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I think I remember in the disk version I could buy back the magic lockpicks after i returned them; however playing the gog version after i finish the quest he doesn't sell much of anything...
Remember that GoG release of the game are unpatched and (almost) identical to original 1.0029A disk release of the game. The version numbers in GoG release (1.004A, 1.005A, 1.006A, 1.0061A, 1.0062A) are just a lie and frustration.

In original (unpatched) disk release of the game (1.0029A) You can't buy the lockpicks back. This problem/behavior was solved/changed with official patch 1.0033A. 1.0034A is identical with 1.0033A except Safedisc v2.90.040 protection removed in 1.0034A.
But can you apply patch 1.0034A to the gog version ?
Huh. Is the Steam version patched and the GoG one isn't? Weird.
Steam release is unpatched also. Yes You can update GoG release with official patch 1.0033A (or 1.0034A) but there is a little benefit in doing so. You need CD3 from original CD release of DD to play after patching...
Well dang; why don't they just update the GOG version with the info from the patch ?

If you install the disk version patch over the download version you would also loose support for widescreen resolutions and resolutions higher than 1024x768.

When Larian updated DD for the Steam release there were problems with some of the backups, so they ended up having to re-do the higher resolution support, rather than just make a couple Win 7 compatibility fixes (Hatching the Anthology). There wasn't time to do a full bug fix / QA procedure. They have since fixed the music bug in the download version (see here), but the remaining issues are predominantly minor and/or relatively rare; many have fixes or workarounds if encountered, and some, like the overpowered scorpions, wouldn't be fixed now, anyway (being in so many walkthroughs, etc, as a strategy for tough fights).
Hum. so I can install the disk patch and will be able to play without the cd ? I gave up on wide screen support as there were some issues and found it worked better at native resolution so I'm comfortable without wide screen resolution; but I rather not have to dig out my old disks. Also will it break the current game (I'm about mid way).

No, if you install the disk patch, you will need the Play CD (can use a virtual CD program), at least for a couple places in the game (blessing ceremony and end). There is a configuration file edit to skip the intro videos, which eliminates the need for the disk most of the time.

Some people have had problems loading disk made saves in the download version of the game, but you should probably be ok going the other way.
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