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Posted By: isorun Help - 16/07/05 08:30 AM
allright, i need some help. when im approaching the city where captain mitrox is stationend my computer gives an error repport and dd chrashes. it happens over and over. it does not matter from which direction im coming. if it only would be for the quests he gives i would not make a big deal of it, but he got the teleportation scroll of the humans! i had it once before in aleroth, 5th level of the catacombes. i started speaking to the skeleton and when i pressed the 'what are you doing button' it chrasched without errormessage. so i cheked the errorfile of dd. it said it couldnt load the storyfile so i took the story file of my oldest save(just after opening the catacombes) and replaced it with the other. i hade no more troubles with the skeleton thingy.(i also gainend double xp for finding teleporter stone: i had the first one in my backpack and the second one in front of a bed, i used the first one and was transported to the room wich would be normally full of skeletons. i needed to get back to aleroth so i used the portal stone. i figured out i just needed to put the other stone i my inventory.) but now it says nothing about a file that could not be laoded. any suggestions or something that can help me?
Posted By: AlrikFassbauer Re: Help - 16/07/05 08:52 AM
Have you enough disk space free ? For <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/div.gif" alt="" /> temporary files and for the win swapfile ?

Please check this. And also, try to defragment a little, I guess.

In general, sys specs are handy when trying to figue out what the actual problem is. Thanks.

By the way : Welcome. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

Posted By: Raze Re: Help - 16/07/05 09:46 AM
There may be a cutscene triggered there (don't recall), that the game is having problems with. Try running the configuration program and switching to software mode temporarily, and maybe reduce the resolution, and see if you can get by the point it crashes.

Try deleting all of the files in the '..\Divine Divinity\Run\Dynamic' folder.
This folder is used as a cache for the game. Files are created / copied there from the save game folder when you load, and written / copied from that folder when you save a game. The files will be re-created as required the next time you start Divinity. If there was a corrupt file in that folder, deleting the files should fix the problem.

Troubleshooting Tips (& manual install procedure)
Posted By: isorun Re: Help - 16/07/05 11:25 AM
i got 1.5 gb i think its enough.
i will try the other things. thank for the quick respons.
i will let you now, guys.
Posted By: isorun Re: Help - 16/07/05 01:27 PM
i cleared the dynamic thing, changed resolution to teh lowest and changed the software ting to run. i loaded my game and walked to the spot. when i normally would get a error message it just freezed and after a minute it j,umped back to my desktop. i will test now another sowtare program and i hope it will work.
Posted By: isorun Re: Help - 16/07/05 01:41 PM
report: just tested it with my own software. error message and desktop. i not even can test glide so i will try the previous one again.
Posted By: isorun Re: Help - 16/07/05 01:53 PM
someone got a hammer for me? im gonna brake my pc in such small parts that it will not be found again. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/memad.gif" alt="" /> i tried all the things you said and still i doesnt works. i just gave up all hope. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/puppyeyes.gif" alt="" />
Posted By: isorun Re: Help - 16/07/05 02:29 PM
hey,(im cooled down now, no need to worry) im reading here that you can find a second human teleportscroll in the cursed abbys is this right?
also i hope i dont miss to much by not being able to visit that place.
Posted By: Rincewind Re: Help - 16/07/05 04:54 PM
find a second human teleportscroll in the cursed abbys is this right?
also i hope i dont miss to much by not being able to visit that place.

Yes, there is another scroll in the cursed abbey, so that's not a problem. Mitox gives quests that lead to an invitation to Stormfist Castle, but there are also other ways to get the invite. <span class='standouttext'>Spoiler : </span><span class='spoiler'>investigate the Duke's death; solve the cause/cure of the plague </span>. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wave.gif" alt="" />

Btw, did you try the "Install Verification" described in Raze's "Troubleshooting Tips" link? One forum member had even uninstalled and reinstalled the game, but was still having crashes until he ran a filecheck that identified one single file showing an error. Extracting just the one file from the installation disc apparently solved his problem... (The whole story is in this thread: Games crashes to desktop when...
Posted By: isorun Re: Help - 16/07/05 05:44 PM
i dont understand much of it(at least the part on raze forum)
i just need to instal it and then? i need to put my save files smewhere else, clean up the dynamic files and (this is the part i dont get) compare the crc files? what are CRC files and how do i compare them?
Posted By: isorun Re: Help - 16/07/05 05:51 PM
how more i read how less i understand from it. now it is not a big problem anymore for me: i can get the scroll and if other things gonna chrash to i really gonna smash computer into pieces.( i get a new one in a couple of weeks so) thank you all for your help.

