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Posted By: Mixxer5 Verdistis surroundings - 10/02/12 09:36 AM
I'm sorry if I'm writing about something that is known from long time, but I didn't found anything about it on the forum so I'm making new thread.

As I'm playing DD about 10 time I've decided that it's interesting what hides behind Verdistis walls. And as I can see there are plenty of interesting things. Or at least one. Map around Verdistis is quite detailed despite fact that unless we'll use wizard sight spell, there is no way to see it (maybe teleporter stones works either- once I get them back I'll check). So I've a question- was Larian going to add something there? It seems obvious as there are trrees, plants (and I've probably seen some chest there either). Only area that is possible to visit on this map (except of Verdistis itself of course) is this "beehive" (or whatever that is ;)). There are wastelands on the north but otherwise there are roads and so on. What was supposed to be there than?
Posted By: Raze Re: Verdistis surroundings - 10/02/12 07:29 PM

You can get outside Verdistis by tossing a teleporter out the front gate (or by hex editing).

EASTEREGGS and RUNE manuscripts (unfortunately many of the screenshot links are broken)

I don't recall Larian ever stating that they cut back on the size of Verdistis, but (IIRC from checking it out years ago) it does seem a little more detailed than necessary if it was only background to be seen from inside the city walls (though they could have used old elements from when they were designing areas in Rivertown or the Dark Forest, or something).
Larian did say that the thought the Dark Forest was too large when play testing the game, so blocked off the south east corner with a river.
Posted By: Mixxer5 Re: Verdistis surroundings - 10/02/12 08:47 PM
Well... I've found some cave entrance on the north-east from Verdistis (using Wizards Sight) which is strange a little for area that should be rather empty... However- I'm definitly going to check all this terrain wink

EDIT: What the... I've played DD plenty of times but I've never heard those music. I've used those hex metod to teleport myself outside of Verdistis and after few minutes music has changed totally. And it's played in this location- outside of Verdistis- only. Why is that so?
Posted By: Raze Re: Verdistis surroundings - 10/02/12 11:26 PM

If there is music played only outside Verdistis, then that implies the area was originally going to be in the game but was cut for some reason.
Posted By: Mixxer5 Re: Verdistis surroundings - 11/02/12 12:39 PM
Shame... Music is really good (a little Diablo like), and the area is quite well done. Is there some way to see whole map without using spells? I mean something like cheats or save editing. Maybe I could increase my characters sight range enough to see from one end of map to another? If only Larian would release modding tools...
Posted By: Raze Re: Verdistis surroundings - 11/02/12 10:57 PM

You can edit your character's sight directly (Some more hex offsets...) or give a bonus to equipment (DAD's item editor). When I tried the latter, a ring with a +1000 sight bonus cleared much of the fog of war in the wastelands (trying to equip a second +1000 sight ring crashed the game).
Posted By: Mixxer5 Re: Verdistis surroundings - 13/02/12 12:38 PM
I'll try it. Thanks
Posted By: NightRonin Re: Verdistis surroundings - 18/02/12 05:11 AM
I love the idea of being able to throw your teleport pyramid to an area you can't reach yet... Lets see if it works when I need to do it...
Posted By: hooley boy Re: Verdistis surroundings - 21/02/12 05:27 PM
how do you get the teleporter pyramid
Posted By: Raze Re: Verdistis surroundings - 21/02/12 05:56 PM

In Aleroth at the start of Divine Divinity, when you first leave Joram's house there is a cutscene with Lanilor and Mardaneus. Head south, talk to Lanilor and then get into Mardaneus' house to talk to him and free Lanilor (loot his house first, if you wish). When you enter the catacombs under the statue Lanilor will give you the first teleporter pyramid; the second you can either teleport to or find yourself lower in the catacombs.
Posted By: NightRonin Re: Verdistis surroundings - 01/03/12 10:50 PM
I wanna read a creep pasta of this area...
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