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Posted By: akira It's as certain as death - 18/04/08 12:54 AM
I have just reinstalled my operating system and so on with Divine Divinity (v
I use my saves to continue enjoying this great fantasy world.
I kiss my wife passionately before gathering Council of Seven, ..and watching a cutscene.. .then it should be interesting time..i am so sure....but..I JUST GOT A BLACK friend,..actually i could see the game's interface and minimap..but my hero's HP is zero and i could not see him anywhere...what the hell is going on???
Posted By: Smashy Re: It's as certain as death - 18/04/08 01:07 AM
I think this might happen if your play CD isn't in the drive. Also make sure you talked to Zandalor first before ringing the gong, that caused a weird crash in one of my games.
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