P.S.: if you ever want a level 64 mage with all skills level 5 and a lot of hp and mana, and damage of 500 to 600 with the weapons i got in my inventory, gimme a call(in the forums i mean) <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/stupid.gif" alt="" />
Posted By: Wytse Re: Help - 16/07/05 06:27 PM
*gives Isorun a call*
Oh Oh! Me! Me! :P Will be fun :P

Belgs hea? Ik zou ut spel herinstalleren <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" /> Ik heb dat ook 's gedaan ( met een vergelijkbaar probleem ) en toen werkte het spel wel weer <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

For the non-dutchies here: I tried reinstalling the game with a same sort of problem and it worked, so I would say, try that <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

Maar: Hou de Mage savegame wel <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/winkwink.gif" alt="" />
But: Keep the mage savegame <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/winkwink.gif" alt="" />

Ennuh.. Divine <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/div.gif" alt="" /> !

By the way.. Welcome to the forums <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wave.gif" alt="" /> ( a bit late, sorry:) )
Posted By: Rincewind Re: Help - 16/07/05 07:10 PM
I tried reinstalling the game with a same sort of problem and it worked, so I would say, try that

Agreed. If you haven't already tried it, uninstall and reinstall. You won't lose anything, and it does seem to do the trick in many cases... I only mentioned the file verification in case you had tried the other suggestions and not had any luck. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wave.gif" alt="" />
Posted By: isorun Re: Help - 20/07/05 08:08 AM
oke guys thanks for you r help but its not more needed. computer crashed.
Posted By: isorun Re: Help - 20/07/05 08:14 AM
huh, your computer chrashed you ask. oke i reinstalled dd. i put my savefiles back and load the game. so far so good. then i load the savegame.its loading an then poof! computer falls out! everything corrupted. even my windows. it restarted 6 times before he restored everthing. every game i started gived an error report. as you should have noticed im offline a couple of days. i was reinstalling all my games! i now restarted dd and will start over from the beginnign.

p.s.: in two days i go on vacation so dont be confused if i dont answer anything.
Posted By: Raze Re: Help - 20/07/05 09:10 AM
If you backed up your saves directly to CD-R and then restored them by copying them back to the hard drive, you need to select those files on the hard drive, right click, select Properties and clear the Read-Only flag. If the files in the save folder are marked Read-Only, the game will crash trying to load the save. That would not cause a problem with Windows, though.
If you zipped the save folders before backing them up to, or used a backup program that writes to an archive of some sort, then you would not have a problem extracting the files from CD-R. Of course if you just moved the saves to a different folder on your hard drive, or something, then they would not have been marked Read-Only, so this wouldn't be relevant.

If you have any more problems with data corruption, you may want to check out your computer for hardware problems. A couple corrupt saves may just be the game, a problem with Windows could just be Windows, but if it continues to happen in multiple programs or starts to get more frequent, there may be a deeper issue.

There are a couple memory testing program you can try; Memtest86 / MS Windows Memory Diagnostic
Your hard drive manufacturer should have a utility on their web site to check the drive. If you want I can be more specific, or you can invite a geek friend or relative over for supper. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/biggrin.gif" alt="" />

One thing you should do, if you haven't already, is run a ScanDisk (right click on the hard drive in Windows Explorer, select Properties, switch to the Tools tab, and hit the Check Now button in the Error Checking Status section).
Posted By: isorun Re: Help - 20/07/05 10:49 AM
now when playing warcraft 3 (both original and expansion) the game chrashes after a couple of hours. it could be that its the program altough i installed it more then 5 times on my computer. if it is my computer then i dont care about it much. till i get my new one i can keep on playing internet games on my sis pc.
Posted By: Raze Re: Help - 20/07/05 08:52 PM
It could also be that Windows needs to be reinstalled (or revert to an earlier restore point, if available). The self repair feature for critical system files isn't perfect, and I don't think needing multiple reboots to get everything is a good sign (though I don't know how many is considered normal).
Posted By: isorun Re: Help - 21/07/05 07:23 AM
or maybe the games dont work at their tottale performance cause i still have W98se.
Posted By: Raze Re: Help - 21/07/05 06:17 PM
I also have Win98SE, and have not had any problems with DD (have not tried Warcraft 3, but Win98 is listed as a supported OS).

Forget what I said about system restore points, since MS only started that with ME.
Posted By: isorun Re: Help - 03/08/05 05:54 PM
allright, back from vacation (it sucked btw: car chrashed on the way back(how comes that everything in my direct area chrashes?)) now im playing dd and have not a single problem during the hole catacombes thing. i mentioned in my first mail that when i pressed the "what are you doing button" everything chrashed. now everything runs smoothley but i needed to quit but was so stupid to not save. this is also a good thing cause know i need to do it again and can see or there are any problems(hope not). i will have not much time playing on my pc cause now where starting to rebuild the livingroom and my parents are giving me annoying jobs.(you now the typicall thing: put that away, bring me that, go get that for me,......)also my new computer is delayed cause of the livingroom(hmmm, i feel something, ohh its just the hate for my parents and their f***ing livingroom)so its gonna be one hell of a week(or longer!god what did i do wrong)
and as last but certainly not least: as long as their working on the livingroom ther will be no television, exept for dvd and video! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/memad.gif" alt="" />(if you have any dvd's lying around where your not watching at, think about me and send it to poor old me. adress: suckerstreet in a**h**e-village.)

p.s.: when playing dd keep 3 minutes silence for all the victims of the livingroom.
Posted By: Ubereil Re: Help - 03/08/05 09:05 PM
Suggestion: Spend time at your friends houses. If you (like me) don't have any friends, cheer up, the future will probablly bring some of them too. Hope they won't crash...

