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(Warning: If you do not enjoy hacking and slashing evil fiends from hell, this walk-through is not for you! It's made for those who want to defeat their opponents the old-fashioned, melee way.)

This is designed for hard mode and I do not know how easy mode or normal mode are like.

This walk-through will be quick and highly summarized and is only designed from the beginning up until you acquire your second teleporter pyramid. If you wonder why I even bothered to write a walk-through if I wouldn't go for it all the way, it's because I never believe in walk-throughs in the first place. But I do believe in giving beginners a head start. They deserve to have a good tutorial to prepare them for things to come, instead of getting annoyed by a game because of its confusing learning curve (not that Divinity is confusing, it's just that most games, including Divinity, are confusing when you first play them.).

A side note before reading further: Make sure you take advantage of the map capabilities of the game. Toggle Map by pressing M, and check the big map from the quests tab.

Chapter 1:

You're in the basement of a healer named Joram. Loot everything you can around you and do not forget the knife at the very west of the zone (It's on top of a barrel.). Get up the stairs, and before you turn west, loot everything you can, including the dirk on the table. Go to the east room and loot everything you can.

Chapter 2:

Go west. Joram will talk to you. Go outside. There will be a cut scene that involves a mage named Mardaneus and an elf named Lanilor.

Chapter 3:

Go north. Kill one of Otho's pigs for its meat. Do not kill the second one (trust me on that one.).

Chapter 4:

Go southeast. I will assume you will not trigger the cut scene and you'll simply stumble upon four dragon statues. Examine them. Move all four of them. When you do, you'll gain experience points. That's free experience points for you, so there's no reason not to take advantage of it.

Chapter 5:

West of where the dragon statues are is a cut scene involving Lanilor getting frozen by Mardaneus. This is the cut scene I was talking about in the last chapter. If you already triggered it, no big deal. Just move on to instructions.

Chapter 6:

Between Mardaneus's house and the four dragon statues is a well. Examine it and it will get you underground. In this area, there will be a skeleton. Kill it, it's not that hard. Loot as much as you can. Get the bronze key somewhere to unlock the locked door. Go up the stairs to meet Mardaneus. He will unfreeze Lanilor and you will gain experience points.

Chapter 7:

Go back to the area where the dragon statues are. You should be approached by Lanilor and he will give you the Teleporter Pyramid (Very important item). Don't panic if he doesn't approach you instantly: Walk in and around the statue area and he'll eventually approach you. Also, keep in mind that he will not approach you unless you've already activated the statues.

Chapter 8:

Go South. Be welcome to the land of the Orcs, where you will probably die the first time you venture into it. Luckily, there's Lord Seth, who's an invincible Knight who's there to protect you. He will want you to talk to Lanilor.

Chapter 9:

Talk to Lanilor and offer him your escort services.

Chapter 10:

East of the exit gate is George's house. Talk to him. He'll want Drudanae. Get him some from Lanilor's garden and you will gain experience points.


This is how you distribute your points for a warrior: Strength and Constitution must be as equal as possible while Agility remains at 2/3rds of the amount of your Strength/Constitution. Constitution remains at a slightly higher priority over Strength, which means if you have equal Strength and Constitution points with three points to distribute, two of those points must be put on Constitution.

Chapter 11:

Talk to Lord Seth. If he does not offer you a quest, that means you probably skipped Chapter 9 of this walk-through.

Chapter 12:

Run for your life southward until you reach a cut scene involving Zandalor and an evil-looking person. Get yourself healed by Zandalor. Go southeast until you reach a bridge. Remember that during all this time, you are weak and are incapable of fighting even a measly wasp, so be patient and don't go charging on a legion of Orcs.

Chapter 13:

Help kill one of the trolls you encounter (This is an exception because the trolls are extremely weak.). Talk to the soldiers.

Chapter 14:

If you check your mission, you will see that it is asking you to make contact with an army official. Again, run for your life and get in there before the boars catch your ass. Talk to the army official when you get to the destination.


Don't skip the farms that you see along the way. You are a brute. You are a battle-hungry brute who is always up for a fight. Therefore, challenge the people for a fight by drawing your weapon and talking to them. As long as the guards don't chase you when you attack them, it's all good. (Plus, you will desperately need the experience points.)

