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Music Copyrights

Posted By: taneko

Music Copyrights - 04/05/03 10:06 AM

Am i allowed to use the music of DD in my own small videos (i make some with Flash)? Is it legal?
Posted By: Raze

Re: Music Copyrights - 04/05/03 06:52 PM

It would depend on the use and possibly the content of the videos.
for your own use - yes
to sell - no (at least without licensing, etc.)
to distribute - maybe; for a fan sight I don't think they would have a problem, but check their fan site page for Terms of Use / copyright, etc. For other sites or distribution methods, contact them with details.
Posted By: taneko

Re: Music Copyrights - 05/05/03 02:07 PM

Yea, not gonna sell it naturally...just gonna show to friends and maybe fan page, thx.
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