Posted By: SPIKENOX07 Re: Help - 04/08/05 05:18 PM
i also have no friends. mabey that is because i am retarded. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/silly.gif" alt="" />
Posted By: isorun Re: Help - 05/08/05 08:05 AM
unlike you two i have friends, but i life in the middle of nowhere so i cant visit them.
Posted By: isorun Re: Help - 05/08/05 08:39 AM
allright, finally something good happens! im getting paid fot my help with the livingroom(not much, but at least it something) and also my parents said: how faster you work, how faster you will get your computer.' ofcours they added a small line:'you will only get your computer when the livingroom is done. and we planned it to be finished in two weeks but cause where very late on scedule, it will probally not be finished before the vacation ends' <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/memad.gif" alt="" />grr, when will i get my computer then? at christmass, new year, even later? <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif" alt="" />
oww my brain! hey my head is making a sound! *isorun heads starts to move around and around his neck, and then it explodes!* aww that hurts! but i still want my computer!!
Posted By: isorun Re: Help - 06/08/05 01:12 PM
allright i did it, i passed the point where the former game always crashed! there is no cutsene or anything. still amystery why it crashed always! im so happy!(no im not, where still bizy with the d*mn livingroom!)allright thanks for all your help dudes(especialy raze)!
Posted By: Raze Re: Help - 06/08/05 01:49 PM
<img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/party.gif" alt="" />
That's the good thing about computer problems; sometimes they just go away if you ignore them for awhile. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/biggrin.gif" alt="" />
Posted By: isorun Re: Help - 06/08/05 04:12 PM
and its getting better and better: just played over more than 2 hours on my computer whitout a single chrash.(or maybe im loosing my power to let anything chrash: noooooooooooo!)
Posted By: isorun Re: Help - 06/08/05 04:15 PM
ohh, yeah i entered stormfisttcastlle and saw the imp. i dont remember but i think you can press the close button. if im right, has anyone tried this before?

P.S.: it was kinda disapointing to see that the game chrashed just for an old guy named mitrox. altough the scene with the exploding barrel betterd my mood.
Posted By: Raze Re: Help - 06/08/05 11:25 PM
People have tried various things to avoid the imp, from not bringing a teleporter stone with them, to putting them in a container somewhere. Nobody has found a way around loosing them yet. The imp either shows up the next time you try to use them, or they just stop working until the point where you would have gotten them back.
Posted By: isorun Re: Help - 06/08/05 11:40 PM
oww to bad, and the duke janus: i juqst met him and all ready hate hem. and where is his d*mn cat?
Posted By: Raze Re: Help - 07/08/05 12:34 AM
If you leave Janus' room and head south, you should run into the cat as you approach the hallway outside the kitchen.
Posted By: isorun Re: Help - 07/08/05 10:52 AM
thanks, and what is that about that lela? i talked to his mom or something and se says that his dad waited till his 14 for ...... if it is what i think it is the father and his son Janus are two dirtbacks(or however you say it in english) (and is it his sister or what cause his mom is saying something likemy poor daughter or something like that) anyway, this game should be for 18+ gamers(i dont mean it ofcours otherwise i should not be allowed to play it(altough se already gave me GTA vice and SA, i dont understand parents) now back to playing i guess.
Posted By: Raze Re: Help - 07/08/05 05:59 PM
I don't recall much of the conversation with the mother, but if she said daughter, she meant as in future daughter in law. Janus' change in behaviour (getting an older girlfriend, killing his father and taking over, etc) is explained a bit later, after you get out of the castle and go rescue Zandalor.
Posted By: isorun Re: Help - 07/08/05 08:16 PM
do you mean the part where ..... puts you in that crapy dungeon? oww men i had so much equipment carrying with me that when i needed to put my equipment back iw as buzy more then 5 minitus!
Posted By: Raze Re: Help - 07/08/05 11:45 PM
You have to get out of Iona's dungeon first, then go rescue Zandalor.
When I got kicked out of the castle the first time, I reloaded, collected all my loot, put everything I didn't need in a chest, and tossed it out the front gate. That way I didn't have to search around to get my original equipment back in place, and I had more weight capacity so I could collect more loot (I still had to drop some off in a barrel in the dungeon, though, and mark it on the map to get later).
Posted By: isorun Re: Help - 08/08/05 06:49 AM
first of all DONT READ THIS if you wanna play out the game yourself

