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Posted By: MaPs Is it possible to...? - 31/08/08 12:58 PM
Hi all, I just started playing DD and I am enjoying it, however I was wondering if the following is possible?

Possible to play the game in windowed mode? Also is it possible to equip two weapons in both hands? The game was 2nd hand and didn't have a manual so I am still trying to figure out everything. Thanks in advance.
Posted By: Rincewind Re: Is it possible to...? - 31/08/08 03:35 PM
See the thread: Is playing in windowed mode possible?

You can download the div manual from here (as a PDF file) .

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Posted By: MaPs Re: Is it possible to...? - 31/08/08 04:13 PM
Thanks for the link, I tried using search function, but it wasn't working for me.

For my other question, is it possible to dual wield weapons? Or is it skill I get to learn later on? I've tried equipping 2 daggers/swords, but doesn't work.
Posted By: flixerflax Re: Is it possible to...? - 31/08/08 05:26 PM
Sorry, no dual wielding. Your options are two handed weapons or a one hander + shield.
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