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If there already is a similar thread, by all means disregard this one ^^

I just bought the game, installed it and applied the latest patch. I'm wondering which drivers have worked the best in your opinion. I own an Nvidia 8800Gt card, however don't mind that, one might as well post for other cards and manufacturers, like Ati.

I'm currently using the Nvidia driver version 178.24. I notice poor performance using 1280x1024 on max, I get around 16 fps after starting a new game. Perhaps it's normal, perhaps it's not, I dunno hehe
When selecting anisotropic filtering 8x on terrain only, and everything else on high the fps varies from 30 to 60, however I haven't been in more intensely graphical scenes so perhaps I might need to adjust some more. And hence the above question hehe

I realize that my drivers are rather dated but these work best with Risen for some reason. I will of course try others but perhaps with a little more extra input from experienced users I won't have to try and error hehe

My system:
Intel Q6600 at 3.7Ghz
Nvidia GF8800GT
Win XP pro sp3
2Gb DDR2 (no problem there)
Nvidia graphics drivers 178.24

Cheers all

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