Do you need to be in the thievesguild to save Zandalor? i read a walktrough with says you need to talk to the barkeeper of the duccal inn and then go to lains house. what if i go directly to lains house?
Posted By: Raze Re: Help - 08/08/05 09:29 AM
You need to join the thieves guild to get access to the sewer entrance in Lain's house (if you talk to Lain first, he suggests you talk to Rob in the Ducal inn, and does not bring up thieves' sewer entrance at all). However, you do not need to join the guild or use that entrance to rescue Zandalor. You can use the Ars Magicana sewer entrance to get to the castle treasure room.
Posted By: isorun Re: Help - 08/08/05 10:43 AM
dos there is a map of the sewers?(ars magicana) cause i dont simple now how to get there. oh yeah, in the walktrough there is also mentioned something of a scene where you see the third marked one dies. does this still has to come or did i missed something?(im in ionas dungeon)
Posted By: tragic Re: Help - 08/08/05 05:03 PM
Kiyas site probably has the havent missed anything yet about the third marked one
Posted By: Raze Re: Help - 08/08/05 08:13 PM
Kiya's Divine Divinity website

Complete Maps in Divinity (some broken links are fixed in a reply by Barta)
Posted By: isorun Re: Help - 09/08/05 02:48 PM
thanks guys. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />
Posted By: isorun Re: Help - 10/08/05 08:02 PM
ay, i got problems again. whenever i come close to the dungeons exit the game chrashes. unlike the mitrox-thing it chrashes on different points. i will try the other configurations and all the other things.i will report it here.

P.S.: is it normal to play a game out in less then 5 houres. it goes about LOTR the return of the king. i never played it before and i boorowed it from a friend. started playing this morning and i already finnished the game.
Posted By: Raze Re: Help - 10/08/05 09:01 PM
Five hours is fairly short for such a game, but I've seen reviews of action and FPS games that mention 5 to 10 hour play times. RPG games tend to be longer, though I finished one (Gorasul) in under 15 hours. Generally, I would call an RPG short at 20 hours, with average being on the order of 40 hours or more. DD should take from about 40-50 hours (for the main plot) to 100 hours (doing everything).
Posted By: isorun Re: Help - 15/08/05 05:12 PM
40-50 hours? and if your a level 67 char? does that changes anything?oh, is it normal i only get xp for quests now i grown so strong? i dont get xp for killing mobs, to bad i would a been over level 80 if i would.
Posted By: Raze Re: Help - 15/08/05 08:03 PM
No, that is not normal. Apparently you ran into a bugy experience bomb, that gave you much more than the usual experience bonus. I played with Resurrect a bit (re-killing monsters for more experience) and delayed the wishing well and imp council member quests in order to make the best use of the level-ups, and finished the game on level 53 (the wastelands were a cakewalk). The usual end level range is from the mid forties to very low fifties (and that is including the 5 level bonus you get entering the wastelands).

Experience is based on your level; the lower your level with respect to an opponent the more experience you will get (and if your level is much higher you stop getting experience), while with quests, the higher your level the more experience you get.

I imagine a high level would speed things up, as you would blow through mobs much faster and would not need to worry as much about strategy with difficult opponents.

You may be able to use iZakaroN's SaveEditor (or from Kiya's site, with description) to change your experience points (not sure if that will drop your level, though), or at least lower your stats to what they should be to make the game more challenging. If the level does not drop after you reload the save and complete a quest or something to update your experience points, you can change it manually;
Some more hex offsets...
Posted By: isorun Re: Help - 16/08/05 08:56 AM
actually i just used the save-edit to get to level 66. then cause of squest i grew to level 67. i cant use the skillpoint cause i already maxed every skill(except the divine set). i did this to just see the beaty of the game and wich quests there are. also to experiment with the skills: wich are good, wich bad? that kinda stuff.
Posted By: Raze Re: Help - 16/08/05 12:04 PM
In that case, yes, it is normal you stopped getting experience for killing opponents.

The 'hex offsets' post I linked to above describes how to manually enable the path of the divine before getting to the wastelands.
Posted By: isorun Re: Help - 16/08/05 05:34 PM
wow, hexediting looks complecated(or however it is written) so i not even gonna try. bravo for the ones who can use that program
Posted By: isorun Re: Help - 17/08/05 11:45 AM
thanks raze for the divineskillset. now i can use translocate to pass the point where the game chrashes. very usfull. ohh and its dumb that when you are in gosht form your summons begin to attack you! i needed to banish them all before i change in ghostform.
Posted By: isorun Re: Help - 18/08/05 05:26 PM
waaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, the game chrashes when i kill the sucubus! i passed that point once and did not save and after a while(i was searching the key for mardaneus house) i still dindt save and my computer freezed! now whatever i do, when i kill the succubus the game chrashes. i tried everything: using summons, swirlattack, spells, normal attack, killing every single enemie. help me!
Posted By: Raze Re: Help - 18/08/05 07:08 PM
Try running the configuration program and switching to software mode, and maybe reduce the resolution, until you get past that point.