Chapter 15:

Run for your life again to reach the next army official. Talk to the army official when you get to the destination.

Here's a side not though. You should, at some point, get a quest that involves solving a murder case. I forgot how to get that one, but it's important. I'm sure you can figure it out yourself.

Chapter 16:

Kill a few bees and a few cats here and there. They're the only aggressive attackables that you can easily defeat for great experience points.

Chapter 17:

Get to the Dwarven Bread Inn (It's marked on your map.). Go to the basement (there's stairs somewhere at a different room). Kill all you see there except for Burleigh (he's a very tough guy. You can't beat him unless you're already high level.). Everyone else will give you amazing experience points without being much trouble to kill. And remember, you are a vicious brute.

Chapter 18:

Go to Verdistis. If it's not marked on your map, just go at the very northeast of your current map. If you stay on the road, you will meet another noble knight like Lord Seth. This man can heal you. Get healed before you enter Verdistis.

Chapter 19:

Welcome to Verdistis. Kill the sleeping guard nearby.

Chapter 20:

Kill some cats when you see them, and some innocent people too, as long as you don't get chased by guards. Remember, this is just a game. No real people will be harmed, and those who will be harmed will be sent to video-game heaven. Cats must be killed for their meat which you will need.

Chapter 21:

Talk to Afrasam, the innkeeper of the town's inn. Tell him you want the “services” of Magdalena or Yaniz. The other building north of this tavern is the general store. Tell the owner of this general store about your interests of these “services.” He'll show you the way.

Chapter 22: You are now in the basement of prostitutes. If you're a man, kill everyone except for one woman of your choice. If you're a woman, kill everyone except for one man of your choice. The person you leave standing alive will be the one you will “rent.” When you rent this person, you will gain experience points. After that, it's your choice to kill him/her...

Chapter 23:

One of the houses in Verdistis contains a woman who summoned a demon. Find this house, kill the demon, and kill the woman. They give MASSIVE experience points you would not even believe it.

Chapter 24:

Use your teleporter stone... And from this point onwards, you are on your own.

I hope enjoy this game as much as I do.
And as far as skill is concerned, I've always preferred maxing out path of the warrior gods' charm weapon and path of the lore's augment damage. It worked for me.

I found plenty of meat without having to kill either of Otho's pigs (though did save and try it, to see what would happen). There is a quest in town (healing both soldiers) which will give you a level of Restoration.

That's free experience points for you, so there's no reason not to take advantage of it.

You actually need to turn the dragon statues in order to open the catacombs beneath Aleroth.

Before unfreezing Lanilor, you can go loot his house. I entered the well to loot Mardaneus' house before triggering the second cutscene with him and Lanilor, but that isn't necessary. Mardaneus will not object if you rummage through his stuff (at least not before he is cured).

Lanilor will approach with the teleporter stone either when you open the catacombs, or the first time you try to enter after he gets unfrozen.

For stat points, once you get your constitution up enough you can not be killed by a couple hits from a strong opponents, you can stop boosting it as much and put more into agility. By the end of the game, most warriors end up with about 2 parts strength, 2 parts agility and 1 part constitution, though of course equipment bonuses and requirements will effect the distribution, especially at the start of the game.

Food and sleep are helpful at the beginning of the game for healing (meat/bread) and mana (chicken), but you should be able to collect enough crappy loot to trade for potions. Once you get your stats up enough that hp or mana are above 80, it is better to switch to restoration potions.

The orcs to the east west and north of Aleroth are weaker and more spread out than those to the south, so you can clear them before trying to do the escort quest. The escort can wait indefinitely, as long as you do it before any of the quests that can give you an invitation to the castle.

Some of the people in the farmlands have side quests for you. If your reputation gets too low NPCs can stop talking or trading with you.

Corinna in Verdistis has a quest for you, and (more importantly) is a good trader (next to Kistandalius probably the best source to purchase jewellery, large/silver charms and sometimes spell books).

If you are in Verdistis, anyway, get the quest from the guy in the cellar of the Ducal Inn, and go steal the item he wants. Don't return it, though; it is better to keep it yourself (in the disk version you can return it to complete the quest and then buy it back).

Early Starter Tips (NON-Spoiler Version)

Free skills, and spell books you can buy
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