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Posted By: LarsandBars Zombie Kidnapping and Traps - 21/04/10 12:01 AM

Jake kiddnappes Elora at the graveyard in the south and I haven't got a clue as to where to start looking. How do I complete this quest?

What are the eggs for and how do you use them?

How do you use scorpion traps?

Thank you in advance. smile
Posted By: Stabbey Re: Zombie Kidnapping and Traps - 21/04/10 12:30 AM
There are some pits in the center of the graveyard. Click on them.

Eggs are Traps. They're spider-mine traps, which spring up and charge an enemy who gets too close to them.

To use either the eggs or the scorpions, you need points into the Survivor skill Deadly Gift.
Posted By: LarsandBars Re: Zombie Kidnapping and Traps - 22/04/10 10:29 PM
Thank you Stabbey.
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