If you lead the succubus back to where Zandalor is, does that make any difference?

Try deleting all of the files in the '..\Divine Divinity\Run\Dynamic' folder. If you reset the configuration after one of the times it crashed, I think this should already have been done.
This folder is used as a cache for the game. Files are created / copied there from the save game folder when you load, and written / copied from that folder when you save a game. The files will be re-created as required the next time you start Divinity. If there was a corrupt file in that folder, deleting the files should fix the problem.

While searching for the key to Mardaneus' house, did you check Lanilor's house? A black ring member should have approached from there in a cutscene when you got close.
Posted By: isorun Re: Help - 18/08/05 07:45 PM
i just dead scorpions(all the ones i had in my backpack(53), can you imagine seeing 53 scorpions walking around the halls?)dindt work either. i will delete the things in the folder and change software mode.
that about mardaneus, i beaten Demonia(piece of cake) but the key wasnt on the shelf of lanilors house. i tried the well but the ladders gone and a little later it chrashed. ill report when i beat the suc.
Posted By: isorun Re: Help - 18/08/05 07:58 PM
changing software or cleaning file dindt work. i will now try to get the suc to zandie(zandalor, i just call him zandie(sounds cooler)).
Posted By: isorun Re: Help - 18/08/05 08:31 PM
nope, dindt work either. i killed that suc(did you read the quest information "sexdemon". what the f*ck?)next to zandie(he dindt even noticed) and boom chrash! i tought maybe i can send someone my data and story files so they can try to pass the point?
Posted By: Raze Re: Help - 18/08/05 09:36 PM
[color:"orange"]what the f*ck?[/color]

Check this description from
Posted By: isorun Re: Help - 19/08/05 07:27 AM
ohhh, why dont they bother there own incubi(or whatever) cause i hate all sucubi now! and female form? ever seen a BLEU female human?? <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/think.gif" alt="" />
Posted By: Raze Re: Help - 19/08/05 05:05 PM
Maybe the succubus in DD didn't have time to change, or didn't bother because the main character was not asleep. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/silly.gif" alt="" />
Posted By: isorun Re: Help - 22/08/05 07:40 AM
and if you where a female char, there would need to be an incubus instead of an succubus. that would be fair for all, but a lot more programming. and why does that succubus trys to kiss me all the time? i just smack here in the face and she just keeps going!
Posted By: tragic Re: Help - 22/08/05 03:22 PM
She kisses you becuase its a form of attack
Posted By: Raze Re: Help - 22/08/05 04:30 PM
[color:"orange"]She kisses you becuase its a form of attack[/color]

It is biological warfare ... ... ... ... girl germs. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/XmasEek.gif" alt="" />

<img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/tongue.gif" alt="" />
Posted By: SPIKENOX07 Re: Help - 22/08/05 05:35 PM
You mean to say that you have never heard of the succubus and her kiss of death!

Don't worry... I didn't know either until a few years ago.
Posted By: tragic Re: Help - 23/08/05 12:19 PM
Lol Raze <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/biggrin.gif" alt="" />
Posted By: isorun Re: Help - 31/08/05 05:22 PM
ok, need to be fast. having problems on internet so need to use my mom's pc.
whenever i try to run the game chrashes! help! i dont walk the hole way to the demon of lies! thats so uncool! and using translocate is not always usefull(altough i used it much). help! oh d*mn mom's coming closer. need to go!
Posted By: Raze Re: Help - 31/08/05 10:22 PM
Can you use a statuette and then walk or run? Even when walking a frog is relatively fast.

If you hit Caps Lock, or hold the Shift key down, and move the screen focus quickly, does that also cause problems?

Try lowering your hardware sound acceleration a notch (click Start | Run, type in dxdiag and hit Enter, then switch to the sound tab). A couple people had problems with the game crashing more often when running than walking, though that was also associated with going through doorways. The fix for that might help you, as well.
Posted By: isorun Re: Help - 01/09/05 03:54 PM
i haveno propblems using the shift button to move the screen away. i dont got any statues and dont know how to get them.(except from killing guys)
also where is the teleporter of the graveyard?

