dislike weapon masteries which you put points into, it limits you to using a certain weapon for the best damage, which means that shiny new powerful item you just got is basically useless because you get bonuses from big hammers and hammers are the best! Infact I think an 'Attack' mastery is good enough. You are better at fighting, you don't need to re-load again or complete another quest or open another chest to get something which is useful.

Anyway, I could ramble on all day. So, those are my thoughts on this.
I do not feel that the current system of picking a fighting style (rather than weapon type) is not too restrictive about what you can use, though it could use a bit more balancing.

I would say the biggest problem for the skill system is having to pick between active abilities because unless you specialize then there are not enough skill points to pump points into abilities with limited use (namely spells that do not do damage and generally do not work on the toughest enemies). I had rather pick between dealing more damage or being able to better overcome resistance to spells than pick between magic blast and polymorph. The same can apply to the abilities other paths as well. In other words, I would like to see skill determine how well you do at certain things only and not what you can do.

There will at least be additional dragon skills in FoV and that part of DKS.
I agree DD has a great skillsystem that takes me deep into the world of Rivellon ! smile
More skills is very good for the replayability I find !

But for me Divinity II have good skills and I'm happy the skillsystem is "open" (not charactertype restricted!).
One thing I don't love in other RPG's is just the skilltree isn't like in the Divinity games, but yeah, I understand not all RPG's can have the same skillsystem, isn't it? Or ... ? wink

Recently I read Arcnia (Gothic 4) have only 8 skills ! Poor gamers who buy that game and are hoping for a nice skilltree with lots of skills ! eek
I found the skills different enough to my taste.
In some games you have FireBall, AirBall, WaterSplash, RockExplosion, LightningBall, WhateverBall, I'm glad there isn't that in Divinity II.

Some more skills would be nice, but only if they can keep it varied.
I very much like the assortment of skills. I just wish there were more skill points available so they could be tried out. I'd like 2 points per level and/or more available through books or questing or mindreading, and/or the ability to reskill earlier. Maybe more are available later, but I should like to see more while still in Broken Valley.

I like to try different things, but the inability to reskill or to get more points earlier makes me hesitant to try.

I find enough skillpoints and finding books just in the beginning of the game! wink
Have you for example find the skillbook in Farglow and in the Black Boar Inn? ...
Just to say :
"Hello dear people, search fine and you find always more than you think you can find"

Oh yes, I found the skill book in Farglow and a lot of others along the way. I'm just beginning Sentinel Island. I would still like more, but that's just my personal feeling.
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