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Posted By: Lynn Some call me a god. Some call me a murderer. - 30/11/09 04:38 PM
I have just stumbled upon this one, have a look smile

Some call me a god. Some call me a murderer. I'm both.

It's unbelievable he put so much work into that. And is that Stabbey from our forums?
Great job, anyway! I had fun reading it (I stopped just before the catacombs 'cause I had to sleep, but I'll continue as soon as I can smile )
Awesome! opa
I was wondering when someone would stumble upon that. Yeah, that's my stuff. I hope everyone enjoys it.
Good stuff stabbey, i'm really happy someone else out there in the world likes Divinity as much as me, or ... a little more wink

Great great work, Stabbey !!! up
Will Jeremiah be Damian's uncle ? evil nice idea!

Anyway, I love this rewriting. That's quite hard for me to wait the next chapter ^^
I'm not going to give away the ending this early on.
I guess so wink I just wanted to show I'm always following your story.
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Bouh disagree That's new?
Originally Posted by scalla
Sorry, you must be a registered forums member to view this page. If you are already a member, login here.

Bouh disagree That's new?

Are you sure?

When I'm logged out I can still see the forum, and there haven't been any announcements about restricting the forums that I'm aware of.

Apparently I don't have anymore access to the topics for some reasons; I can surf on the forum but not read the topics... crap!
Hello Stabbey, yes, it's the same over here.
I'm sorry, if they've changed that, there's nothing I can do about that. I'll ask about that, but that's all I can do.

I know, no worries wink I just wanted to confirm what scalla wrote.
I asked, and it's something that the admins turn on occasionally in an attempt to get people to register accounts. It should last for a couple of weeks, and it's unlikely to be permanent.

The real downside is that Thursday's update will make less sense viewing it later.
No big deal, I'll wait wink (or maybe register, don't know yet ^^)
That works again (with full of new updates ^^)

EDIT: I feel quite stupid but I've almost fallen in the april fools. Really, during one second I was wondering if we played the same game... or if the alternative choice was an unespected update of the GOG version O_____o

"Mystery voice? Hello?"
I love the way you performed the ritual, especially de part where you speak about hypothetical Stormfist assault and reputation-scaling smile that's a tricky joke for the readers that never played the game! I'm impatient to see how you're going to manage the very end.

Seven months later... when I think Zandalor felt relieved Jenna was only two- or three-months pregnant! laugh
I too love to read your story Stabbey!! smile

I had have the same problem like scalla and others .. but later on I discovered I can AGAIN read your nice divnity-story ! delight
By the end of July, hopefully the entire thing will be up on a different site, so the viewing problems will be ended.
Dear... I came back from vacation and I just read the end of your LP. 'Wow' is the word. The sound when the screen fades startled me, and I was almost crying when reading the conclusion.

Congratulation, I don't think I never found a fanwork as good for years! That's a pity none of my friends would be interested enough to read it in English; this would be so nice to share frown
Thank you.

One thing I wanted to do with my story is to surprise even those who've played the game, who know what really happens.

I haven't been working a lot on getting it onto that second site, blame Starcraft 2 for that. I also want to finish cleaning up the translated version of 'Tales from the Lost Kingdom' before that as well. Once it's up I'll post the new link in this thread.
Here is the new permanent location for the tale:
Thanks Stabbey !!
Nice done !!
I love to read such a story of real fantasy !

I have already try to write a fantasy story on my own, but I'm better in mathematic based things or making a difficult "Sudoku" for example ... logical puzzles, etc ...
I have made publicity at the Divine Divinity Facebook Page .
It's just so great! up
Originally Posted by Stabbey
Here is the new permanent location for the tale:

Thanks! I'm a new member here and was hoping for something like that. I have also shared your link at another gaming-site, so you may see more members coming in here.

Be warned, it's all your fault! wink
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