P.S.: it could take awhile before i can answer any replies(internet still not fixed) <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/memad.gif" alt="" />
Posted By: Raze Re: Help - 01/09/05 06:51 PM
You can find a frog statuette in Nericon's garden, after killing all of the frogs there. Blake in Ars Magicana will give you the key after you have done at least one of the quests that get you an invitation to the castle. If you kill the talking tree in the Dark Forest you can get another statuette, though of a slowish moving form. I once found a spider statuette in a chest looting George's back room.

Statuettes can be purchased. Kistandalius (or maybe Blake) in Ars Magicana would probably be the best merchant to try, or Corinna (or maybe Mpenzak) in Verdistis.
If you quick save before running your mouse over an item/chest/merchant or hitting the alt key, you can identify the item or trade with the merchant, then quick load to get different stats or inventory. This can be done repeatedly to get the best stats or specific bonuses on an item (save after finding good candidates) or looking for specific items (such as spell books or charms) from merchants.

Alternately, if you can not find or buy a statuette conveniently, I could get the inventory files from one of my saves, that you could use.
Lost Items - guide and directory of inventory files

The graveyard teleporter is east of the church (that is north of the cursed abbey) and north of the graveyard (the one with the exit from Iona's dungeon, that is locked before you enter the castle).
Posted By: isorun Re: Help - 03/09/05 12:22 PM
allright, i bought a frogstatue from the guy in that magicshop(forgot his name).
and after i did that i figured out that i can run IN magicane but as soon as i go away and try to run there it chrashes.
Posted By: Raze Re: Help - 03/09/05 06:27 PM
So maybe the game is having problems drawing trees or something out in the wilderness, that it doesn't do in Ars Magicana?

Did you try running outside in Aleroth, inside a building or underground anywhere?
If you delete the files in the dynamics folder, start DD and begin a new game, can you run?
Posted By: isorun Re: Help - 04/09/05 09:15 AM
i always have been able to run. i just came from the council of seven on my way to verdistis(never been there before) and the closest active teleporter was the one of Ars. i tried to run and it chrashed.i will try to run around aleroth and if that dosnt work i will try it in a new game. (and the tree drawing is not the problem i think cause i can use shift and that does not brings problems)
Posted By: isorun Re: Help - 04/09/05 09:58 AM
i can run in cat and frog form. i cant run in humanform. not even in aleroth.maybe i deleted a file that shows the player char running. i will now try a new game and see what happens. and dos anybody nows how much a super-stamina restores? is it a procent thing or just a certain amount?
Posted By: isorun Re: Help - 04/09/05 10:07 AM
i can run when i start a new game. i guess i will be going to verdistis in frogform.(i hope the way is not to long so not to much people see me(there goes my reputation))
Posted By: isorun Re: Help - 04/09/05 10:33 AM
i found the teleporter close to the graveyard. the problem is i cant activate it. i can use it to go to another teleporter but i cant go back.if you use the teleporter there is shown a map on wich the active teleportes have a blue flame, well it hasnt one. i tried dropping the magescroll on it, dindt workt. dos this has anything to do that i already have the divineskills or been in the council hall already?(i should not have the divineskills yet).
Posted By: Raze Re: Help - 05/09/05 12:07 AM
I would guess stamina potion restore a certain amount, but I never used them.

I don't think having the divine skills early would effect the teleporter pads.
This is probably due to replacing your story files to get past the crash with the succubus. You can use the teleporter pad because my story files say it has already been activated, but you can not teleport to it because information in a different file in your save says it has not.
You will have problems with some of the side quests in Verdistis also, as I explained before.

Since you can run in a new game, then something went wrong in the council hall. I don't think this could be directly related to replacing the story files. I still have your save, though, and will check....
I loaded your save with my story files, killed the succubus, quickly went through the conversation with Zandalor, teleportet to Ars magicana, and had no problems running.
Posted By: isorun Re: Help - 05/09/05 04:12 PM
hmm, so no fix for the running problem huh? well, i am already getting used to it running around as a frog(its usefull cause i dont need to slaughter mobs who would normally attack me).

i also found out that the teleporter in the dwarven village isnt working to. maybe you can tell me wich teleporters you have already activated?

P.S.: there is coming a guy tomorrow to fix my internet(at least i hope he does)
he is a gameprogrammer, maybe he can fix my running-prob to.
Posted By: Raze Re: Help - 05/09/05 09:36 PM
If you email me your zipped save I can take a look at it, but can't think of anything to try to fix it. A new game works, so the problem is probably be something in that save itself.

