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Posted By: Shaver [OK] Win 7 Compatibility - 04/01/11 04:50 PM
From what I've heard on the Forum, I'd love to play Divine Divinity but I'm afraid it'll not run on my machine, being a 2002 game and all. Would someone from Larian please tell me if I can run it on my 64 bit Win 7? Is there maybe a patch that would make it compatible? Thank you.
Posted By: melianos Re: Win 7 Compatibility - 04/01/11 05:47 PM
I can tell you that the demo runs perfectly (but the old one with old graphics).

For the complete game, I don't know.
Posted By: Pogue Mahon Re: Win 7 Compatibility - 05/01/11 06:14 AM
I have had the Divinity Ego run with no problems, then i found out about the expansion, (which i didnt buy.)

But I bought thr Dark Knight Sage instead (both parts in one) and it still runs fine on my Pc with win 7 64 bit ultimate.
Posted By: Slochy Re: Win 7 Compatibility - 05/01/11 09:05 AM
He (she?) is asking for the 2002 game, Divine Divinity.

The GOG version offers Win 7 compatibility, so you'd be better off buying it from there.
Posted By: Kein Re: Win 7 Compatibility - 05/01/11 11:53 AM
Wrong thread/forum section.
Posted By: Shaver Re: Win 7 Compatibility - 05/01/11 02:00 PM
Thank you Slochy, that was just what I needed kiss
Ignore the omniscient Russian like most of us do.

@kein: Omniscient means knowing all, but you already knew that rolleyes
Posted By: melianos Re: Win 7 Compatibility - 17/01/11 11:27 AM
Impulse version works also smoothlessly (and is 1$ cheaper :p).
Posted By: lazuranthas Re: Win 7 Compatibility - 17/01/11 02:30 PM
I bought both Divine Divinity and Beyond Divinity from GoG. I run a weird screen resolution, and had to edit some files to get Beyond Divinity to pick up my screen resolution correctly. Divine Divinity picked it up by default though, and it seems to run well from the short amount of time I've played it. I am running Windows 7 x64 Ultimate US version.
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