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Contest: describe Divine Divinity, win a free copy

Posted By: Raze

Contest: describe Divine Divinity, win a free copy - 11/07/12 08:59 PM

I have had 5 Steam keys for Divine Divinity to give away.

EDIT2: The contest is over. Thanks to everyone who entered and all who participated in the forum discussions.

Simply describe the game in 140 characters, or less.
If you can not contain your verbosity to within such a diminutive restriction, then use a few more characters... but then you'll have to do it in the form of a haiku or a limerick (I checked, there is no Nantucket in Rivellon), or something. Just be creative (and brief).

Email submissions to, with 'Divine Divinity contest', or similar, in the subject. You can enter multiple times, if you wish, but only win once. In the event of similar submissions, the first received will be given priority. The contest will run through the weekend, with judging to occur Monday, and the winners announced late Monday or early Tuesday, and contacted by email with the Steam key.

I will confirm receipt of entries, but not by autoreply, so don't expect an immediate response. When the contest is over all email will be deleted, and only the addresses of the 5 winners will be kept.

EDIT: I've gotten a couple paragraph style descriptions, which wasn't really what I was aiming for. An example from a Russian contest to describe DD in 140 characters is "the bastard child of Planescape Torment and Diablo". I wanted to allow a little more flexibility, but still have a poetic / structural limit. Also, I don't want to read dozens of essays. biggrin
Posted By: Raze

Re: Contest: describe Divine Divinity, win a free copy - 15/07/12 05:59 PM

There are only a couple days left to enter the contest.

I have not been flooded with responses, so if you have an inkling of an idea, give it a shot; you might just win. If you are reading this at work Monday morning, you can check sports scores and update your Facebook status later; a little creative exercise practically counts as professional development. biggrin

Submissions will be accepted up until the winners are announced.
Posted By: Rod Lightning

Re: Contest: describe Divine Divinity, win a free copy - 15/07/12 07:17 PM

Welp. I gave it a go. My submission is called "Divine Divinity contest submission!"

140 characters aren't all that much lol. Had to trim my first draft by a lot :P
Posted By: Raze

Re: Contest: describe Divine Divinity, win a free - 17/07/12 11:56 AM

The contest is now over, and the winners will be contacted shortly. It was tough picking the 5 best, but here are the entries (shortest first):

Disproportionately drawn dominatrix dungeon delvers destroying dragons defeating Demona doing decorous deeds demonstrating Divine Divinity!
I'm surprised that I only got a couple entries using alliteration.

Pessimeister (RPGWatch forum - with a preamble which should evoke memories of a certain conversation for any who've gone through the catacombs)
Divine Divinity. Combines Diablo II's combat with the virtual world interactivity of an Ultima and the witty banter of Baldur's Gate. Play it. Now.
(And record your victory in our character honour thread you lazy heathens!)

Divine Divinity out-Diablos Diablo. Lively open world, engaging story, customize classes, the list goes on. Way ahead of its time, even now.
and a second entry is worth mentioning:
An in-game tip purposely suggested something which killed me. Troll level: Divine Divinity. I love this game.

I'm referring to Otho and his pigs...taught me the importance of the quicksave, that's for sure!

Here is my entry in the traditional Japanese form of poetry - the Tanka. 5-7-5-7-7 syl format and way under the character limit smile

Thank you Larian
Rivellon is compelling
So many hours spent
Warrior or survivor
No, the wizard will save all

I'm not exactly sure how to describe a game I never played,
So I'll give my input in the form of assumptions:
It looks like a 2D version of the Witcher, except you can't get laid;
or can you? I don't know, for it is something I never played;

Some say it is a copy of Diablo 2, same style and play,
But others says it's one of the best games ever,
a stunning music and a plot so clever,
a classic RPG, that you'll remember forever;
Who should I believe, which message should I get?
I reckon the latter, but I don't own the game yet...

Such a repulsive cover, such an unappealing name,
yet so full of magic and so challenging and fun a game!
Or is it...? I'm merely judging by looking at a screenshot,
for this is a game I actually never bought;

Skeletons seem to have a sense of humour and undeads too,
Which is something not quite there, on Diablo 2
But I'll have to stop comparing both as of now,
And finish this poem with a nice clean verse;
It's a shame I don't know how...

Oh well.

I'll post some runner-up descriptions, as well, though unfortunately do not have any consolation prizes. There were other entries just as good (maybe even better), but I should probably have less runner-ups than winners.

Divine Divinity: One of those rare gems that can end marriages.

Divine Divinity is like good fantasy book. Everytime you get to it you find something new

Simply put, one of the most underrated rpg's of all time. If it were a meal, Divine Divinity would be a bloody rare steak! With pie!

A timeless classic that will never get old.
An hero's world for the brave and the bold.
So gather your wits and weapons my friend.
And into the halls of evil descend.
Alas for the wicked takes no rest
And nor shall we til we've completed our quest.

Thanks to everyone who entered and all who participated in the forum discussions.
Posted By: Joram

Re: Contest: describe Divine Divinity, win a free - 20/07/12 08:32 AM

Aahh ... why the hell I'm just on vacation when I have the change to make a poetry ? :hihi:

Not that I need to have a Steam Key for DD because I already have DD twice - on disc + via GOG site - but because I love it to be CREATIVE with words wink

But it makes me happy to read
That people really can make
A Poetry when they can Win
Something so Magnificent ...
As is Divine div
Forever in the Hearts of many gamers
As an unforgetable journey
That never ends !! *

*Note: and so will be div Original Sin ! smile

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