I'll check my save for the active teleporters (I think I got all of them in Rivertown and Verdistis)...
Yes, I had activated all 12 teleporter pads in Rivertown, and the one in the Verdistis park. I had not activated the one on the Verdistis sewer, or any of the ones in the Dark Forest.
Posted By: isorun Re: Help - 06/09/05 03:33 PM
Well i send you the file as soon as my computer is fixed. (the guy should be here in a couple of hours)

i hope i dont need to do much teleporting for the council members. maybe ill activate the teleportet in verdistis sewers. till now i got mardaneus, the orc and zandy. im going to verdistis for goemoe and the imp. the dwarve is complicated i think, and so is the elf with his stupid artefacts.
Posted By: isorun Re: Help - 07/09/05 02:21 PM
allright, the guy could not fix the problem. it seems like accidantly deleted a file that made other files chrashes or something like that. So he says the only solution is to format my hard disk <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/puppyeyes.gif" alt="" />. well, first we will reinstall my windows and if that dosnt work i need to buy a new computer(my parents now dont want to give me one anymore, it went like: if you can only play games on your computer and delete files you need to let your computer work right we dont give you one anymore and blablabla...)or a extern hard disk could help to. anyone has suggestions what to choose? anew computer is ofcours better but also more expensive then a harddisk.
oh yeah, cause of all this trouble i dindt was able to play dd. another day of my life ruined! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/cry.gif" alt="" />
Posted By: Raze Re: Help - 07/09/05 10:43 PM
If you were browsing around in Windows Explorer deleting things you thought you didn't need, then it probably was your fault. However, under normal use Windows will eventually develop problems all on its own (sometimes referred to as 'bit rot'). Installing/uninstalling programs can leave files and registry entries behind, crashes, power surges/brownouts and gremlins can corrupt files, cleanup or system utilities can be over aggressive or misidentify a problem, making things worse, etc.

You could also try re-installing Windows over itself. This is less drastic than a format and reinstall (you shouldn't need to reinstall and reconfigure all your programs), though will not necessarily fix the problem.

With a new hard drive installed, you could install Windows to it, and not have to worry about backing up everything on your current drive first (programs may not run from the old drive, though, without being reinstalled).
Is there room in your computer case for another hard drive, or did you specify an external drive because you were thinking of using it for backups? If you have lots of hard drive space already, a DVD-RW might be a better choice.

With your current system, how long do you expect to be able to play the games you want to play? If you are really looking forward to a specific game that your computer will not be able to handle even if you lower game options, then you will probably need to look at buying a new computer.
If you can hang on for a year or so, then Windows longhorn will be out, dual core 64 bit processors will be more mature and have better application support, etc (the usual better/faster/cheaper computer trend).
Posted By: isorun Re: Help - 10/09/05 12:33 PM
well, i was saving fot a modify for my old pc, but several people said that i better used the money to buy ps2 have no requirements for ps2-games so i am sure i will be able to play them. ofcours there are cool pc-games that are not for sale fot ps2(like divine divinity)but i will wait till there is a good computer in promotion so its not to expensive.(or i wait till my mom buy's a new pc cause its my turn to get the old one.)
Posted By: isorun Re: Help - 21/09/05 11:49 AM
allright, my pc is being formatted at the moment i write this. well i have a question: i got 2 hd, does it matters on witch one i install dd? before the format, my hdd had the names c and d. i had my windows on c, the biggest one and dd on d, witch i used for my most important games. would it increase performance of dd if i installed it on the same hd as my windows?
Posted By: SPIKENOX07 Re: Help - 21/09/05 02:18 PM
no, it shouldn't matter what hard drive you install Divine Divinity on.
Posted By: Raze Re: Help - 21/09/05 06:14 PM
Assuming the hard drives are comparable speeds, it would actually give you slightly better performance to keep your games on the second hard drive (though practically you might not notice a big difference). Since games can be fairly memory intensive, Windows will be using the swap file more often (located on the c: drive by default). If games are trying to read or write to the same drive when Windows is doing memory management stuff, it will take longer.

Also, if you are just installing games on the second drive, then it should remain much less fragmented than your Windows partition (especially if you install and uninstall a lot of utility programs, or do other things that add and remove a lot of files). Again, this would not really be a huge effect, unless the drive is very fragmented and a game is trying to read a large file spread across a dozen places on the drive.
Posted By: isorun Re: Help - 23/09/05 04:49 PM
well, i guess i will just keep my old planning then: warcraft3 and divine divinity on d, and all other games on c(exept for programs that have something to do with one of the two, wich i will then also install on d.)

any tips to optimise the speed of performance of my computer(dont know if defrag has any effect if you just formatted your system, probally not)
Posted By: isorun Re: Help - 24/09/05 02:14 PM
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, my cd's where still in my computer when i gave it to the guy! Divine Divinity was one of them, let's pray it has not been damaged!

oh, yeah, im thinking of starting all over again, instead of continuing my old file's. maybe my computer will not chrash anymore after the format.(im not giving myself to much hope) and i just will be able to play the game normal then. no need to use any editor and i will then enjoy it the most.
Posted By: isorun Re: Help - 28/09/05 12:23 PM
allright, got my pc back. dd is fine btw(and so is war3). well i will install dd this afternoon, and i think i will first check or it keeps chrashing. if it does i replace my old savefiles and just play from where i stopped. if it does not, i will start over(again).
Posted By: isorun Re: Help - 02/10/05 07:48 AM
well, i installed dd but not even played it. why? i bought The Elder Scrolls 3 and I started playing it non-stop till now.
i got a question about it: there is a cheat(i will not say how to activate it(for safety))which you can use to summon an object. but therefor you need the item's ID. well, i can summon objects of one word like a torch but two or more words dont work. how do i link these?
Posted By: isorun Re: Help - 03/10/05 02:49 PM
nobody knows? to bad.
you know what is pretty cool about the game? you can make your own expansions(kind of).

