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Posted By: Lynn "One of the greatest role-playing games !" - 26/08/11 12:54 PM
Divine Divinity - Review @ Huff Post

The Huffington Post has a review of Divine Divinity 10 years after its release smile
Describing it as "one of the greatest role-playing games" the author has ever played.

Full press article

Good,i think this too...i play DD 2011..and i will play in 2012 too :P
Posted By: Joram Re: "One of the greatest role-playing games !" - 27/08/11 08:02 AM
And you're not along makemeunreal wink

I too play from time to time DD ... but at this moment I'm too buzy with DKS ... otheriwse it's a DD I play I can tell you that laugh
Posted By: Vael Re: "One of the greatest role-playing games !" - 08/11/11 09:06 PM
It's about time I started a new adventure : )
Playing DD since 2004 (finished it for the first time around 2007 or 2008 due to some "delete my own saved games" action). It will never get old. High time for my obligatory every-year run.
Posted By: Joram Re: "One of the greatest role-playing games !" - 09/11/11 11:24 AM
O yeah up
nice to meet other people who play DD for Yearrrsssss ! Yes, I'm pleased to read how gamers love it to play again and again and again Divine Divinity ...

Hope that the same may happen to/for Divnity II - years of play & replay !!! smile
In my case it's already I play Divinity II since end 2009, so on this moment already 2 years enjoying this great awesome fantastic funny rpg !! And it isn't over ... starting few days ago a brand new character and to be honest :
The more I play this game, the more I enjoy it !!
(especially the combat playing a Ranger Priest ! The Priest Skills are the Max laugh !!)

DD I started a new game many many times, maybe only because I love it to start with a weak hero and build them up ... o and because I'm in love the the deep dungeon benead Aleroth with the funny Skeletons, Thelyron, the nnice loot, etc ... think
Divine Divinity was a wonderful experience. I hope Project E has some of the flavor that made DD great.
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