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Posted By: slicedpeaches this is a good game, however - 16/04/08 10:43 PM
i can stand the horrible graphics, i can stand the cheesy music, however i can't stand one fact: there are so many bugs.

for example, the cut scene "orc attacks" after you complete lord seth's escort quest at general alix, if you save while alix is running out towards the orcs, and then load, general alix will not interact with you anymore...and his guard(the one standing outside the room) will be hostile to you, furthermore if you leave zone(which you will have to do eventually), say go to verdistis, and come back, both General Alix and Gareth will simply DISAPPEAR......

i give up, i have better things to do than wasting my life on a game that's FULL of bugs.
Posted By: Smashy Re: this is a good game, however - 16/04/08 11:09 PM
Maybe they didn't expect anyone to save/load right at that scene. I know that if you take some loot that one of the killed guards drops, if other guards see it they may arrest you for theft. Irritating if you don't have a relatively recent save. I know that if you leave Aleroth without helping Mardaneus, and find and escort for the healers (or possibly get an invitation to Stormfist) then George disappears altogether with no explaination. Another bug to watch out for, never try to resurrect an Orc that died as part of the scripted fighting (the ones who's corpses stay there throughout the game). They will turn hostile to you, and from that point on any "summoned" type creature will turn hostile (scorpions, skeletal wall, etc). Plus if you target these hostile things with magic, half the time your magic hurts YOU hehehe. It's fun.
Posted By: Raze Re: this is a good game, however - 16/04/08 11:46 PM
I saved and reloaded at that point in the game, and had no problems. I wanted to see if there was anything worth looting in the office and determine if delaying to do so would give different results than rushing out right away to help.
Posted By: akira Re: this is a good game, however - 17/04/08 07:23 AM
-You are wrong, overall...First, i must say : this is one of the best RPGs.
-"can stand the horrible graphics, i can stand the cheesy music"
You should enjoy, not to stand...Indeed, The graphics and music are particular and interesting parts
of the game.
-For the bug you said, i do not encounter it anyway..and be sure to patch your game to latest version, it does help alot.
Posted By: Smashy Re: this is a good game, however - 17/04/08 07:48 AM
Raze: I looted the office after Alix leaves too heheh. I've become far too cynical now not to loot a place when the game's practically begging you to (see also George showing you his plant, that's become a favorite moment of mine)
Posted By: Tito Re: this is a good game, however - 22/04/08 01:36 PM
I will admit when i first installed this game and saw Diablo type graphics I wasn't happy, and when i couldnt even figure out how to move without going to the forums i was very unhappy, and when i learned i will do about 20 billion clicks to complete this game i wanted to pull my hair out but im all ready bald. And all i could think of was "well Tito you did wait till you found it for about $10".

BUT, BUT, i like this game, i find it to be a challenge, i'm working on making my warrior a paladin, you know sword and board, heals, magic shield, stuns and stuff, i roleplay to myself that my warrior is strong because of the years he spent as a blacksmith, i like how you can go that route with a toon, i like the record book on how many kills you have, i like the FORUM COMMUNITY, THOSE ARE PERKS, i've paid more for and played worst games, THE SETTLERS, anyway i just always remark when someone is unhappy cause we could all be living in Darfur....

Dont worry be happy...
Posted By: Raze Re: this is a good game, however - 22/04/08 08:28 PM
Isn't the movement system similar to Diablo? I would think if you were familiar with Diablo, moving in DD should be intuitive.

You can click and hold the mouse button down to direct your character where to move, rather than repeatedly clicking on the ground. The 'R' button toggle 'always run' mode, so the character will always run (with enough stamina), rather than walking or running depending on how far the mouse cursor is from the character.

With non-magical attacks, you just have to click an opponent once to start attacking.

You can hold the control key down to target the opponent nearest the mouse cursor. This doesn't cut down on the number of clicks required, but does help fighting groups of opponents.
Posted By: SirChronos Re: this is a good game, however - 23/04/08 11:10 PM
Well, maybe you should look more at the gameplay. No offence but it sounds like you were looking for the bugs. You should research a little before you play/buy games, incase it's not your sort of thing.
Posted By: tanlor Re: this is a good game, however - 06/05/08 10:13 PM
i don't know how you can say it has horrible graphics. If you want up-to-date graphics go get Titan Quest and also get yourself a monster computer while you're at it.
DD has better gfx than Diablo II thats for sure.. I don't know how some people can't see the difference.
You walk into a Inn, castle, and even cellar in DD and everything has a distinctive look and not to mention you can interact with every item you see. There's only two other games I know of (besides BD which I haven't played) that has that interaction and thats Sacred and Elder Scrolls IV:Oblivion. In Sacred you can't move any object around but you can pick it up and in Oblivion you can do both.
You can be sure the developers of both Sacred and Oblivion played DD when it came out.
I was actually quite amazed at how interactive and how big the maps are in DD.
Posted By: red_green Re: this is a good game, however - 08/07/08 09:43 PM
Well I went back to Diablo2 for a while and the graphics in this game are a lot better than in Diablo2. For one the lighting is way better abd the sceneray also is very good, especially the water. The only place i noticed a drop off is near the end where you go through all those mazes. I know there are a few bugs in the game but i didn't find anything overly annoying, though it is a good idea to save about once every 30 minutes just in case. I actually liked Diablo2's combat system, but the multiplayer culture is a big turn off. That game seems to draw a younger group of players perhaps due to the games simplicity and endless equipment upgrading. In multi player Diablo its just constant abuse and conflict from other players, especially in hardcore ladder.

The great thing about Divine Divinity is its depth of quests and large areas to explore without reloading a new map. The ability to move and transact vertually every item gives the player the oppurtunity to create there own game experience.

The more I compare this game to others in the same genre, the more I like Divine Divinty. Which makes putting up with a few minor bugs a non issue to me.
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