EDIT: maybe i should post this on the chat forum
Posted By: singo Re: Help - 07/10/05 08:47 PM
I got the Elderscrolls III <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />I think it's rather fun actually, and i can tell you that that Forum S**k... <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/down.gif" alt="" />
And this rukes!!!! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/up.gif" alt="" />
(I don't cheate so i don't know....)

You mean the costruction set?? I don't get it, it's weard..
Posted By: isorun Re: Help - 09/10/05 11:37 AM
uhh, yeah i'm just weird. dont try to understand me, cause i speak my own language. yeah, whateve.... well i like the edler scrolls altough i'm a little disapointed of the graphics. but yeah, not every game can be perfect.
Posted By: isorun Re: Help - 10/10/05 05:37 PM
well, im suprised. i can play the game in direct3d whitout problems. if i want to load a game, the little screen that shows a picture of the save isnt green anymore. the graphics dindt change. i can alt-tab out of the game. and so on.
what a format does!
and oh yes, i deleted the save game of my previous game. fresh start i guess.(btw internet problem still isnt fixed, d'oh! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/ouch.gif" alt="" />)
Posted By: Raze Re: Help - 10/10/05 07:58 PM
So basically, he fixed everything but what he was trying to fix? <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/silly.gif" alt="" />
Well that proves it wasn't your fault, anyway. If reinstalling Windows didn't fix it, then the problem could be a configuration issue or hardware, either of which the tech should have been able to test.
Posted By: isorun Re: Help - 11/10/05 06:58 PM
well, he tested it and it worked, but now i have tried to connect to my connection but i cant connect. yeah, whateve i just have a stupid computer. oh im glad i still have my ps2(one thing that dosnt chrashes).
Posted By: isorun Re: Help - 22/10/05 09:36 AM
well, playing dd for a while again, i notice that sometimes the game runs faster. then i do not mean load times and [nocando] but my charater, envoriment(example: torches) and so on. anyone had this problem before?
Posted By: Raze Re: Help - 23/10/05 11:23 AM
I had occasional slowdowns with a lot of trees or NPCs on screen, but not the reverse.
Are you shutting down all non-essential programs (especially anti-virus) before starting the game? Maybe a program running in the background is slowing the game down most of the time, and sometimes stops what it is doing, allowing the game to speed up.
Posted By: isorun Re: Help - 23/10/05 06:29 PM
i have no antivirus or firewall. i got my mouse and keyboard systems running, and the programs of windows(whitout problems). At start it happend alot but it seems it happening less and less. Not playing it much at the moment, trying to play morrowind whitout cheating.
Posted By: isorun Re: Help - 23/10/05 06:30 PM
hmm, im just thinking that i always have problems with my computer. very strange, i had not one single day whitout problems.
Posted By: isorun Re: Help - 02/11/05 11:41 AM
well, playing the game again, the game runs normal now. i dont know how this 'problem' occuried and even less how it vanished again.
well, computers are strange things
Posted By: isorun Re: Help - 09/11/05 08:10 PM
its happening again! and know i noticed it affects everything. when i get xp for something it vanishis 3 times as fast.
Posted By: isorun Re: Help - 12/11/05 02:09 PM
i will install it again and see or this happens again. also i noticed that games on the c: drive now take like 5 minutes before they actually start. like for example zootycoon. first my screen turns black, then after a while it shows the 'comercials' of blue fang and the other company. and then it starts to load zootycoon. its not cool, i tried everything, shutting down all non-essential programs and stuff like that. But nothing happens. isnt that weird, the one game runs to fast, the other to slowly!
Posted By: Raze Re: Help - 12/11/05 05:51 PM
Can you install the games on a different drive/partition? If they are installed on the c: drive they would have to compete with Windows (swap file, etc) when reading data, and if you usually install programs on the c: drive, that partition would tend to get more fragmented than one dedicated to just games.
Posted By: isorun Re: Help - 13/11/05 07:03 PM
Complicated! well i try to answer as good as possible. my c: is 6gb big and my d: 4. i know its not much but its an old computer i got for free, so anyway my d: has only 500mb left so i cant install my games on that one anymore, but if i really uninstall div then i can try installing one of the others on d: and then check the effect.
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