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Posted By: Carrie lost elven item? - 20/04/08 11:39 PM
I have beaten Jospephine...i picked up the eleven items she dropped...however, it was only two! I went back and checked. Is there a third one somewhere else? Of course after beating her i - my last save is before stormfist. frown
Help please! (Oh she dropped a book and a bow or something)
Posted By: Raze Re: lost elven item? - 20/04/08 11:52 PM
There are 2 ceremonial items on the ground, and Josephine should drop the third. It is a staff, so check your weapon inventory and see if you have any unidentified staffs. Also, it may have dropped behind the stairs or wall, so hitting the alt key and moving your mouse cursor methodically over areas hidden from direct view may find it.

screenshot: The three Elven Ceremonial Items (70KB)

If you do not have it, you can replace the third ceremonial item using the technique in the following topic.

Lost Items - guide and directory of inventory files
Posted By: akira Re: lost elven item? - 21/04/08 12:57 AM
two canadians... hehe...
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Posted By: twoheadedragon Re: lost elven item? - 21/04/08 11:00 AM
Originally Posted by akira
two canadians... hehe...
call: get 30char()

Ah... Canadians, they're some of my favorite people on the planet! God bless all you Canadians out there! wave
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